Friday, July 9, 2010

(Because I Love a Little Comparison Study) Flashback Friday: Happy Anniversary to Us! {June 2009 and June 2010}

Since we celebrated our anniversary last month, I thought I'd do a little comparison post of the pictures from our date nights.

Anniversary Date 2009 (6/12/09)

Anniversary Date 2010 (6/14/10)

Okay, I would say Ann Peyton has gotten quite a bit cuter with age, wouldn't you? And I think my hair looks much better lighter. Peyton looks about the same. Also, yes, I am wearing the same dress. It's a dress I've had since high school and I wore it on one of our first dates and it's Peyton's favorite.

Here's one more picture from 2009 and a little description of our night from a blog entry I wrote way back then.

This past weekend was really busy. Friday was our anniversary
. Peyton's parents offered to keep AP so we got to go on a date. It was the first real date we've had since she came. We went to Julep and the food was great. The conversation was even better! We ended up choosing Julep even though we've been recently because Peyton had to work late and then on the way to his parents I realized we had forgotten her bottle so we had to turn around. Anyway, Julep was open late so that's where we went. We had planned to spend our anniversary at the Fairview Inn (we spent our wedding night there), but obviously going anywhere for a night sans Babykins really wasn't in the cards for this year. I wasn't too disappointed. I am just so happy, because I really do have an amazing husband and little girl. I could go on about Peyton and what a great man he is, but I will save that for a future (upcoming) post.

And here's a few more pictures from this year's anniversary date night.

And here's the description: We dropped Annie off and drove around for awhile looking for somewhere to eat. We wanted something new but Olga's, Anthony Z's, and the Strawberry Cafe were all either closed on Mondays or closed at nine (it was 8:30). We ended up eating at Mint. The service was great, but poor Peyton had a cold steak! We had fun, talking, though, and it was nice to be together for a little bit without having to worry about the babykins.

It's always fun to date your husband!

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Rachel said...

I love going on dates with my hubby (even though they are sometimes few and far between!). That dress you are wearing is precious and so flattering!