Friday, July 16, 2010

(Because I Love a Little Comparison Study) Flashback Friday: Turn Me Right Round, Daddy, Right Round {July 2009 and June 2010}

Last week, when I was working on this post, I kept hearing this song in my head, which made me think of this post. Got all that? Ha!

Anyway, here's a little Flashback/Comparison Study of Annie having fun with her papa.

Annie at three months

Annie at fourteen months

As you can see, girlfriend really does NOT want him to turn her right round!

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Christy said...

Love the pictures-they are so cute :)

Will and Layton WILL be sharing a some point. We have not tried it yet because Layton is a light sleeper who talks himself to sleep. He doesn't lay there quietly and fall asleep. Will is also a light sleeper who wakes up every three hours. He goes to bed at 630 most nights so I am not sure how to make bedtimes work so that both boys get sleep :(