Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pre-Trip Happenings

Things have been super busy around here gearing up for our big (four day) trip to Georgia. So, I decided it was time for another Herrington Happenings update.....

- The reason I didn't get to Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday yesterday was because when I sat down to do it, I started fiddling with stuff under the "design" tab in Blogger and I completely screwed up my blog, by accidentally changing the template. UGH. It took me hours to figure out how to get it back to normal. Luckily, I think I was saved some embarrassment, because all this started at a pretty late hour. There is one person I can think of you might have seen it. I think that my fellow night owl knows who she is ;)

- I pride myself on being relatively organized (in some ways, ha!), but every time we leave for a trip I feel like I'm in crisis mode leading up to our actual departure. Time management is not my strong suit and it seems like there is always so much to get done.

- We got a new couch!! I am ecstatic because our old one really looked like something that belonged more in a college student's apartment rather than in a home where a family lives. Actually, it wasn't really as bad as I'm describing and I'm really proud of us for making a very economical choice and living with it for two years. I guess it was cute for what it was.

- Speaking of economical, Peyton spent all morning on the phone with the bank on Monday and he got our house refinanced. Sopposedly, he saved us in the area of $30,ooo. Guess I shouldn't have complained about him not helping me around the house Monday morning.

- I just finished making a little "Annie Info" cheat sheet for the grandparents. I thought I'd end the post with it. I'm sure it'll bore most everyone to tears, but I always think this kind of thing is interesting to read, so I'm going to share it.

Annie Info

Typical Schedule
Ann Peyton’s typical schedule is still VERY flexible. She wakes up anywhere from about 7:00 to 9:00 and goes to bed around 8ish (or later, if desired). She will either take two short naps (one to two hours) or one long one (three to four hours) depending on what would best accommodate your schedule. She has three solid feedings a day and four milk feedings. Here is what an average (two nap) day might look like:
8:00- wake up, milk, change diaper/clothes
8:45- breakfast (solids)
9:00- play/”help” around the house
10:00- nap
11:30-12:00- wake up, milk, play
12:30- lunch (solids)
1:00- play time
4:00- milk, nap
6:00- wake up, supper (solids)
7:30- last cup of milk
8:00- bedtime routine, change into pjs, read, sing, night-night, Annie!

Here is an average, one nap day:
8:00- wake up, milk, change diaper/clothes
8:45- breakfast (solids)
9:00- play/”help” around the house
10:00- stroll, swim, ect.
11:00- milk
11:30- lunch (solids)
12:00- nap
3:00- play time
4:00- milk
6:00- supper (solids)
7:30- last cup of milk
8:00- bedtime routine, change into pjs, read, sing, night-night, Annie!

Again, this schedule is SUPER flexible. Peyton and I do try to make sure she gets all her feedings, because of her weight issues, but if she misses one it’s not a huge deal. Also, if she seems sleepy, it is perfectly fine to put her down for a nap early.

Like I said, I try to make sure she gets as much food as possible in a day, but I’m not stressed out about it this weekend.

Ann Peyton gets four cups of milk a day now. For each feeding simply fill up the sippy cup with whole milk to the 7 oz. line (an estimate is fine if the cup is unmarked). She usually has three of her bottles right before meals and the fourth one is just added some time during the morning or afternoon.

Breakfast- applesauce or bananas and cheerios
Lunch- turkey (or other meat), vegetables, fruits
Supper- turkey (or other meat), vegetables, fruits
Snacks- cheerios, puffs, Baby MumMums (she can have these after each meal or just whenever)

Ann Peyton will usually sleep around twelve hours a night and takes two naps short naps or one long one. She is pretty flexible about when she takes them; she will rub her eyes and fuss to let you know if she needs one. But, I can usually lay her down before she’s visibly tired and she will fall asleep if it’s close to nap time (see her schedule and adjust if she wakes up earlier/later). Sometimes, I put her in the bed with a book and let her “read” a little and she goes on to sleep. If she has her paci and her lovey, she will usually go to sleep without much fuss. Sometimes, though, she does not to cry and fuss a little (ten or fifteen minutes) to get to sleep. If she fusses for more than twenty minutes, she is probably not going to go to sleep right then.

- As you all know, Annie is not usually a fussy baby, however, with age she is getting a little more “personality”. If she seems irritable, it’s usually because she’s tired or hungry, but she could just be bored. She loves being outside, listening to music, and pets. Those always seem to do the trick!

- We have been having a little trouble with her when we change her diaper. She likes to throw fits when she realizes it’s time for a change. If she’s just crying, I try to soothe her, but if she starts to try to “fight” it and roll away, I am more stern. She’s very sensitive, so often the word “no” is enough to really get to her.

- Thank y’all so much for taking such good care of our precious girl. We love you and so does she =)

[Seriously?? Compulsive much? I kinda act like they don't even know the kid. Ha!]

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