Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Happenings

Sometimes I have some random things to share, and it's just too much to add to my already pretty labor intensive Weekly Happenings posts. So, at times like these, I like to do a Holiday Happenings post or a Spring Happenings post, or in this case, a Summer Happenings post. Here's what's going on:

- First, I think I've shared before, but I'd like to educate each and every one of you on my Sleep Theory. I read it somewhere and it has pretty much held true every day of my life. Here is what it says: It is not the last night's sleep that determines you're level of fatigue on a given day, it is actually the night before last. Let's take my week as an example. Although I played the fool and stayed up ridiculously late last night, I feel pretty okay today, because I got good sleep on Tuesday. Tomorrow, however, will be MIS.

- I got to go to the C.S. Lewis book club for the first time on Tuesday. Amazing. A few of the interesting topics we hit on:
  • How Lewis discusses the way one's life's trajectory effects their actions [For a person who grew up in a situation similar to my upbringing, not doing drugs was a pretty easy choice, for someone in a totally different environment, it may be a much harder one. In heaven, Lewis says, we will stand naked. The good and bad parts of us that were due to our environment or heredity will fall off. And there will be surprises.]
  • The fact that, in some ways, Pride is a "worse" sin. Of course, sin is sin. But Pride may have the potential to draw us away from God in a way other sins don't, because we are making ourselves into our own gods.
  • The humility that is required for true repentance.
  • Whether or not homosexual sin is equal to heterosexual sin. Is homosexuality a further deviation from God's plan than a heterosexual couple living together before marriage??
  • The idea of not having government sanctioned marriage- allowing anyone (including homosexuals) to have legal "civil unions" and leaving marriage as the business of the church.
  • The concept of universalism- can salvation be found in other religions? Must you actually speak the name of Jesus? Feel the need for a Savior? What exactly is needed to gain salvation?
  • Do Christian couples in healthy, happy marriages have a duty, or obligation to procreate, assuming they are financially and physically able to support a family?
Um, yeah there were some deep convos taking place at the Dunkin Donuts Tuesday night.

- We saw Dr. Denney yesterday and Ann Peyton freaked out the minute he came in the room. She just absolutely lost it. It was sad, but we all laughed about it, of course. Here's a few of the highlights: she can start cow's milk (we kept her on formula so long for the extra calories); he said he wouldn't worry about her not walking until eighteen months; and he's very pleased with her vocabulary, but not her social skills (just kidding, he didn't say that). Here's her stats, just because I always think that's so interesting:
Height: 28.5 in (6th percentile)
Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz (1st percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.35 (70th percentile)
BMI: 15.4 (10th percentil)

- Remember the post where I alluded to a trip that we might be taking?? Well, it's FOR SURE. I'll probably end up doing a whole post on how uber excited I am, but I wanted to go ahead and tell y'all what it is. Peyton and I are going to see....


Okay, I realize most normal people of our generation do not really get the appeal of Tom Petty. Which is a large part of the reason I am convinced that God created Peyton specifically as a soul mate for me, despite that the obvious Calvinistic undertones of that statement don't really jive with my general theology. Anyway, point is, Peyton and I both love him and he's just a few numbers below the Boss on our bucket list.

- I am getting my hair cut today and I am SO excited. It's just a little trim, but it's been way too long.

Whew! I think that catches everything up to date.


Amy said...

So fun! We saw Tom Petty when we were in Las Vegas one time a few years ago....not in concert or anything - he just sat behind us at the Blue Man Group Show...he was nice (and on a side note - Jeffrey had NOT.A.CLUE who he was - so sad! :( )
And...Jeffrey saw "The Boss" in concert in Vegas also (we are not hard core gamblers in case you were wondering....his brother lives in Vegas so we venture out every so often....) and again, had no appreciation for the true magnitude of the event. To say he is not a music lover is an extreme understatement!
Y'all will have a GREAT time!!!

Ashley said...

"...despite that the obvious Calvinistic undertones of that statement don't really jive with my general theology."

Hahahahahahhahahahah, I LOVED this statement!

That book club is hardcore. Very interesting!

Miss you.

Carrie said...

Well, I would agree that you and Peyton were meant to be together since the "Calvinistic undertones of that statement" DO jive with my theology. Hahah. Seriously, David will be jealous when he hears yall are going to the Tom Petty concert. Since I can't even remember the guy's name (remember that?) I'll just say I hope yall have fun! :)