Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #68 (June 28-July 4)-- Every Heart Beats True 'Neath the Red, White, and Blue

Well, this week felt exceptionally busy. True to form, the weekend was actually pretty busy the week days just seemed to be. I felt like I did pretty good as far as my little "routines". I'll probably share more about how I'm doing with them next week or the next.
Monday was a fun, busy day. Once Ann Peyton woke up, I got a bath and did a load of laundry and a load of dishes. She ate breakfast and played a little and then took a short nap. During her nap, I made our bed and straightened the area where she plays while I get ready. I also "deep cleaned" the area around our bathroom sink. I got on the computer for a little while and then it was time to meet Carrie and Aubrey for lunch. We went to our old haunt, the Beagle Bagle in Ridgeland- kind of bittersweet without Ash and Evy. After lunch, Annie and I ran some errands. We stopped by Hancocks to look for some supplies a sewing project I was planning on starting this week, but they didn't have what I wanted so we went on to Continental. Of course, I forgot it was closed on Mondays! We also picked up some hummus and pita chips at the Mediterranean Cafe and dropped some off with Peyton so he could enjoy them for lunch!
When we got home, AP took a nap and I read blogs and a little in Mere Christianity. After Peyton got home we headed to Anthropologie to look for a shirt I wanted (they didn't have it) and then stopped by Peyton's parents' house for a visit. Ann Peyton ended up pitching a HUGE fit (first real temper tantrum I've ever seen her throw). We came home and put her to bed and had leftovers for dinner. I stayed up way too late that night.
just before she lost. her. mind.

Annie woke up pretty late on Tuesday morning (9ish). I took full advantage and slept in, too! After she woke up, I did some sweeping and mopping and just general straightening to get the house ready because our friends, Melissa and Ryan, were stopping by on their way home to Nashville. After they left, Peyton and I got caught up on Mint, our money management program. Annie took a nice LONG nap and Peyton went for a bike ride (it was his day off). I wasted about half the time messing around on the computer, but then I got busy dusting the den and study and doing a little organizing in the study. I also did some deep cleaning of Peyton's chess set. It has all these little intricate carvings that were filled with dust- so I got after it with a q-tip for about half an hour!

Peyton got home while I was working on the chess set and AP woke up so we decided to try a repeat of visiting his parents. This visit was much more successful and we ended up swinging by my parents house, as well. Annie feel asleep on the way home and we just drove around for a long time talking. Sometimes, I think Peyton and I really need to "unplug" more often- we often spend too much time with him in the den on the laptop and me in the study on the "big computer". Our little drive was a nice reminder of that!

AP got up at her normal time (8:00) on Wednesday morning. I went ahead and got ready for the day and gave Annie a bath. She had breakfast while I folded laundry and watched Army Wives. During her morning nap, I folded some more laundry and talked to my friend, Ellis. We meet Ms. Darlene, the director of the Mother's Morning Out program to discuss plans for the fall. We ended up talking about a lot more- husbands, children, life. It was so nice! The truth is, I hardly ever think of her as a boss; she is much more a mentor and a dear friend.

When we got home, I went through some clothes that Cookie had given me and tried on some of them. I tried to put AP down for her afternoon nap, but she fought it SO hard. We played until Peyton got home and then we all went to Kroger for a big shopping trip. I was pretty tired when we got home around nine and AP was really tired. We fed her supper and put her to bed. We decided to let her sleep in just her cloth diaper because NOTHING was working on her diaper rash and a pediatrician Peyton knows recommends letting them sleep naked to let it "air out". Well, I wasn't really ready to go that far, but Peyton said her booty would get much more air without the plastic cover. So, I took the "cute" sheet off her bed and made it up with plain white, chloraxable sheets, just in case she had a blowout.

I put up the groceries and got to work on suppper. I made Poppyseed Chicken and a squash casserole and we had rolls. This was the night I burned and cut myself twice. I cleaned up the kitchen, straightened the house a little bit and put some freshly laundered sheets back on our bed.

For some reason, Ann Peyton woke up FREAKING OUT and just wailed from about 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM on Thursday morning. I thought maybe it was the diaper thing, so I changed her diaper AND her sheets which were slightly damp. That wasn't it, though. I gave her Tylenol and rocked and rocked her. Nothing helped. Finally, I gave her a bottle and she calmed down a little bit. She hadn't eaten as much as usual for supper so maybe she was kind of hungry. She feel asleep a little while later. The good news is that once she went back to bed she slept until 10:00!!

Once she woke up, we both had late breakfasts. I gave her a bath and we did some playing and cleaning around the house. I took the knobs of the stove and cleaned the gunk under them. I put her down for a late nap, since I knew she'd only take one. She talked and talked, and then whimpered and then cried. She usually just talks herself to sleep, so I was pretty sure she wasn't going to go down. I was right! We had some errands to do and my mom and Cookie wanted to tag along. We went back to Continental and to a few places in Renaissance (Migis- I got a fun new dress, and another super cute little shop called Bella Ches). When we got home, I decided I wanted to get another errand out of the way. So, Peyton, Annie and I went to Babies R Us and Target to look for an umbrella stroller.
modeling some rainboots at the Target

We ended up getting one at Target, but when we got home and unpacked it, it wasn't even an umbrella stroller. It was an "UMBREA" stroller! Ugh. Peyton had asked them if we could open it there and they refused. He brought it back to Target while I put AP to bed and cooked fish and asparagus for dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen and packed Peyton's lunch and went on to bed.

On Friday, Ann Peyton woke up late again (not quite as late as Thursday, but still late for her). We did laundry and I took her monthly picture with PigPig. I straightened the house a little and vacuumed and then put her in bed for her nap. During her nap I cleaned the microwave (because I blew up some Poppyseed Chicken I was reheating) and uploaded and edited the monthly pictures. I worked on her letter and then she woke up. My mom came over late Friday afternoon to help me with a little DIY project for Ann Peyton's room. We are making it more of a "big girl" room that is more friendly to a very mobile toddler, so we decided to take the glass top and the fabric off her dressing table and paint it! I'm not an expert at painting furniture and my mom is great at it, so she said she'd help me with it!
Ann Peyton helping with the project, while enjoying a peach

I got so sweaty I had to take a bath before heading to my parents' house for Beans and Rice. Peyton worked mornings, so he got to go this week! We had a nice time and came home and crashed.

Saturday was a busy day. I actually had to wake Ann Peyton up!

Peyton, AP, my mom, and I went to Country Originals (this big furniture warehouse place-- most of it is really sturdy, quality furniture) to look for a new bookshelf for the study (our old one is decrepit). We found some great stuff, but nothing perfect! When we got home, Peyton met a friend at this new restaurant, Legends, by our house to watch the world cup. Ann Peyton took a nap and I read Mere Christianity and uploaded videos from our video camera to the computer (I hadn't done an upload since her b-day party)! When Peyton got home we went to his parents' house for a little early Fourth of July celebration. We ate and hung out. After that, my mom came over and we worked on painting some more. Once she left, I read blogs, did my Bible reading, cleaned toilets and started my sewing project (post to come)!

Today (Sunday) was also super busy, but really fun! We decided to go to early church since we had so much Fourth of July stuff going on. It was a mad rush to get there, but we made it on time. We went to church and Sunday School and then rushed home to get ready. We spent most of the day at the cabin of some of my parents' good friends, Ann and Joe. It's so cute and so much fun. Surprisingly, the heat wasn't miserable, either. We enjoyed ourselves but AP was super exhausted by the time we left at around four. She hadn't had a nap all day and took a little one of the way home.
As you can see, our calm little sleepy baby from last year is quite a bit more active!

I straightened the house when we got home (disaster for some reason), fed Annie supper, gave her a bath and put her to bed. My mom came over and we put the final coat on the furniture we were painting. Peyton went to a friends Fourth of July party that we were planning on all going to, but AP was WAY to tired for. We finished painting and then the fireworks really got started. Of course, they kept waking up our super tired Babykins. Ann Peyton and I ended up going over to my parents' house where people don't really do fireworks as much (some people do some great ones on the lake near their house, but they were almost done). She feel asleep in the Pack N Play really quickly! Two of Peyton's brothers came over to do fireworks at our house.
[Cookie got her this onsie that an "actual hippie" made her at some concert she and Conrad attended. We're kinda rocking the tacky/cute onsie look these days!]

Next week looks fun with a well baby checkup, a hair appointment for me, and a meeting of the C.S. Lewis book club!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Denley if you want to borrow a wool cover to use w/ your cloth diapers to see if it will help clear up the diaper rash let me know. Some people say it helps clear up a rash. It is hot and maybe her skin can't breathe in her plastic pants. Rashes aren't any fun:(

Rachel said...

i LOVE her tie-dyed onesie! that is so cute. looks like yall are having a great summer!! :)