Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #69 (July 5-11)-- A Mopey Week for Mommy

This week was pretty laid back and we had some fun things going on. I'd be lying if I said it was a great week, though. I really hate to be a complainer on my blog and I know people have spouses fighting wars and children with cancer and no one really wants to hear me bitch about my life. And, honestly, a week hanging out with my family and my friends and spending my days with AP and my nights with Peyton should be a great week, regardless. And in one way it is and I'm so thankful for that because even hard weeks ARE great weeks in that aspect. But, I also want to be honest and say that for really no reason, this was a tough week for me.

Like I said, there was really no reason for me being in such a "funk" this week, aside from a small, monthly hormonal issue that we all (except for you, Peyton and Ellis) deal with. I just was just exhausted for about half the week and felt so emotionally depleted, too.

Monday was a pretty good day, although I was definitely in a weird mood. It was Peyton's off day so he let me sleep in. When I got up, I piddled around, unloaded the dishwasher and did a few loads of laundry. After lunch, I deep cleaned the kitchen counters and the windowsill over our sink and then went through some coupons while AP played in her room. Peyton and I worked on trying to get his study organized (it's a disaster) and then my mom came over and we moved the dressing table we painted last week into AP's room. While she was here, Momma also helped me kind of rearrange some things in Annie's room to make it more "toddler friendly" (pictures soon!). After she left, we had frozen lasagna for supper and watched Parenthood, while I folded laundry.

When Annie woke up on Tuesday morning, I was still pretty tired, so I took advantage of her new super baby proofed room and crawled in the twin bed in her nursery while she played. I didn't really fall back asleep, but I kind of dozed. I have no idea why I was so tired, except that like pregnancy, "monthly hormonal issues" EXHAUST me. Anyway, after Annie played a little, I got us ready to go meet my friend Caroline for lunch. I steamed her some butter beans and had her lunch and everything packed up and then I had to get Peyton (who was taking a bath at the time) to come help me adjust the new car seat he had put in. [His parents had bought one for their van and realized they didn't need it so they graciously offered it to us. However, after driving around with it in my car a couple of days, I discovered it comes loose really easily and she's so much more comfortable in her old SnugRide, so we took it back out.] We had a great lunch with Caroline at Newks and had so much fun catching up. She was super sweet about us being ridiculously late, too. When we got home, Annie took a nap and I did some reading for my C.S. Lewis book club. After she woke up we spent most of the afternoon back in her room. She played while I read all afternoon for the book club meeting. I didn't finish the book, but I made a lot of headway. We did end up going to Kroger for our weekly trip. I didn't have too long of a list, but I did have a lot of coupons so that makes it take a little longer. We ended up getting $80 of stuff for $55!

My mom picked up Ann Peyton on her way home from work and I headed to the book club meeting. We had lots of interesting discussions and it turned out to be fine that I hadn't finished the book, because we ended up going off on a lot of tangents anyway and since it's not like a story and since I've read it before, I really didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. I'm still going to finish it, though. I picked up AP and after I put her to bed, I read blogs and played on eBay until Peyton got home. I cooked fish for dinner.

Wednesday morning was Ann Peyton's fifteen month appointment with Dr. Denney. She kind of freaked out, but it was a nice, uneventful appointment and as always Dr. Denney eased my mind of any fears I was having. Peyton got to go since it was his week to work the late shift (we try to schedule her well baby visits so he can go, too). On the way home, we picked up Chick Fil A for lunch. I took a little nap before Peyton had to go to work and we talked awhile after I woke up.

When AP woke up, I made good use of her time eating lunch in her high chair and swept and mopped the kitchen/bathrooms/laundry room/sunroom. I also dusted some in the kitchen and in the sunroom. The sunroom needed lots of attention and Peyton's wine rack was pretty covered, too. It was nice AP wanted such a long lunch! I ordered some things off the computer for Ann Peyton and then we played in her room for a long time. It was fun and I didn't try to do anything else, but just got down on the floor and played with her. I don't spend enough time doing that each day!

I think shots wear Annie out, because she did a lot of this....

and this....

After our nice long time of playing together my mom stopped by to bring me the car seat, which Peyton had accidental taken to work. She told me Cookie wanted to see AP and since I was going over to Peyton's Walgreens (which is right by their house) couldn't she just take her? Of course I let her! While she was gone, I did my Bible study and straightened the house a little (her room was a wreck!). I went by Target and Walgreens and was able to do it super quick sans Babykins. I had a bunch of coupons and got some sale stuff at Walgreens and my total went from $28 to $6!! WOW! I had a nice visit with Cookie and my parents and once Peyton got home we just relaxed and went to bed.

On Thursday morning Peyton kept AP while I got my hair cut. It was in DESPERATE need of a cut. Before my cut, I read a little in People and discovered that the Duggars are probably planning on continuing on with more kids. I LOVE and respect them and I try to be very supportive, and I know it's not really my place to judge, but I have mixed feelings about that. Peyton said he thinks it's kind of irresponsible on their part. Anyway, after my hair cut, I ran by a little consignment store that's in the same shopping center as my hair place to see if they had an umbrella stroller (I know they're not that expensive, but we haven't really found one we like and EnviroSweetie would rather by used, anyway). I did, however, find an adorable pair of shoes for AP for $1.75. [I'm really picky about buying used shoes. I know you aren't sopposed to do it because of the how they mold to their feet, but mainly, I just worry about the ick factor. However, if they are washable I'm not opposed. These were tennis shoes, so I just threw them in the washing machine and they look brand new!] When I got home, AP was still asleep, so Peyton and I hung out and talked until he had to go to work, which was right as she was getting up.

I fixed lunch for myself and AP and watched an episode of Life Unexpected and folded clothes. We didn't really do much all afternoon. I was super tired and I really missed enjoying being home to benefit from her nap (it's was a medium to long one, so she only took one). I've gotten to the point where staying home all afternoon is more exhausting than going and doing something. But we needed a day at home! We played in her room, I vacuumed the house, and then I fed her supper, gave her a bath, and put her to bed. I watched DVR'd episodes of 90210 until Peyton got home. We just had leftovers for supper, and I went to bed really early, because I felt AWFUL.

Friday was a really fun day! Ann Peyton woke up really late (9ish), which worked out perfectly since we were going swimming with Carrie and Aubrey. It as great, because she didn't need a morning nap. I got us ready and did a load of laundry and then it was time to go. We had SO much fun at the pool and I think the babies enjoyed it a lot more than a restaurant. We went to the Yacht Club, since my parents are members. Carrie and I just held them and sat on the steps and talked. It was very nice and relaxing! They really did love it; I promise!

On the way home, I called Peyton and he mentioned he was at Newks in Ridgeland, so we met him for a quick snack. When we got home AP took a nice nap and I straightened the house and read some blogs. After she woke up, I folded laundry and emptied the dishwasher and then we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.

Saturday was just an awful day. Peyton had to work and I don't know why but I was a train wreck emotionally. I was so tired for some reason and I laid down on the couch while AP was playing with toys in the den. I thought "maybe we should go in her room, in case I fall asleep", but I really didn't think I was that tired. Anyway, long story short I fell asleep for a couple of minutes and she crawled off in another room. I know that really isn't the biggest deal in the world, but all these images of terrible things flashed through my mind and I could hear my dad talking to the TV newsman about "those idiots who don't watch their kids". I was just so beside myself. We ate breakfast and I gave her a bath and put her down for a nap. I called my mom and Peyton and then I took a nap myself. When I woke up and went to the bathroom, I saw I had forgotten to drain the tub. I just fell apart thinking what if her bath had been earlier? What if she had fallen in while I was asleep? I got even more upset and had a really hard time. I called my mom back and she told me that these things happen to everyone and they are just warnings that we need to be alert. She told me I was trying to do too much (I really don't think that's the case) and that I just needed to check behind myself and go lay down in AP's room if I was tired. I felt better after talking to her.

When she woke up we went to Kroger to get the ingredients for the White Rotel I was making for a Sunday School party that night. We also went by Gap and Old Navy, really for no other reason than that I needed some retail therapy. I didn't end up getting anything, though! We got home and I fed Ann Peyton a snack and did some stuff around the house. I organized and labeled some of the boxes under her bed (pretty soon, I really want to get it to where we aren't using her room for our storage anymore).

I put her down for her afternoon nap and got to cooking. I went to check on her and she was just reading to her bunny in her crib. Her afternoon nap has basically become just that- she doesn't sleep, she just has "quiet time". I don't know why I go peek at her, because after that, it's over. I just hate not being able to check on her. With the next baby, I really want to get a video monitor. It was good she was up, though, because I had to go back to Kroger to get another block of cream cheese that I forgot. I finished cooking and got ready and Peyton met us for the Sunday School party. I'll be honest, I really did not want to go. But I'm glad I did, because we had a great time hanging out with friends and playing Family Feud on the Wii. When we got home, we put AP to bed and Peyton went out with one of his friends. I read blogs and called it a night.

Today (Sunday) was SO much better! We went to early church this morning since Peyton had to work. We got paged from the nursery for the first time EVERY. AP just would not settle down, which is so unlike her. We sat outside the sanctuary and listened to the sermon in the narthex. I ended just taking her to Sunday School with me and she did fine. I think she may have just been tired from her late night at the Sunday School party and hungry because she had eaten dinner so early last night.

Annie feel asleep on the way home and when I put her down for her nap she wouldn't go to sleep (she usually "transfers" easily). I just got her up and fed her an early lunch and we played a little and put up laundry and then I tried again. It worked out for the better, because she slept for almost FOUR hours! I was pretty happy. I spent most of that time just relaxing and reading blogs and putting pictures up on Facebook. I did straighten the house, do a a load of laundry, and cook these dried black eyed peas we bought at the grocery store. Cooking dry beans seemed like such a process (all the rinsing, soaking, ect.) so I had been putting it off. Also they take like hours on the stove, ha! After AP woke up, we got ready to go out to dinner with some of Peyton's friends from work. He picked us up and we headed to P.F. Changs. We had a nice dinner and AP went to sleep immedietly when we got home. Now, we're just enjoying a relaxing night!
I got this dress recently and I LOVE it, but I so wish I had gotten the medium instead of the small (I know, that's redic, it came from kinda a teeny bopper place.) Anyway, tell me the TRUTH, do y'all think it's too short? Maybe I need to wait until fall and wear it with leggings. Or maybe moms just don't need to shop at teeny bopper places. Anyway, Peyton okay'ed it and he's usually pretty good about telling me if something is a little over the line, but I need a second opinion!

So far, I don't have much planned at all for next week, which is a really good thing. We (Peyton and I) are going on a trip at the end of July, and I there's quite a few things I'd like to get done by then. I'm going to update on how I'd doing with my routines next week. I've also kind of fallen of the boat on my 101 in 1001 list lately. I still keep up with it, but I've gotten really bad about monitoring my progress. I need to update about that soon, too!


Amy said...

i love your dress! i actually clicked on the picture to see it bigger before i read your comments below it (asking for opinions...) because i liked it so much and wanted to see it larger! i do not think it is too short at all! if you can still bend down to pick up ann peyton without it being a free show then i think it is just fine. plus, you CAN still wear it with leggings in the fall and get more use out of it! i think it is adorable....

on another note...i have had some of those tough weeks lately too....i am weaning libbi and maybe that makes me an emotional wreck?? i don't know, but it does make for tough weeks when you just feel down and then you feel bad about feeling bad because you know there are people who have it way worse - which is just a vicious cycle! hope you start feeling more like yourself soon :)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I think the dress looks cute! Not too short.

In reply to your comment on my blog about Curran's's by Elephantito (??) and my sister got it here in town at some random boutique last summer (actually on the day we brought C home from the hospital. I remember thinking she would never wear it. :) ).

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Never wear, as in it would never fit because she was so tiny at the time.

I had to clarify that comment because I thought it sounded like I didn't like the outfit. :)