Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #70 (July 11-18)-- In Which a TJ Maxx Is Erected Two Minutes from My House and My BFF Has A(nother) Babykins

[AKA a very eventful week.]

Peyton decided to give give the Annie Baby "five" during the family pic

Hmm, let's see, first a little update of my cleaning/cooking/activities routines. The cleaning routine has been going great and I have actually been getting most everything done each week! The cooking routine? Not so much. I went out with some friends Friday night, and like, every single one of them said they like to cook. Umm? No. I am doing better, though, and some weeks I actually meet my goal of three meals. Kind of touch and go, though. I'd also like to be able say that on Peyton's early weeks we eat at a reasonable hour. Not the case. I could do better with my activities routine, too. I've been doing a lot of organizing this week and sad to say, not much in the crafting, yard work, or finances department- I'll have to ease of on organizing and catch up on those next week!

Okay, onto our weekly happenings! I feel like this was such a lazy week, and I got hardly anything done. I think part of the problem is that I have gotten on a terrible schedule since "school" is out. I've been consistantly staying up past midnight and then feeling "blah" or needing a nap (or three Cokes) during the day.

Monday was pretty laid back. AP slept until 10!! I slept in, too and we had a nice lazy morning. I got ready, straightened the house and we both had "brunch". I did laundry, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and swept and dry mopped the wood floors. We played for awhile and then AP took her nap (since I knew she's just have one she took it kind of in the middle of the day). I watched Army Wives, blogged, and cleaned the bathrooms. When she woke up, we went over to my parents' house for a little visit. Peyton and I watched a movie, Rushmore, before we went to bed. It wasn't really my thing and I feel asleep before the end.
This girl has a chair obsession...she loves climbing in them!

On Tuesday, Annie slept late again- this time 9ish. After getting us ready for the day, I cleaned the kitchen and then started to work on organizing a big stack of stuff that's been collecting in my closet. It was Peyton's day off, so we decided after Ann Peyton's nap, we'd run a bunch of errands. We went to Continental to get some sewing supplies and to Sears for some vacuum cleaner bags. We had a coupon for ice cream at Cold Stone so we stopped by there and got some. Yum! Then we went by Target and the grocery store. When we got home, I fed AP supper, put up the groceries, and made dinner for Peyton. I made Hamburger Corn Pie (which is one of Peyton's favorites) for dinner. I think it's pretty gross, so I had leftovers. By the time I got the kitchen cleaned up it was almost ten o'clock! I messed around on the computer and went to bed.

I guess Annie was slowly moving back her wakeup time, because she woke up at 8:00 on Wednesday- still not too bad! I was kind of concerned, though, since we were supposed to meet Carrie and Aubrey at the pool at 11:30. I got ready, gave AP a bath, and fixed us both breakfast and then she took a little forty five minute cat nap before we headed to the pool. We had a great time swimming. When we got home, I fed Ann Peyton lunch and put her down for another nap. I was completely unproductive during it- I ate lunch, watched TV, and took a little nap myself. When Peyton got home, we went for a walk. It was SO hot and exhausting.
Nothing like getting strolled and getting fed!

I cooked fish for supper and we ate. I found a rotted zucchini in the produce drawer of the fridge. YUCK! I cleaned that out and cleaned up the kitchen and we went to bed.

On Thursday, Annie woke up around 8ish, but I was really tired so I snoozed a little while she played in her room. We had breakfast and I watched The View and folded some laundry. She took a nap and I finished The View and read blogs. I organized stuff from my closet some more and when she woke up, I swept and mopped the kitchen/bathrooms/sunroom/laundry room while she played and had lunch.
This carseat was in the sunroom waiting to go back to Peyton's parents and I had to move it to mop. Annie thought it was another fun chair!

Then we played some in her room. I've decided that I need to make a point to really play with her for an extended period each day-- that is kind of part of the point of me staying home with her, plus it's such a nice, sweet time together.
She's ussually so gentle with her books; these two are the first real casualties.

She took another nap and I organized some more and read my Bible. We had dinner with my parents since Peyton had a pharmacy dinner at Shapley's (jealous).

Ann Peyton got up pretty early on Friday (around 7ish), and she seemed so tired drinking her milk that I just snuggled with her and put her back in her bed. She slept for about another hour and then we did our little morning routine (get ready, breakfast, dishes, ect). She took a nap at 10:30 (which surprised me) and stayed asleep for a long time (which surprised me more). I took a nice long nap, too.

When she woke up I fed her a late lunch (it was almost 2:00) and then we dropped something off at the dry cleaners and picked up lunch for me at Chick Fil A. When we got home, I decided I needed to be productive so I dusted and vacuumed the bedrooms and Peyton's study. I also cleaned out our air conditioning vent with toothpicks and q tips and Chlorox wipes- it was pretty bad! Peyton got home and I got ready because I was having a girls night with my friends from college. We ate at P.F. Changs and on the way I picked up a wedding present for an upcoming shower. Changs was yummy and afterward we went to my friend Ashley's house for ice cream sundays. We played a fun game where you describe a famous person and your team tries to guess who it is. I'm usually not a big game person, but this one was fun! When I got home, Peyton and AP were asleep and I stayed up way too late doing my Bible study and reading blogs!

On Saturday, AP woke up at 6:30!! Not really sure what's going on with her baby brain or her internal clock. Thankfully, she's a smart girl and fell right back asleep after her bottle! She slept until 10:30 and I had to wake her up then! I got ready and gave her a bath and we had a little brunch and then my mom came over to keep AP so I could go see Carrie and meet BABY JUDE, who was born on Friday evening. I picked up Chick Fil A for Carrie and David, because I can tell you first hand as much as I love River Oaks, the food they serve in the Baby Suites is narsty at best. Anyway, I had so much fun seeing the Howies and meeting the newest little Howie. Y'all: he is adorable and since I'm always one to divulge TMI, I'm going on record and saying that Peyton is going to be one lucky man in the coming weeks/months thanks to Baby Jude because I have an awful baby itch now! Also, the minute I walked in, Aubrey say me she said "Ann Peyton"- isn't that adorable??

When I got home, I fed Annie lunch and then put her down for a nap. I read blogs, watched Life Unexpected, and folded some laundry. When Ann Peyton woke up we straightened the house together (ha!) and I put up all the clothes I had folded. After Peyton got home from work (he was working an extra day on Saturday), we went over to my parent's house for supper, since we missed Red Beans and Rice on Friday!

We stayed pretty late and Ann Peyton went to sleep right when we got home. I organized the laundry room, started a blog post, and read my Bible.

Today (Sunday) was super busy. Peyton and I had so much going on at church. He woke up early so he could go to Men's Club and then he had nursery duty (we have it on separate weeks). I met him at church for the early service and dropped AP off in the nursery with him. We went to Sunday School and had planned not to stay for the late service, since we were both there for the early service (they have it over a speaker in the nursery), but we found out our adorable friends, the Deckards, were joining the church this week. So, we went to Sonic and got breakfast and came back in time to congratulate them at the end of the service.
breakfast in the Buick!

We got home and realized....we had taken two cars! I had a bridal shower I was helping give at the church, so I freshened up and ate a snack and headed back to church. Peyton put AP down for a nap and then fed her lunch. Then he went and hung out with our friend Buzz, who joined the church this morning, and his three little girls (his wife, Karissa, was with me at the shower). [Fortuantly, we still have my old 4 Runner from my college days, we kept it primarily to haul stuff in- so he had a car to use.]

Karissa is a professional cake baker/decorator- isn't it pretty??

I stopped by the Deckards on my way home and we visited a little. We got home this afternoon, gave AP a bottle, repacked the diaper bag and headed BACK to church. I've been wanting to make night church more of a priority and Peyton had an Admisistrative Council meeting so we all went to church and then Peyton stayed for the meeting. I feed AP dinner when we got home and we played a little. I unloaded and reloaded the dish washer, started some laundry, and peeled, sliced, and cooked a bunch of carrots for next week for AP. Peyton made it back home and we put Annie to bed. Now I'm just "unwinding" a little. Whew!

Next weekend we are going to Georgia for a very special friend's wedding. I think most of the begining of the week will be spent trying to get ready for the trip. I told Peyton I really want to leave the house in pretty good shape (we both have a bunch of "piles" of papers/books/junk to clean up).

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Amy said...

i am so jealous of how well ann peyton sleeps - i WISH that libbi would sleep half that good! i know you've posted before about your issues with your weight, and i hope you don't take this the wrong way, but i think you look great! in your past couple of "weekly happenings" posts, you have just been glowing! sounds like you'll be in my neck of the woods next weekend....hope you enjoy your trip to GA! :)