Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #71 (July 19-25)-- To Tybee We Go!

Okay, brace yourself, because I'm sure this will be one of my longest WH posts, which, as you know, can get pretty long. I took a tip from Carrie and typed it up a little each night. Anyway, either grab a cup of coffee or put your skimming skills to the test. Or just skip it if these posts are boring to you!

Wow! I felt like this week just zoomed by me! I pretty much feel like that any time we have a trip at the end of the week. It feels like there is just always so much to do before we leave. Overall, it was a great week and I feel like I'm doing so much better on the anxiety front.

Our trip at the end of the week was WONDERFUL. It was so nice for Peyton and I to have a “getaway” and truthfully, we should have done it sooner (it was the first real vacation we’ve had sans Annie since she was born). I was so relaxed and Peyton said he really noticed a difference. We had such a nice time and it made me realize something else- we *really* need to spend less time on the computer/doing chores/watching TV/ect. and spend more time just talking and enjoying each other. Anyway, the trip was the perfect length, because on Sunday night I really started missing Ann Peyton. I feel like it wasn’t too long, but it definitely wasn’t too short, either!

I did really well with my chores this week, considering that I usually use Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday to catch up and I didn't have those this week! Also, I've changed up the days a bit because I like to do my "surfaces" (scrubbing the counters and dusting) before I do the floors, because inevitably, some junk falls on the floor when I dust/scrub. I didn't do as great with supper, but it was a short week, after all. As far as my activities schedule, I've been on an organizing tear this week for some reason (not that I've accomplished just a ton, but I made some little dents), so the other areas (yardwork and crafting in particular) suffered this week. I did get caught up on our fiances some, too.

Okay, onto the actual events of the week....

Monday morning got off to a nice, slow start. I started some laundry and striped our bed so I could wash our bedding. Then I got myself and Annie ready and we met my mom and one of her good friends (who is a tiny bit older than Minnie, and was like a third grandmother to me) for lunch at the Yogurt Shop. Cookie came too. Ann Peyton had a blast and ate a ton of my mom's yogurt in addition to her own food.
Annie and Minnie. She's wearing my dress from when I was a toddler- doesn't she look just like a little vintage baby doll?? This is one my favorite pictures in awhile!

After lunch Annie took a nap and I relaxed myself and read some blogs. When she woke up I folded some laundry, organized a little, and cleaned out her diaper bag. Right before Annie's bedtime, our new couch got delivered! I just love it and it's a VAST improvement (pictures soon to come).
This is the massive truck that delivered it!

Peyton and I had a frozen pizza for dinner when he got home. I read some and went to bed.

On Tuesday morning, Peyton's mom came over early for a little visit. Peyton fixed us all pancakes and we had a good time talking and eating breakfast. After she left, I took a bath (yes, I was still in my pajamas when my MIL came over, ha!) and tried to get a few things done like facebooking someone for a recipe and responding to a wedding invitation. Peyton and I then decided we would try to move the old couch out of the middle of our kitchen and into the carport, since it was totally cramping my style. The thing is a sleeper sofa and literally, it probably weights over three hundred pounds. We did it, but it was awfully difficult and involved sliding it on blankets and some other fun tricks. Getting over the threshold required some upper body strength I didn't know I had (although Peyton did most of the lifting). Also, in the middle of things the mattress fell out. That's when we realized it would be much easier to just take it out. That made it some lighter, but it was still ridiculously heavy. [I took Peyton and three Mexican men to get it out of my grandmother's house.] After we finally got it out (it took probably half an hour), I decided to really sweep and mop the sunroom, since we had had to move most of the furniture out to get the couch through it. Since I was doing that, I decided to go ahead and do the kitchen, laundry rooms and bathrooms. First, I wanted to clean the kitchen counters and dust the surfaces that needed it, though. So I scrubbed the counters, dusted, swept and mopped. Ann Peyton played with her papa while I did all that.

Peyton left for work and Annie took a nice long nap. I wasted most of it on the computer, but I did manage to eat some lunch, get another bath (I was nasty) and fold some laundry before she woke up. When she woke up, I folded some more clothes and watched Army Wives while she played and then I got my dish ready for our monthly Ultreya meeting.
yummy Creamy Ranch Roll-Ups

We had a nice time at the meeting and when we got home it was AP's bedtime. I cooked a squash casserole for Peyton to eat along with some other leftovers for dinner (I ate at the meeting) and went through some receipts. When Peyton got home, he helped me take some stuff to the attic and I organized it. I got the first splinter I've had in years while I was up there! We also discovered that the washing machine was leaking (story of my life) and I helped him look under it and try to find the problem. We finally decided to call it a night.

On Wednesday morning, I got up and did some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it. Then we got back to work on the washing machine. Peyton found the problem, ordered a part, and figured out a temporary sulotion involving eletrical tape. He's proven to be more handy than I thought he was! Annie took a nap and I took my bath and got ready because when she woke up it was time for a play date at the Roberts' house. Morgan and I had a wonderful time chatting and the girls had fun playing.
Ann Peyton and her BFF, Mary Milton

On the way home, we went by the grocery store for a very short trip. When we got home, AP took another nap and I had a snack and took a little power nap myself. I was so exhausted, for some reason. We woke up and went to my parents' house because it was Cookie's birthday. My mom made THE best fried chicken, mashed potatoes, brocoli with cheese sauce and rolls. We had chess squares and Strawberry Romanoff for dessert. I had had a big turkey sandwitch at four, but I took an appetite pill around that time, so I stuffed myself at their house.
AP wanted Cookie to ride Zebi with her!

We dropped some dinner off with Peyton at the Walgreens and I put Annie straight to bed. I was planning on doing my WYRTMW post, but I screwed up my blog and spent a few hours trying to fix it.

Thursday was another FULL day. I got up, fed Ann Peyton and got her and myself ready for the day. Peyton had a meeting with some guys from church, but when he got home, I took off for an hour to do some errands. It was really more like fun shopping. I went to Belk and got several things for me and AP that were on sale since it's the end of summer :( and then stopped by Gap to just browse. I didn't find anything special at Gap.

When I got home, I fed AP lunch and we played some in her room. I had lunch too and folded laundry. Then we finished the rest of my errands- we went to Target and Hobby Lobby looking for some hat boxes or storage containers to go on the bookshelves in the den and then to pick up some dry cleaning. When we got home, she had some milk and then took a nap. My mom came by on her way home from work to see the couch and we talked for awhile. AP woke up and they played a little and then my mom left. I fed Ann Peyton dinner and during her supper, I dusted in the living room and swept the wood floors. After supper, she played a little while I hung up clothes in her room and vacuumed the study and bedrooms. I gave her a bath and then, after talking to Peyton on the phone, I relized we'd have a much smoother depature on Friday if I took some of the bigger baby stuff over to his parents' house.

So, I "packed" the Pack N Play and put her in the car and we stopped by my parents to pick up her booster seat, so she'd have a place to eat. My mom rode with me to take the booster, Pack N Play, and stroller to the Herringtons. [My mom has most of that kind of gear at her house. I gave them the Pack N Play that Peyton insisted we buy, after I found my dream Pack N Play selling for half of the retail value on eBay. My baby gear obsession was unreal. And they have a lightweight umbrella stroller that another grandmother friend of my mom's gave them. She also keeps a few pacis, bibs, sippy cups, diapers, ect. on hand, since we visit her house so much!] When we got home, AP went right to bed and I had a little chill out time on the computer. My friend Morgan sent me a text telling me that she had been "vegatative" because she ate ice cream on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls (she is seriously the most productive person I know) and I responded that irony abounds because I had actually had a productive day. HAHA!

When Peyton got home, we drug the sofa to the street and I stayed up super late trying to get stuff done for the trip- packing, doing laundry, straigtening the house, and typing up instructions for the grandparents. Oh, and I cooked fish for dinner.

Since this was going to be a relaxing trip for us, we decided not to stress out about getting to Savannah (where we stayed, about thirty minutes from Tybee) at any paticular time. That was a good thing, because when Peyton took his car to get it checked Friday morning, they told him he needed FOUR new tires. It worked out well because Ann Peyton and I got to sleep late (10:00 and 9:00, respectively-- don't hate me!). I did some last minute packing, straightened the house (not really to my satisfaction, but whatevs) and even managed to clean the bathrooms, which was the last thing on my chores list for the week. We dropped AP off at Peyton's parents' house and got on the road for our ten hour drive around noon, ha!

The drive was long and for the most part uneventful, but we had a good time listening to music and chatting. Some highlights from the car trip include:
- enjoying some Tom Petty b-side tracks Peyton had on his iPod
- lots and lots of fun discussions with the hubbykins, involving such vaste and diverse topics as raising children, world economic policies (that was a slow train to yawnville), and career choices and satisfaction for both of us
- getting lost (but only for about ten minutes)
- stopping at a Publix for the first time ever and Peyton having to find a manager to compliment him on the general positive attitude and enthusiasm of the employees (Peyton always does this if we get great service somewhere, since he is used to working in the service industry)
- a yummy stop at a Cracker Barrel in Alabama
- me getting redic carsick and thinking we'd probably have to pull over so I got throw up
- me taking a BC Powder and getting almost 100% better
- me actually having to pull over to tee tee on the side of the road-- very reminiscent of my childhood
- Passing a highway sign that said "No Milk Trucks" and also this cutely named gas station
- Peyton asking an employee at a gas station about these weird things that block the exits on the interstate (they look like the things around railroad track crossings)- they are for closing off the interstate during hurricane evacuations

We finally got to Savannah and got checked in around 1:00 AM- a perfect trip for night owls like us!

Saturday was the wedding day for Rob and Missy! Peyton and I both slept really late because we didn't set any alarms. We woke up, got ready and had lunch at this really fun place- The Toucan Cafe. We shared some amazing chowder, I got Tilapia with avocado butter, and Peyton got fish tacos....SO good!

After lunch, we came back to the hotel and changed for the wedding, which was at 3:00. We got to the wedding pretty early, which was good because there was some bad traffic. The wedding was so sweet and special and it meant a lot to us to be there.
Instead of a typical reception directly following the wedding, Rob and Missy had booked a dinner cruise for later that night. We had a little time to kill between the wedding and the cruise, so we stopped by a TJ Maxx that was really close to our hotel because Peyton wanted to see if he could find some pants, since the only dressy pants he had brought were his suit pants.

We got back from TJ Maxx in plenty of time to change and freshen up and we left a little early to get to the dinner cruise. We didn’t anticipate the TERRIBLE traffic in downtown Savannah, though. We parked seriously two minutes before the boat was supposed to pull out and we were about a half mile away. We RAN the whole way to catch the boat and we made it in plenty of time (a lot of people were running late, so they actually pushed back the departure time). We had a great time on the boat and while we were enjoying the breeze on the back deck we saw several dolphins jumping out of the water and playing. It was so neat!
Me and Peyton at dinner...

...and on the deck.

I know this picture is awful, but I had to share one of the bride and groom cuttin' a rug!

Everyone from the wedding party and several other friends were going out afterward, so we decided to go, too. The only problem? I forgot my license at the hotel. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, except that I look about twelve years old, ha! We decided to go back and get it and the bride and groom ended up riding with us so that they could change their clothes (they had come straight from the wedding). I ended up changing shoes, and then outfits, too. We went to some little karaoke bar and the music was pretty much excruciating. Everyone was terrible! It was good for a laugh, though! Peyton and I were tired, so we headed back to the hotel a little earlier than everyone else (around midnight). I was starving so we had Waffle House and then turned in for the night.

On Sunday, we slept in again. We had debated getting up early and trying to find a church, but we decided it would be better just to relax and do our Bible study together sometime later in the day (something we don’t do often enough at home). We got a pretty late start and headed downtown around lunch. We had THE best pizza at a fun little place called Vinnie Van Go-Go’s. We walked around some down by the river and went in a bunch of little shops.
In front of the boat we took the night before

another "boat" by the river-- made me miss that Annie Baby!

Several people had told us that Savannah was a lot like Charleston, and it is a BEAUTIFUL city with lots of parks and little areas of grass and trees in the middle the city, but we both felt it didn’t really hold a candle to Charleston in some ways. It just wasn’t as quaint, in my opinion. Anyway, most of the shops were a little too “touristy”, but I did find Annie a cute little summer hat.
I took a picture of her in the hat today.

On the way back to the hotel, we drove around and looked at the pretty old houses in the city. Some were gorgeous and looked well cared for, but others, just a block or so away looked sort of sad and run down. We stopped by the one that was both of our favorites to take a picture and we realized it was an antique store, so we went in.
We had fun “antiqueing” (Peyton actually does enjoy it!) and had a nice chat with the guy working there. Peyton bought me some pretty (but inexpensive) earrings!

After that, we decided to kill a little more time by hitting the Marshalls that was in the same shopping center as TJ Maxx. Peyton got a super soft t-shirt, but I didn’t get anything. We went ahead and went to dinner at Panera and then went back to the hotel.

We wanted to go for a swim, but the pool was pretty crowded when we got back at about 7:00. We decided we needed some snacks for the trip back on Monday, so we went to Publix. Peyton wanted me to just wear my swimsuit cover-up, but I told him I couldn’t, especially since it was really a nightie from Target. It’s made of terry cloth and looks MUCH more like a cover-up than a nightgown and he goes “Yeah, a nightie for a mermaid!” Haha!

After we got back, the pool had cleared a little, so we went for a swim. After our swim, we took showers and then we popped open some champagne that we’ve been saving since our wedding! It’s one of the few alcoholic beverages I actually like and I definitely enjoyed it! We had a nice night and did our Bible study together and went to bed! Oh, here’s the qoute of the day-- Me: “You know yesterday was really nice because you acted like a normal person and didn’t bug me to death.” Peyton: “Well, everything must return to what it truly is.” Wow.

I feel so abrupt leaving off there, but I'm one who thrives off consistancy and it would feel so wrong to include Monday in this post even though it was the last day of our trip. It's weird that I'm finishing this as this week is almost half way over, but our internet broke sometime while we were gone, and we just got it fixed! Anyway, this week will hopefully be a relaxing one! I LOVED our trip and our time together even moreso, but I am just so happy to be back with Ann Peyton!


Amy said...

how fun! i love tybee island....there are certain times of the year though where the bugs are TERRIBLE and it is unbearable! Glad y'all had a good time - cute pictures of you and peyton - and i LOVE the dress that Ann Peyton is wearing that used to be yours - so classic! She looks so grown up, yet so "baby" at the same time

Courtney said...

I am glad you had a great trip. I just got a new couch too and got rid of my sleeper sofa. That was one thing I told the furniture store that they had to take the old couch. It was so nice not to have to worry about moving again.

Alison said...

Looks like y'all had a fun trip! I love the Savannah area!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Fun! Tybee is beautiful! Carl and I are hoping to go on a trip sans Evie this fall. You are really good at staying on task compared to me. Please tell me how to make those ranch roll-ups - they look good!

Jennifer said...

I'm playing catch up on my favorite blogs so that's why I'm just now commenting. I'm jealous of your little vacation! Sounds like it was so much fun!

I had to comment b/c you said that Peyton always wants to let a manager know when he feels y'all have been served well. I have the same urge all the time! I don't always follow through because I don't want people to think I'm crazy (my husband included). I just think people are so inclined to complain and it's rare that they actually hear a compliment.

Also, your quote of the day cracked me up. Sounds just like my husband and I. He loves to bug me to death.