Thursday, July 1, 2010

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday (Or, Um, Thursday?)

I had every intention of writing my Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday post last night, but a few minor incidents occurred and it just didn't happen. As in, I sliced my finger with a knife, I cracked an egg all over our fridge/floor, I cut myself on something again while trying to clean it up, and I burned myself ON ONE OF THE CUTS. Y'all- there's clearly a reason why I try to steer clear of cooking dinner. Anyway, here's the post a day late.


I don't know why I've been picking so many bedtime books lately. We do have a plethora of them for some reason. Here is this week's featured selection:

Night Night, Baby Bundt: A Recipe for Bedtime
by Jamie Harper

This book is just adorable. The whole book is written as a recipe for bedtime. Here are a few of the cute instructions from the "bedtime recipe":
- "Add a cup of kisses."
- "Brush gently until foamy, about ten seconds."
- "Working quickly, find blankie."
- "Toss with Baby Bundt."
- "Line the bed with cuddly toys."
- "Drizzle generously with binkies." [I love this one, because we always throw three or more extra pacis in AP's crib, in case she looses one.]
- "Add the remaining hugs and kisses."
- "Keep covered overnight."
There are more directions, but those are some of my favorites.

I like this book because it puts a little spin on the bedtime routine. It's just sort of quirky and funny because it reads just like a real recipe for a bundt cake or something. The pictures are cute and funny, too.

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