Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal- A Dream For the Future

Day #30- A Dream For the Future

Okay, so those of you that know me well probably knew what I would choose to write about. For as long as I've known him, Peyton has had a huge dream of living in New York City for a year or two. Before we got married, we planned to do this during the early years of our marriage, before we had children. Well, the Lord blessed us with the best surprise we could have ever asked for and we had to readjust our plans. The new plan includes going, but going as a family of four (still can't hardly believe that!) instead of as a family of two. It will probably be sometime in the next five years.

On that note, I wanted to unveil the second project I alluded to earlier this month:

[Click here to see the new blog.]

Now, I am sure y'all are thinking "Has SD gone blog crazy? Two new blogs in two weeks?", but both of the ideas have been in my head a long time and I just now forced myself to really go about executing them. This blog will be different from my other three blogs, because at least here in the beginning posting will probably be very sporadic. It's not a place that I'm going to try to update regularly, but I've known for awhile that I wanted to create a separate blog to document that year once we got close and recently it occurred to me that I'd like to go ahead and start it, so as to have a place to chronicle our planning and our discussions about this dream for the future. I think it will be fun to look back and read over our ideas and our thought processes pertaining to the planning of our big adventure.

Sidenote: I realize that in the next few months I am going to have to tweak the name and the header, but I created over a month ago and at this point, I have no idea what it will eventually become!


The Jones' said...

I just read some of one of your other blogs. I love the fact that you make it a point to be real. I have written a couple of times about being real especially after a co-worker of my husbands who is a single mom of 2 girls commented how our life is perfect. It is totally not. It is good and blessed but far from perfect. So, I addressed that a little. I do put a lot of the pretty stuff on there and rarely the real life bad stuff. But you have encouraged me to do it. Anyway, not to get too cheesy. I cannot believe you might move from the South to New York! I could never imagine living there. I think I would freak out! ; ) And no I do not take Molly to music practice. Usually one of the grandparents keeps her. Just when we practice here at home she hangs out in it and is really good about it. Hope you have a good week. It is rainy here and I am already wanting a nap at 9 am and I am not even preggo! David has to leave this week for trip I am a real wuss too about staying home by myself but I am finally just doing it because he has to go so much. Sorry to write you a book! Talk again later.

Miss Southern Prep said...

Y'all are so brave! I can't imagine how different New York would be compared to the South! I think it's so great that y'all are doing that-best of luck!

Tara G. said...


Sounds like a fun adventure and good for you guys for going for it!

I have had your comment sitting in my e-mail for a while- I don't know if you ever received my response. Anyway, this is a link to the car seat bag:

We have one from One Step Ahead; it doesn't look like they're making that model anymore. We also have the one I linked to above and it has been fine- not all seats will fit, so you'd have to try it out. Anyway, we love them for plane travel and as much as we're on the go in the military, they've been fantastic. We stuff them with diapers, winter coats, boots, our blow-up booster seat, etc.