Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal- My Favorite Song

Okay, so I saw this on Ashley's and Emily's blogs and I decided to jump in and do it myself. I've told y'all that I have a ton of drafts that I've been working through and other project things in the works, so really the last thing I need to do is another blog carnival, especially one that requires a daily post. But I love things that let you get to know people better and I love little prompts like this and it just looked like WAY too much fun! Anyway, I'm going to try to keep these brief and just do them in addition to whatever I'd be posting each day. So, I'll jump right in....

Day #1- Your Favorite Song

I have shared some about my musical tastes before, but basically I have pretty eclectic taste in music. There are a few types I can't stand (I'm with you on the rap and techno, Ash! and I don't really like most "new" country music), but overall I really like most music. My favorites, though, are classic rock and folksy type music. I also really like almost anything that came from the singer-songwriter movement of the 1970s.

Being a music lover, I could never, EVER narrow down my favorite songs to one, but here are a couple of my current favorites.

1. Keeping Me Alive
Tom Petty
This was one of those recently discovered b-side tracks that Peyton has on his iPod. Loves it.

2. Swimming Song
Loudon Wainwright
I've mentioned it before, but I saw this on an episode of Parenthood and became obsessed. I love this song- oh my gosh, the folk of it. Dying.

I Must Belong Somewhere
Bright Eyes
More folksy stuff from Bright Eyes.

I love my whole playlist, but the first five are five more of my "faves of faves".
1. Catch the Wind- Donovan {this is where my blog got it's name}
2. Waiting for My Real Life to Begin- Collin Haye
3. Winter Song- Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
4. On a Night Like This- Dave Barnes
5. So Are You to Me- Eastmountainsouth

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