Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal- Hopes, Dreams and Plans For the Next 365 Days

Day #29- Hopes, Dreams and Plans For the Next 365 Days

Um, let's see. Here's a few:
- Watch Ann Peyton walk unassisted. One day. The Lord is building my patience with this child.
- Grow in my relationship with Christ.
- Love Peyton more passionately.
- Welcome Babykins #2 and embrace life as a family of four.
- Become a better time manager and grow in my ability to prioritize.
- Treasure each day.
- Continue my (very) part time job until April or the end of March.
- See Peyton get the promotion he's been working hard for.
- Refloor the kitchen.
- Finish Ann Peyton's baby book before the new baby arrives.

Finally, three things I pray (from the hymn Day by Day):
- To see Thee more clearly
- To love Thee more dearly
- To follow Thee more nearly
day by day


Cuddles and Chaos said...

My son (first born) was a very late walker. Our dr kept saying that it was normal, but I don't know. He was 17 months old and even at that he wobbled and held his arms out (which I never saw in any other children).
Good luck to AP


Amy said...

I know it is probably frustrating that she's not walking yet and Im sure if I were in your shoes i would be worrying myself sick over it, BUT i say, enjoy it while you can :) Once she starts walking there is NO going back. and to me, it seems like that last bit of "baby-ness" is gone once they start sad :(
one of my best friends little one's didn't start walking until he was around 18mos (he was tiny like AP, too) he was just waiting until he was good and ready :) plus, maybe she likes being held by her momma ;0)