Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal- A Website

Day #22- A Website

Remember I mentioned I was going to be working on a couple of little projects this month? Well, I've had this one ready, but I wanted to wait until today to show y'all.

I finally created my throwback blog:

{Back to the Days} Of Apron Strings and Lovely Things

This will just be a fun place for me to focus on my love of vintage stuff, quaint traditions, good manners, and in general "lovely things".


Miss Southern Prep said...

I love it!

Ashley said...

I left a comment on the new blog, but this is so great! xoxo!

The Jones' said...

I can't wait to read the new blog. I LOVE the background.

Thanks for the sweet email. You have encouraged me. I have not been able to be as transparent yet but I pray to be to help someone else. I did post one time that although I post lots of happiness and the pretty stuff, we have our yucky junk....arguments, family problems, just some bad stuff in general. But we are very blessed and I know that.

And, yes, that dress is by Amanda Remembered. And I got it on ebay. I wonder if we were looking at the same one. MG is so tired of the smocking. Breaks my heart. Thus, the zebra and leopard prints are trying to take over her closet! I am thinking I will not give Molly a choice!