Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal- What's in My Handbag/Purse

Day #28- What's in My Handbag/Purse

I rarely ever carry a purse anymore; it's been that way since oh, almost seventeen months ago. Personally, it would stress me out to try to carry/keep up with a purse and a diaper bag and the alternative would be to put Pampers and baby wipes in my purse. So, I just use a diaper bag and it functions as a purse, as well.

Here's my diaper bag!

I like to try to stay organized, so I try to clean it out/organize it once a week. I usually do this on Saturday night, since we drop it off with Ann Peyton in the nursery on Sunday morning. A couple of weeks ago, I was tired and forgot and she had no Cheerios or paci! They have some snacks and she was fine without her paci, but I feel bad doing that to the nursery workers!

Here are the contents:

Annie's stuff:
- diapers (I like having a little bag that keeps them all contained and it has a changing pad with it. It's also convenient if I do want to put the essentials in my purse or just snap the bag itself to the stroller for a quick errand).
- wipes
- ButtPaste
- Little RafRaf (her travel lovey)
- anti-bacterial spray
- Tide to Go pen (life changing)
- baby lotion
- finger puppet
- CPR/Choking Rescue pamplet
- paci pod with two travel pacis inside ("Travel pacis" are always pink. I'm OCD about it; I just think they are cuter. The ugly ones are "crib pacis". Ha!)
- rattle (she's over it most of the time; I should switch that out)
- First Book of Sushi (We always have a book with us because AP is fascinated with them and they hold her interest longer than anything else. I switch out this one, a touch and feel book about baby animals, and a few others, because they are small and have interactive elements (mixed media, touch and feel, ect.))
- camera (This is a close second as far as holding her attention. It is kind of noisy, but I'm sure other grocery shoppers prefer "Say Cheese!" to a screaming babykins!)
- bib
- Cheerio container with either Cheerios or Goldfish crackers
- she usually has a sippy cup, as well

My stuff:
- snap in cosmetic bag that matches the bigger bag (I use this for things I don't want to accidentally pull out when I'm searching for something- won't need those for a good long while, though. YAY! I also use it for important notes I make for myself or receipts and things that I don't want to fall out or get lost.)
- at least two notepads
- peppermint
- keys
- "on the go" make-up (I ussually do my mascara and lipstick in the car, but only at red lights!)
- glasses (I wear them to drive)
- wallet
- cellphone
- I almost always (probably 95% of the time) have my little point and shoot camera with me

If we're going to be gone for the whole day (like a day trip to see Peyton's grandparents); I like to add in her medicine kit:

Here are it's contents:

- more booty ointment
- gas drops (really? we haven't used these in year, probably)
- baby Ibuprofen
- syringe to dose/administer the drugs
- teething pain gel
- bulb to sunction her nose (also kind of more of an infant thing)

Also, if we are going out to eat, we take her Tiny Diner and high chair cover. If we'll be waiting somewhere for awhile, I add in a few more toys/books and an extra snack like some Baby MumMums.


Cuddles and Chaos said...

I love the little medicine bag.

Oh yes, tide to go pens are awesome. I had to have them when my babies were little...and I still keep them in my purse.

Cracking up about the little bag to whole the private stuff. Thanks for the smile :)

Ashley said...

The main thing that stuck out to me about this post is how meticulously you arranged everything for each picture. It's like a museum--so YOU! :)