Thursday, August 5, 2010

Babykin Boutique: Overstock Sale Collection

So, yesterday I hit up a fun consignment sale with lots of adorable fall clothes. It made me remember I still had this post sitting in my drafts folder.

I REALLY racked up at the overstock sale back in June.

Here's the first "half", which is for next summer:
The little sea green dress with the flower is a brand that's new to me- Kudzoo Express. It's a 12 mo., but it looked HUGE, so I got it for next summer. It was one of my faves. The outfit next to it is a bubble by Aunt Polly's and I LOVED the color and that it had a very unique beach motif. It's an 18 mo. and it's another favorite. I also got a little Castles and Crowns seersucker swimsuit with smocked sailboats on it. It's 18-24 mo. as is the lime green bubble next to it. I thought the pink octypus were super cute. It's also Castles and Crowns. Here's a closer look at my two faves for next summer...

Here's the second half, which is for later:
The lobster dress and the two piece dreamsicle set are both Castles and Crowns and they are both 2T. I can't imagine AP wearing a 2T right after she turned two; judging from her first sixteen months, she'll probably wear these at three. If not, she can wear them at the end of next summer. I ussually don't like yellow, but I could not resist the dreamsicles. Okay, the last dress is Remember Nguyen and it's a....7. I know, I know. But Remember Nguyen is always one of the cheaper brands, we love sopporting their buissness, and I had been wanting this dress forever but they sold out in everything bigger than a 6 mo. on the website. So, I just did it!

I have a sailboat obsession!

Stay tuned for my consignment finds from yesterday!

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