Monday, August 16, 2010

Babykins #2- A Few More Questions and Answers

Well, a couple more questions and answers since my previous post:

How far along are you?
I will be six weeks on Tuesday. Still pretty early! My due date is April 12 (pretty close to Ann Peyton's birthday- April 2). My doctor schedules the first appointment for seven weeks, so I'll be going for the first time on August 24.

Are you hoping for a boy or girl?
Ahh, the question no one really wants to answer because you look like a jerk if you're honest. Haha! Okay, first to state the obvious and say that Peyton and I will not only be happy, but will REJOICE over any healthy child. Backing up a bit, with Ann Peyton, we had both hoped for a girl. Peyton wanted a girl because he thinks that when the oldest is a boy they can be super overprotective. I grew up will all girls in my family, except my dad (even our pets were girls) and I just felt like I was more suited to having a girl for the first time. Also, let's be real, I'm shallow and I wanted to play dress up with a girl. It has been just as fun as I imagined. Funny story: we lied and told my mom that AP was a boy and she told her friends at work "It's a stinking boy" [laughing, of course] WHILE I WAS ONE THE PHONE. Anyway, with AP we didn't really think we wanted a baby and God proved us wrong, so had she been a boy I know we would have loved her just as much.

Ideally, we're hoping to eventually have at least one of both sexes, so it makes sense we're hoping for a boy, right? WRONG. We're both pretty pragmatic at this point and it just seems like it will be easier if baby #2 is a girl. They're eventually going to be sharing a room, and although I don't really think it's awkward for children so young, it would be nice not to have to much redecorating to do. Also, the clothes. Oh my gosh, the clothes. It would just be easier to have almost everything. Fortunately, we had some foresight and most of the BIG baby items we have are gender neutral. Like I said though, we mainly are just hoping for a healthy girl OR boy.

Do you have any names picked out?

I shared some of the names I like in a post awhile back. We're still thinking on it. A few general guidelines though:
1. If the baby is a girl, she will probably have a double name.
2. Either way, at least part of the baby's name will be a family name.
3. Ideally, I'd like to incorporate a literary character into the name. We have thought alot about including either an author or character's name from a piece of literature into our baby's name. I got the idea from Heather Spohr and I think it's fantastic. I like consistency, though it and it kind of bugs me that AP didn't have that. Of course, there are several literary "Anns" (Anne of Green Gables and Little Orphan Annie); there was just no intention at the time.
4. If the baby is a girl (and maybe if he's a boy), I'd like the name to have a cute diminutive.

Also, Cuddles and Chaos, do you have a blog? I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments; they were an encouragement to ME and I'd love to come by and check it out if you have a blog, but I couldn't find a profile when I clicked on your name. Thanks!


Cuddles and Chaos said...

I'm sorry...I thought you could get to my blog from my comment.

Thanks for wanting to stop by. It's a "boring" blog.


PS I have two girls (children 2 and 3) and it's so wonderful to see their bond (and their fights)..but I know you'll be uber excited whatever the gender be. AP will be a great big sister.

Rachel said...

Congratulations again! That is so sweet that their birthdays could potentially be so close to one another.