Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babykins #2- The (Very) Begining

So, I thought I'd write a little follow up post to elaborate on our exciting announcement. Y'all know I'm pretty much an open book, so if I leave out anything you're curious about just ask away.

First of all, this is really new news to us, too, haha! I actually haven't even seen my OB yet, but once we told our families, I just wanted to tell EVERYONE. I know some people like to wait until after the first trimester because of the increased risk of miscarriage during that time {shutter}. The truth is, though, if something horrific were to happen, this would be one of the first places I'd turn. For one thing, this blog is my outlet, and I'm although I'm not really sure what I'd do in that position, I feel like this would be one of the places I would turn. Also, as my friend Ashley pointed out when we discussed it this morning, I would want to be able to call on y'all to be in prayer for us. Actually, I'd love to call on y'all for that NOW!

The second thing I'm sure everyone is wondering- YES! this time we were "planning" it. We had decided that this was the perfect time. Even if we weren't planning it though, Peyton and I have talked many times about how we will never, ever see a baby the way we did when we first found out about the baby that became Ann Peyton. But, the fact that we had been actively "working" on it for a couple of months this time made is SUPER special for us. I've said before how I wondered how it would feel to be able to share the news with unbridled excitement instead of fearful trepedation. Let me tell you, it has been GREAT!

Which brings me to- SHARING THE NEWS! Of course, I told Peyton first. Well, actually, I told AP first, haha! I waited an entire TWO hours for him to get home from work on Saturday after taking two pregnancy tests. I kept calling him to see where he was. When he finally got home , he went in the bathroom and saw the wrapper from the test in the trash. He said, sort of sadly "I'm guessing it was negative". I just smiled and said "Well....check the counter". He saw the test and got SO excited and hugged me and was all "Wait! We're preggie?" [Yes, everything is an "ie" lately....Annie did it to us!!]

We told our families the next day. I got AP's t-shirt for her and I rushed over to my parents' house so that I could catch Cookie before she left town. My mom didn't really get it at first, but when she did she FREAKED OUT. She's given to emotional reactions, and even though she knew we were trying, I think it was a big surprise to her! Cookie was so excited and I think my dad was pretty happy, too although he is definetly not given to emotional reactions.

That evening was our nephew's birthday party, and of course we did not want to steal any of the birthday boy's spotlight, so we put AP's t-shirt on afterwards. Everyone was really happy for us. We did take Peyton's mom out to the car before the party was over, though, because she had to leave early for work. She gave my mom a run for her money with all the screaming and cheering she did.

I don't totally remember everyone's reactions round one, but they were more along the lines of "You'll make it. It will be okay." And then later, Momma and I had lots of fights about the validity of Natural Family Planning. So, this was compleatly new to us. It has been so nice to feel so much support and excitement from everyone. Thank y'all so much for all the sweet congratulatoy comments.

Tell me if there's anything I'm leaving out!


Britton said...

Wonderful news for your family! Another true blessing from God! Enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for your lovely and encouraging words and thoughts.


Allison said...

I'm so jealous! And also curious if baby #2 will be as easy as you say AP has been... they say you don't get two good babies in a row! Ha. I'm teasing.

Have you been sick at all? I'm not looking forward to this. I'm not a fan of puking.

Sarah Broadus said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait for that feeling of TRYING to have a baby. We just keep getting surprised! Congrats for you! You are now on my prayer list!

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Congratulations on Babykins! So happy for your family. Praying all things are well. :) But we're here to support and encourage you through the good, the bad and the unknown.


Cuddles and Chaos said...

I had to write your verse (from your blog) on my dry erase board today.

Romans 8:28...God knew I needed to read that today. Thank you for being the outlet to remind me that.

Ashley said...

So exciting!!!!

Rachel said...

How far along are you? Are you hoping for a boy or girl? Do you have any names picked out?

Can you tell I'm excited?!

The Taffs said...

How exciting!!!! Congratulations! Saying a prayer for you!