Wednesday, August 11, 2010

End of Summer Happenings

So, time for another update!

- I decided I'm going to take a break from Want Your Read to Me? Wednesday"for the rest of August. Y'all, I don't know why I have to tell you this; I just can't do something so abrupt without warning, haha!

- Actually, I think I'm going to cut back on posting in general. I have been a bit overkill lately! I'm going to do the 30 Day Blog Journal and probably a couple of additional posts each week, but that's it. It's not that I don't want to do more, but I'm sure everyone is getting bored to tears with my blog (I'm not fishing; I seriously feel that way) and I hate it when blogs "overload" me with too many posts all the time. It really works out perfect, because it will give me more time to work on a couple of little projects that I'm super excited about.

- "School" is getting really close and I haven't come close to finishing a lot of the projects I meant to do this summer AP's Baby Book? maybe a fourth done and there are a couple of other things I really want to accomplish. I need to just make a list. I'll probably do that on our vacation, haha!

- I'm sure this is going to seem like the theme of all my posts, but as much as I want to accomplish things, I want to have realistic expectations for myself. A friend told me yesterday that she really hoped I wasn't so worthless (she didn't say worthless; she said tired) this time around. Me too!!! I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but last time I was pregnant I was SO SO tired, especially the first trimester. Peyton would come home and ask me what I'd done all day and I'd name TV shows I'd watched. Clearly, I'm going to have to do a little better this time, because someone is depending on it, but I know that it will still be hard on me. Gestating takes a lot of work- and I blame my problems partly on my stature. Y'all know how much I struggle with feeling productive, so I'm sure it will be a challenge.

- I do feel like pretty proud of myself right now, though. We took a day trip Peyton's grandparents yesterday and I knew it would be kind of hard the day before our big trip (even though we're not leaving until this afternoon), but I made it! I did take a little nap in the car and another (short) one at their house, but I was fine. Then, when we got home I did some stuff around the house and then went walking with Carrie and Rebekkah!

- I didn't really elaborate on how I'm doing with my cleaning/cooking/activities schedule in my WH post, but I feel like I'm doing pretty good. I did all my cleaning last week and as far as activities, I did organizing and crafting (a sewing project I'll show y'all soon). I feel so good about my cooking. In the last few weeks, I've cooked for other people twice. I'm extremely insecure about my cooking, so that's a big accomplishment! It's something I'm really trying to get better at and I'm learning to enjoy it a *little* more.

- One thing I forgot to share in my post about Babykins #2 is how I figured it out myself. I'm not super regular, so I didn't feel "late", but I was sitting on the couch folding laundry and I looked in the basket and I thought I just cannot fold those SIX more napkins and then I thought I can't remember the last time I was this tired and then I took a test. HA!

- Allison asked if I'm feeling naseous yet. I do feel a little sick at my stomach, but it's all the time and it's not just awful. I did get a little naseated at church on Sunday, but it wasn't that bad. I was never a big "puker" last time (except my prenatal vitamin did cause lots of vommiting, but we got that fixed prtty quickly).

I think that's it for now. Yay for Tommy Petty and Nashville!

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