Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Game- Favorite Eateries by Category

First, a sidenote: I hope nobody was truly offended my my post about Jackson. I meant it when I said that it's a lovely place to live; in fact, there is NOWHERE in the world I would choose over it. I had originally intended to write a post about how neat Jackson is and show some pictures of cool landmarks and other interesting places, but it just didn't work. So I decided I'd be silly and write something a little tongue and cheek; I wasn't trying to sound snooty or ungrateful or like I don't love my hometown. I hope no fellow Jackson lovers were hurt by it.

Going out to eat is seriously probably my all time favorite activity. I would pick it over a movie, bowling, really almost anything. I love it because it combines two of my favorite things in life- food and conversation.

After doing a poor job representing Jackson in my post today, I got to thinking about a little game Peyton and I played while we were in Nashville. We started talking about where we'd take out of town visitors to eat and then we decided to pick our favorite restaurants by category. We tried to stay away from chain restaurants because part of the point was to show our imaginary visitors some local Jackson flavor. Here are our picks:

Favorite Eatery for Breakfast
Peyton: Primos, The Donut Shop in Richland

SD: Broadstreet

Favorite Eatery for Lunch- Budget Option
Peyton: Hickory Pit

SD: Brents, Keifers


Favorite Eatery for Lunch- Mid Range Price Selection

Peyton: Amerigo

SD: Julep, Bon Ami


Favorite Eatery for Dinner- Budget Option
Peyton: The Pizza Shack
SD: Basils

Favorite Eatery for Dinner- Mid Range Price Selection
Peyton: Que Sera Sera
SD: Bravo!

Favorite Eatery for Dinner- Price is No Object
Peyton: Walker's Drive In
SD: Walker's Drive In

I'd love to hear from any of y'all that live/have lived in the Jackson area on any or all of your picks!


Mallory Pickering said...

Top 3 (that weren't mentioned): the Greek place on Northside, Two Sisters, and Nick's. None of those are breakfast, though. I'd say for breakfast Howell's on Main Street in Flora.

Cuddles and Chaos said...

I remember Jackson (I think) as portrayed from the show In the Heat of the Night. My grandma and I used to watch that together.
I love how Jackson has classic, home town restaurants...or so it seems.

I live in a suburb of the big city where Bravo! was started. They (the creators...brothers) who started Bravo! started two other restaurants right by my house...if you were to ever visit, I'd take you. One is my favorite...Brio (grilled salmon salad rocks) and Bon Vie (french).

Allison said...

Ah! I hate this post! But only because it makes me miss Jackson/Southern food :). Walker's is by FAR my favorite Jxn eatery. I can only eat there when someone else is paying, though. Julep comes in a close second. Love that honey rosemary fried chicken. And Danny used to work at Basil's, so he would bring me a sandwich home almost every day. AHHHH. I love Primo's, too, but mainly for their petit fours.

I'm gonna have to make a food itinerary for when we come home for Christmas so I can make sure to hit all the good places.

Carrie said...

Mmm, love all those places! You have officially put me in the mood for Keifer's!

Katie Smith said...

I always loved Amerigo and Broad Street! Parker House and Shapley's were nice for special occasions, and the Strawberry Cafe in Madison (which I don't think is open anymore) was good too. I definitely miss McAlister's a lot these days.

Peyton said...

Katie, Strawberry cafe' is still open, and we almost had our rehearsal dinner there! Mcallister's has changed ownership and I don't like them quite as much...but the old owners Opened up Newks...I think you've been there...I LOVE the place!