Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter to (Sixteen Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are getting to be such a big girl!

You weight about 17.5 lbs and you're still your clothes are still very varied (some 6 mo., lots of 12 mo., and a tiny bit of 18 mo.). We are about to have to order you the next size of cloth diapers!

You have gotten to where you are a little pickier about what you eat and you aren't always consistent. I know that that is totally normal for your age, but it's really weird for us because you've always eaten EVERYTHING. You love most all fruit, but especially strawberries and peaches. You like butter beans, carrots and sometimes peas and broccoli. You also love turkey. And your new favorite snack is goldfish.

You're slowly transitioning to one nap a day. Some days you still like to take two naps, but most of the time you take one LONG one. Mommy is so happy that you are a such a good sleeper. You sleep about twelve hours a night and take a nap that lasts about three or four hours. WOW! Most children your age don't give their parents that gift!

You are such a BUSY girl these days. One thing you really enjoy doing is putting things back up. You've been taking things out of boxes, containers, and cabinets for some time now; but this month you've started to neatly replace them. Mommy LOVES this new skill. You have a little soft cottage that has three tiny bear dolls and a Goldilocks doll in it and you love dumping them out and putting them back in their house. When you've put them all back in, I'll say "Now, shut their door" and you'll close it! I'm working on teaching you to identify who Papa Bear, Momma Bear, Baby Bear, and Goldilocks are!

You have some little toy cups that stack one inside the other and you love playing with them. Recently, you've become very proficient at stacking them inside of each other.

You also love putting on and taking off clothes. When we're getting ready in the morning if mine or Papa's clothes are lying on the floor you'll put them on. The other day you had some shorts that you kept putting over your head. I'd say "now, take them off" and "now, put them back on" and you'd follow the instructions!

You have recently become obsessed with The General (Darth doesn't let you too close to her). You've always been fond of him, but now you want nothing to do with us when he's around. If you hear him meow in another room, you'll say "CAT!" and immediately go look for him.

You LOVE chairs. You get so excited about any seat that you can get into (a high chair, car seat, or anything else). One of your new "treats" is having your bottle (we still call your sippy cup a bottle some times) in the little green toile chair in the sunroom. You think you are such a big girl in it!

Speaking of, a new habit I've formed is holding you at least once a day while you drink your milk. It's one of the only times you'll sit still and let me hold you for any length of time, so I like to take advantage of that.

I've explained to you before how I have a problem with living in the moment. There are days when I can't wait for you to get a little older. Minnie will say something like "I can't wait until she starts really talking to us" and I'll agree, thinking of the first time you'll tell me you love me. Then there are times when I just miss your newborn days desperately. I wish that I had enjoyed them more and soaked them up.

It is then that I remember to enjoy the moment we are in right now. It is then that I wish I could freeze the time. No fast forwarding. No rewinding. All I need is a pause button. I want to capture your smile and your laugh in my mind for ever. I want to remember the harder things- the way your baby hair feels when I bury my nose in it, the way you smell right after a bath, the things that are harder because I can't capture them in pictures or videos. I was there was an invention that would allow me to. But sadly, just as there is no pause button, there is no baby smell/baby touch recorder. Thank goodness the Lord gave us memories and hearts and minds to enjoy them with!

Annie, we love you so much more than I could ever express to you in words. It's my prayer that you will feel that love every day of your life.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Just to note- your outfit in this month's picture is a 12 mo.

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

AP looks SO grown up in that last picture! So cute!