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Weekly Happenings Post #72 (July 26-August 1)-- Reunited and It Feels So Good

This week felt so un-busy compared to last, but I LOVED it! For one thing, I was SO glad to be back with my girl, even though the trip was a blast! Also, I'm such a homebody, but I've gotten to where I like to do at least one thing that gets us out of the house each day. And we pretty much did do something everyday, but overall, it was a very chill week. I like those!

I did manage to do a pretty good job on my schedules this week, which is surprising, having just come off a vacation! I got all the cleaning done and did pretty good with the activities schedule (organizing/finances/crafting/yard work) , but I didn't do as well with the cooking. I did make dinner for us AND our friends Patrick and Haley one night, so that counts for something, right? We ended up going out to eat a couple of times and, of course, had dinner with my parents on Friday!

I mentioned a few weeks back that I needed to do an update on my goals list and then Ashley gave an update on hers. I'll probably do a post soon, but one thing I will say is that there are about three things I really want to work on doing better in the coming weeks and months- 1) engaging in some form of exercise 2) reading actual books and 3) setting aside time with the Lord every. single. day.

Okay, so, I'm just going to pick up where I left off last week, since on Monday we were on the way home from Savannah...

On Monday we got up around 8:30 to get on the road, headed home. We stopped by the mall so Peyton could get a Cinnabon. He’s obsessed. They looked really unusual, though, like maybe they were really old, so Peyton got Chick Fil A and I got a pretzel. We had a nice trip and we came back a different way that was more intestate and less state highways. The drive was longer by mileage, but it seemed shorter! We stopped a few times for gas/bathroom breaks and once for lunch at Subway, but we made good time and got home around eightish. The highlights were:
- John Tesh saying that although fat cats are adorable, it’s very unhealthy for them to be overweight and “People, you’re killing your kitties. OMG.”. Yes, he really SAID "OMG". He then went on to say that before you put your cat on a diet, make sure you put your hands around his ribcage to see if he’s really obese or actually just fluffy.
- Seeing some redic anti-Obama billboards. I’m a pretty conservative gal, but some of them were borderline offensive.

We picked up my car from our house since it has a car seat base and then headed to my parents’ house to get AP. It was SO good to see her. When we got home, I started unpacking and Peyton made B4D (breakfast for dinner) for supper. Annie played a little
Gosh, I missed her!

We put AP to bed and I unpacked some more.

We didn't really plan to, but since Peyton was off work, we ended up just kind of taking Tuesday as a vacation day to, i.e. we didn't really do much of anything. I think it was good, because sometimes vacations can wear you out, too! I woke up and started some laundry and loaded the dishwasher.

Then I got ready and had lunch. After lunch, we went to the AT&T store to get a new router because ours wasn't connecting to the internet. We were there for over an hour and everything took forever, when really they could have just grabbed on off the wall and handed it to us. Annie got so tired, since she hadn't had a morning nap, but she was really good and such a little trooper the whole time. We practiced walking with her holding my hand a bunch in the AT&T store. When we finally got home, Peyton hooked up the thing only to realize it was just the power cord that needed to be replaced. Needless to say, we are returning it, but probably only one of us will go this time and leave the Annie Baby at home.

Speaking of AP, she was exhausted, but I wanted her to eat some lunch, since I knew she'd sleep until late afternoon. This is how that went down:

During her nap, I caught up on some blogs (we had WiFi at the hotel, but the last day it stopped working). She slept for a nice long while and then we headed to Fratesi's for dinner and stopped by Peyton's parents' house for a visit and to pick up the Pack N Play.

Wednesday morning got off to an early start, because some guys came to do an appraisal on our house since we're getting it refinanced. They got to our house BEFORE SEVEN O'CLOCK. Wow. Anyway, it required everyone to wake up since they had to look in all the rooms. It worked out fine, though, because I gave Annie some milk and she snuggled with me on the couch until they left and then she went right back to sleep in her crib until after 10:00, at which point I had to wake her up. I guess she's just got to get her twelve hours, with our without interuption!

After Ann Peyton woke up, I got ready really got started on a few things.
While I was getting ready, Ann Peyton decided to dig through my suitcase and look what she found! She loves putting on our clothes if they are laying around (see those boxers; they were next!). I know I have no shame...but it was a babyless trip, after all. [Sidenote: this is the extent of sexy for me. I don't go any more risque than this. Ha!]

I cooked chicken to use in the Poppyseed Chicken I was making for dinner. [I know you can just boil the chicken, but cooking it in the oven is just easier for me. That way I don't have to watch it and also I really think stove cooking is harder than oven cooking, because it's so subjective- I'd probably either overcook it or undercook it.] I watched Army Wives and did a TON of trip laundry. Seriously, it took me over an hour to fold all of it (maybe that's not a lot for some people, but I'm used to being much more on top of it). I also straightened the house a little bit and scrubbed the kitchen counters. When AP went down for her second nap, I had a little computer time and then got to work with making supper (Poppyseed Chicken, rolls, and a salad) and swept and mopped the kitchen, sunroom, and bathrooms. I cleaned up the den, which was a mess with toys and vacation stuff and everything else and then I swept the wood floors.

Our friends Patrick and Haley (and Hank) came over for dinner, which is the main reason I got on a cleaning tear that day. We had a great suppper (if I do say so myself) and Haley had made a wonderful peach cobbler for dessert. We had a great time visiting and Hank is almost to the age where he and Ann Peyton can really play. After they left, I read some blogs, did my Bible study and cleaned up the kitchen.
Here is Annie in her own pjs with Hank. This is the extent of sexy for her for at least fourty years, mmkay?

Hank leaning in for a kiss!

We have so many pictures where Hank looks compleatly grown and like he is thinking "Please just leave me alone, dear!"

On Thursday, we had a really slow, relaxed morning (I love those!). It was so nice to wake up and the house be SO neat. I folded MORE clothes and watched a dvr'd episode of The View. They had a special guest- Barack Obama. It was interesting.
Ann Peyton has fallen even more in love with The General, something I didn't think was possible (Darth doesn't let her close enough to evoke any feelings of affection). She was laying down "talking" to him and I told her to lay her head back down and she did it! She's learning so much!

Speaking of The General, he's found a new hiding place, so he can avoid his stalker!

Then we got ready for the day. Annie usually just plays in the bathroom while I take a bath (I like that better than a shower, because I can watch her- even though the bathroom is pretty baby proofed), but lately, she's been fussing and trying to get in the bath tub. I decided to just pop her in with me and she had a great time! After that, we went to the grocery store to get some milk. I hate trips like that where I just need one thing- putting her in the cart and all that is kind of a hassle, but carrying her and a gallon of milk was not easy, either!
A new "treat" for AP- I let her sit in the "big" chair and drink her milk, sometimes!

When we got home, AP took a nice long nap and I relaxed and watched TV and got on the computer. I also organized my table linens drawer. I am pretty much obsessed with fun napkins!

Here are a few of our napkins/napkin holders that I love:

When Peyton got home, we decided to work in the yard, since rain was forcasted all weekend. He mowed, I weeded, and AP swam in her sunshine pool. I decided to tackle a flower bed on the side of our house that we'd been putting off and it was rough! I only got half of it done.



We came in and all three had baths and then I fed Ann Peyton supper and put her to bed. Peyton went over to see his brother, Andrew, and I watched TV. I think the heat got to me because I got a TERRIBLE headache. I ate cereal (ha!) and went to bed pretty early (for me) at around 11:00.

Friday was another low key day. After we woke up, I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, had breakfast and got ready. While Ann Peyton took her nap, I read my Bible and wrote a blog post.
No wonder she likes to play some after she wakes up- it's a party at Annie's crib!

All the fun wears her out, though!

After she woke up, she played in our bedroom while I put up ALL the weeks laundry (I think it's easier to put it all up at once) and dusted in the study and the bedrooms. When Peyton got home, he took Annie to Babies R Us to get some baby gates for our house. While he was gone I vacuumed using the big vacuum. I HATE that thing, it is so heavy and bulky, but I try to use it every so often because it does pick up more than the Shark and it has really good suction tools. [I am just complaining about every little thing in this post, aren't I??] When they got back, we realized he had gotten the wrong gate, but we decided not to worry about it for that day and went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.

My mom was pretty redic about how much she missed Annie after not seeing her all week since we got home; it was really sweet, though! We had a nice visit and I think Red Beans are AP's favorite food- she inhales them!
Ever since I remember wanting to be a momma (when I was about ten) I always fantasized about the car-to-bed transfer. It always excedes my dreams of what I thought it would be like!

Saturday morning was more of the same. AP woke up pretty early for this week, at around 8:30. We got up, played, had breakfast, and got ready and then I put her down for a nap around 10:30. Y'all: she slept for over four hours! I heard her wake up around 2:45 and she played in her crib until 3:00. Wow, that's pretty good even for my all-star sleeper! During her nap, I straightened a little, did part of my Bible study, worked on a little project on the computer, and took a little snooze myself. It was such a nice relaxing half of the day! When she woke up, I fed her lunch and then I had planned to head to Babies R Us to exchange the gate Peyton got on Friday. Here's where it gets interesting....

Backstory: First of all, I want to say that I rarely talk about disagreements that Peyton and I have on my blog, because it is NOT FAIR to bad mouth the best person I know in this world, espessially since you'd only be hearing my side. That said, in order to give any kind of accurate view of the rest of the day, I'm going to have to share one. The issue is resolved now, and I would NEVER post anything about a fight or argument that was unresolved. Sooo....yesterday after returning home from the store, Peyton told me that he was somewhat frustrated because he didn't see why I couldn't have done the errand all day when I was home with the baby. I explained to him that it just would have been a hassle to lug Annie in and get the big, bulky gate. He said I always act like certain errands are so tough to do with her in tow, which to be fair, I do act like that sometimes. I asked if he thought I was a wimp (we're so mature) and he basically said yes. We ended up just settling it and going to my parents, but I definitely had my feelings hurt.

Cut to yesterday. I decided that I wanted to prove us both wrong- show myself that I could do it and show him I was not a wimp. Guys, I FAILED. It was tough maneuvering the cart inside the store and I had to put both LARGE gates under the cart, because they wouldn't fit with Annie in the buggy, but I managed (Peyton had just carried the baby and the gate in his arms- because you know he has quite a bit more physical strength than I, being a 6'0", 180 lb, semi-athletic man and not a 4'11'', 95 lb, very NOT IN SHAPE woman). The problem occured after we checked out and made it outside onto the rough concrete and the gates both fell out of the cart within a foot of exiting the store. Some nice man offered to help me, but I told him I was fine and fixed it. Well, when I pushed the cart of the sidewalk and onto the road everything fell out into the street again. I pulled the cart back onto the sidewalk before getting the stuff out of the road, and the man came rushing back and insisted I let him help me this time. Of course this time, since I had just had to pull my baby out of the street and fetch my goods while stalling oncoming traffic, I obliged. He helped me get everything to the car and after I thanked him and he left, I just burst into tears. A woman who was pulling out of the spot next to me also asked if I needed help and I thanked her but told her no. She pulled off, circled the parking lot, reparked, and came back, insisting on helping me, too. I was holding Annie (because I don't leave her in the car when I return the cart even if it's only a few spaces away) while trying to cram both gates in my car. Thank goodness my Buick has bench seats in the front, because they wouldn't fit in the trunk (stoller was in the way) or backseat (carseat was in the way). She helped me get them in and then told me she'd take my buggy back for me. I was so appreciative and it's so nice to know there are still people like that in the world, but I was furious. I was really mad at myself, because I felt dumb and like everyone at BRU probably thought I was a twit and just ridiculous and all "OMG I'm BLANCHE DUBOISE AND I'VE ALWAYS DEPENDED ON THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS" AND UGH . I was mad at Peyton for not believing me. I was mad at the situation. And I was mad that I had failed. It's so much easier for me to say "It will be easier for you to do this. Please do it." than "I CANNOT do this. You will have to do it." That is hard for me to swallow- the pride, that is. Anyway, I called Peyton sobbing and I could tell he felt horrible about the whole thing.

When we got home, Annie and I relaxed with the fan on high blast in her cool nursery. Then, I started going through a box of stuff from my closet that needed organizing. Peyton got home and told me he had a had a rough day, too. He wanted to go for a bike ride, but then said we should go out to eat for supper, since we had both had tough days. Annie and I both had another bath because we had both gotten disgusting during the whole fiasco (hottest day of summer, I think!) and I fed her dinner and wrote a few thank you notes. Peyton got home, showered and we went out for Mexican.
Ann Peyton helping Papa figure out where to eat using the UrbanSpoon app.

Annie did pretty good, but she's not eating as well as she usually does and she has kind of gotten a little toddler attitude that I'm SO not used to. Peyton did compliment me on how well I handled her and we had a nice time unwinding and sharing about our days. When we got home we put Ann Peyton to bed and relaxed. I finished up with some of the organizing I was doing and then read some blogs.
Peyton has a half empty filling cabinet and I decided it was time to claim my half!

I finished my Bible study, read some in The Weight of Glory and went to bed.

Today (Sunday) got off to a great start. Peyton had to go into work early, but Annie and I got ready and were headed out the door to Sunday School ON TIME, for once. Well, on the way there I got pulled over. I wasn't late; I didn't even mean to be speeding. That doesn't really count for much, though, and I got a ticket. I felt pretty awful about it, but when I called Peyton he was SO incredibly sweet about it- which is really impressive, because he's a tightwad and I'm sure it'll be a couple of hundred dollars. UGH! Sunday School and church were nice and now I think we're just going to have a relaxing afternoon. I'm planning on working on my personal finaces (my spending money and baby budget) and getting that up to date, folding laundry, and maybe organizing some more. We're going to all go to the grocery store together tonight and then have a chill night at home.

Next week seems pretty relaxed, too, and I'm excited about that!

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Amy said...

I always love reading your weekly happenings posts! :)
1. your hair looks GREAT in the family picture!
2. Ann Peyton is getting so big - she looks like such a big girl in so many of these pics - she is a DOLL!
3. sorry about your rough time at BRU :(
4. I thought The View was "interesting" as well....