Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #73 (August 2-8)-- Heat Wave!

Well, I'm gonna state the obvious, just like half my friends on FB have been doing all week- IT IS HOT! I think the heat has totally zapped my energy, too, because I have been so much more tired than usual and I have been getting PLENTY of sleep. I (very, very) slowly trying to ease AP and myself back into our "school days routine". Peyton claims I didn't really go to sleep that much earlier when I had to get up and get ready for the day at 6:30 twice a week, but I'm sure that can't be true! I am such a night owl and so not a morning person, so it's really hard to change my habits. I feel like a slacker because I don't get much done in the mornings, but around 10:00 PM I just get my second wind. In college, when I was student teaching, I would take a nap every single day because I loved staying up late and it worked for me. Now with a family and such, I feel like there is probably a more healthy way. UGH.

Actually, the truth is this whole week has been kind of slackerific. Tuesday was a really "off" day and I felt super guilty about it until I got a little encouragement from a couple of friends.Now that AP is pretty consistently taking one nap, I have a REALLY hard time not just being a bum the whole time. When she took two, I was a little more disciplined and was productive during at least one. I've watched WAY more TV than I normally do, but truthfully, my biggest time suck is the computer. I know a lot of people struggle with this, and I guess I've just had a hard time with it lately. I'm curious, how much time do y'all spend on the computer and do you have a strategy for limiting/managing your computer time?? Seriously, let me know. I'm SO curious.

One thing I am proud of is that I probably cooked more this week than I have any week of my life. And y'all know how hard cooking is for me!

(picture from last Sunday) Isn't her outfit so weird and not me? I kinda like it, though!

Annie got up pretty early (compared to last week) on Monday morning- around 8ish. I gave her some milk and put her back down since she hadn't gotten her twelve hours that she usually needs. She talked to herself for about thirty minutes, but couldn't fall asleep so we started our day! I decided to try something different and we both had baths first thing- before breakfast or anything. It made me feel a lot more "awake", but it was kind of hard to make myself do it before eating anything. We had breakfast and I made some Suddenly Salad and then I took AP's picture with Piggy for her birthday post.
Monthly B-Day Pics are getting progressively more difficult.

She went down for her nap pretty early- around 10:30. She slept for three hours (she slept for four on Saturday and Sunday, but I'm not complaining) and I completely vegged out the whole time, not gonna lie. I ate lunch, watched Army Wives, worked on some blogs posts and read blogs. I did boil some eggs for a snack later, ha! She woke up around the time Peyton got home from work and we chatted while I worked on a sewing project. A little while after that, my mom and Cookie came over. We worked on (FINALLY) distressing the piece of furniture we painted about a month ago and played with AP while Peyton installed one of the baby gates (the other one didn't work, so we have to make another trip to Babies R Us).

After they left (around 4:00) I realized AP still hadn't had lunch, so I fed her and Peyton grilled us burgers for an early dinner. I cute up a watermelon to go with them. He had a Bible study that night, so Annie and I hung out and I cleaned up the kitchen. I decided to go ahead and scrub the counters AND sweep and mop the floor. I played with AP, put her to bed, worked on finances, and folded laundry while I watched I'll Fly Away. Peyton got home, we talked a little, and I read my Bible and some in The Weight of Glory and fell asleep.

was such a LAZY day. I really struggle with guilt when I have "off" days, but I have to remind myself that people with other jobs get weekends off and really (especially with Peyton working 50%-75% of them) weekends are no different from weekdays as far as my "work". I do some of my most productive stuff on the weekends and at night and that's okay! Anyway, I woke up and took a shower around 9:00 (a little before AP, actually) and chatted with Peyton. When she woke up, he was SO helpful and changed her diaper and fed her breakfast while I lounged around and watched The View. We played with Annie and just relaxed all morning. I did start some laundry and the dishwasher.
The babykins had a lazy morning too!

Then we put her down for her nap and Peyton and I had lunch together. She didn't make a noise for about thirty minutes but then we heard her playing and then she decided she wanted OUT. I just got her up and Peyton headed to work. We headed out to do some errands- mailing a package and returning some things to Hobby Lobby. I would have liked to go by Target (it seems like forever since I've been!) but it was SO hot and I knew Annie was really tired. I fed her lunch when we got home and she didn't really have much appetite- I think the heat kind of had that effect. I unloaded the dishwasher and put her down for a nap and I felt so zapped myself. I spent most of her nap time watching TV and playing on the computer, but I did manage to do some more finances (I am SO behind on my personal finances; I'm just doing the last two months, but it's taking awhile!). My mom came by on her way home from work to pick up Ann Peyton, because I had my C.S. Lewis book club meeting. After they left, I got ready and cleaned the bathrooms and then left. The meeting was SO interesting and I really enjoyed it again. I picked up AP and when we got home she had some milk, we did her night time routine and I put her to bed. It was ten o'clock (y'all wonder why she sleeps so late!). I cooked these Chicken Spinach Artichoke Squares for dinner and they turned out pretty good and we had a TON of the chicken/artichoke/spinach mixture left over! When Peyton got home we chatted and watched TV and I read my Bible and worked on some blog posts and went to bed (too late!).

On Wednesday morning, AP and I got up and got ready for the day pretty quickly, because we had a consignment sale to go to at 10:30. It was fun and it was the second day of the sale so everything was 20% off (I'm kind of glad I didn't know about it until Tuesday night; I'm sure I would have gotten way too much!). After the sale, we met my mom at Helen's Young Ages to look for AP some new shoes, as her feet are finally growing! They didn't really have what I was looking for, so we headed to Stride Rite. The place was PACKED with everyone getting back to school shoes. We got two pairs, but it was more than I've ever paid for shoes! Annie was exhausted by the time we got home and she took a little nap, but there was a storm and the thunder woke her up. When she woke up, I did the dishes and ate a late lunch. Then I watched I'll Fly Away and folded laundry while she played. We try to limit AP's exposure to the TV and when we do have it on, we're careful with what she sees. I decided she probably wasn't going to see anymore of IFA after this episode- it's a great show, but it's very accurate to the time period and the "N word" was used more than once. I would be mortified if she said that in public one day!

The rain seemed to let up a bit, so we headed to Target (it seems like it's been forever!) and to the grocery store to get a couple of things. Annie kind of had a melt down at both places. I know she was just tired from not having a full nap, so when we got home she ate her supper and went to bed. I played on the computer, but then I did some cooking! We had a ton of the spinach/artichoke/chicken mixture left over from Wednesday, so I just got out more crescent rolls and we had that again. I also cooked some green beans for AP's lunches/dinners and some chicken to use in the chicken spaghetti I was making Thursday.
to-cook list for the rest of the week

I read my Bible and went to bed.

I knew I had a good bit to get done on Thursday morning, so I got up and got ready for the day a little earlier than usual. I fed AP breakfast and cocked the noodles for my chicken spaghetti and then prepared it. I made a batch for Carrie and a batch for us. I also baked some Funfetti cookies for the Howies. Peyton was out riding his bike during all this and when I picked up my phone to call him I had EIGHT missed calls. I called him back in a little bit of a panic. He had gotten heat exhaustion and had to pull off the road and laid down. Apparently some "cougar" lady (she was of the old/hot variety, I guess) had pulled over to see if she could help, but he just rested for fifteen minutes and got back to riding. Glad nothing worse happened! When he got home, I was cleaning up the kitchen.

We put Annie to bed and had lunch together and then I worked on a couple of blog posts. Annie didn't have a great nap again, due to more thunder.

When she woke up, I fed her lunch and got the rest of the stuff (bread and salad) together to take to the Howies and then we headed over there. Carrie and I had a wonderful visit; it seemed like it had been forever! Aubrey was napping the whole time and we missed her, but AP certainly enjoyed her toys! And Jude was just ADORABLE, of course. When we got home, I decided to see if AP would take another short late afternoon nap. She played in her crib a little while I folded clothes but she never fell asleep. She helped me put up the clothes and then we went over to my parents' house for dinner since Peyton was going to dinner (at Waffle House) with a friend after work (at 10:30). My parents were having something called "Chilli Mac" which is basically pasta, my dad's amazing chilli, and Parmesan cheese. It was SO good! When I got home I read blogs a little and then started working on a sewing project. It was coming along pretty nicely and then the machine started acting funny. I just had to quit and go to bed. That was around the time Peyton got home.

Friday was a good, productive day. I decided to try something new because I feel like even when AP takes a solid three or three and a half hour nap, I still end up wasting time almost the entire time. I know I need some of that time to have "me time", but I also know I should be using some of it more productively. So I decided that I would allow myself to sit down at the computer and blog/check Twitter and FB/glance at my Gmail and Google Reader and then be done. I think it works best when I do most of my blog reading at night. For one thing, for some reason I'm less zoned out at night and I'm not staring at the screen reading the same sentence over and over again. Anyway, on Friday morning Peyton's mom came over to pick something up. She was able to help me with the sewing machine and we got to visit a little. When she left we all got ready and ran errands. We went to Babies R Us to return something, to Radio Shack and Best Buy to try to find a new adapter for our router, and to Kroger to get some milk. We also drove to Brandon to the police station so I could pay my speeding ticket- $205. Yes, it was upsetting.

Annie took a pretty nice long nap and I wrote a blog post and then got back to work on sewing. I finished up with the sewing while she ate lunch and I got the kitchen cleaned up (she took FOREVER eating lunch). I made a peach cobbler and then I organized the my t-shirt drawer because it's about to explode and every time I open it it shakes the whole dresser and I know everything on it is going to crash and break one day. While I was in our room, I also realized that some of the pulls on our drapes were hanging really low and it really scared me because Ann Peyton has a new obsession with putting things around her neck, so I fixed those. Then we left for my parents.

(AP had fun while I was making the cobbler)

We had a nice time eating Red Beans and Rice and visiting. Cookie gave Ann Peyton a little make-over.
I actually think the first two pics are pretty, but she looks like a crazy old lady in the last one! Still no Toddlers and Tiaras for this girl!
Toward the end AP threw a fit because my mom tried to fed her with a spoon. Momma gave her the spoon and she actually did a pretty good job feeding herself (with a little assistance). She had another huge meltdown when I changed her diaper before we left. She did have a diaper rash, but I have rarely seen her act the way she did. It was awful! She was asleep by the time we got home, though. I read blogs and checked FB and then Peyton got home and we talked a little.

I was really happy Annie slept until 9:00 on Saturday. That was great since Peyton had work that morning, haha! When she did get up, I just couldn't start getting ready for the day right away, so we snuggled on the couch while she drank her milk. Then I cleaned up the kitchen a little, washed dishes and started laundry while she ate breakfast. We both had baths and played a little. Ann Peyton kind of pitched a fit over her bib during lunch and wouldn't eat, so I just put her down for her nap early. She didn't take a really long nap and I all I did during it was write a blog post and put up pictures on Facebook. When she woke up, I fed her lunch again. After lunch she had another tantrum. All these little fits are so unlike her, but I'm sure it's just a little toddler 'tude. I had a pretty productive afternoon- I folded laundry and put it up, vacuumed around the house, and dusted in the kitchen, sunroom and den. I even did the blinds in the den! When Peyton got home we all went on a short grocery trip and then he and I watched Frost/Nixon together. It was a good movie and I thought it was really interesting. I went to bed right after that (before midnight!).

Today (Sunday) we all went to early service and Peyton went to work afterwards. I stayed for Sunday School. After we got home AP and I both took a nap. I got up before AP and ate lunch, did some straightening around the house, and played on the computer. I also wrapped a present for my nephew's birthday. Then AP and I went to See Saws to pick something up. We went by my parents' house and then to Cousin Simeon's birthday party. It was a pool party, and despite the yuck-o weather we got a little swimming in!
Think she likes it?
Birthday Boy!!!
AP had a blast, but she was so tired by the end of it. We fed her supper, gave her a bath, and put her to bed. Peyton and I had a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza (YUM!) and then we worked on making arrangements for our Nashville trip.

Next week seems super busy, but fun. Ashley is going to be in town tomorrow, so we're meeting at Carrie's house for a little get-together and Peyton, Annie and I are going out to dinner with one of his pharmacy friends. And, I've got to try to return one of the pairs of shoes from Stride Rite, because they seemed a little snug this morning. And that's just Monday! Tuesday we're going to visit Granny and PopPop and then Wednesday we're heading to Nashville. Nashville people (or person- Jennifer) tell me what is fun to do in Nashville (besides, ovbiously, SEEING TOM PETTY!)?? I know I'm going to miss AP so much, but I'm sure it will be a total blast!


Catherine Sledge said...

Hey! We're headed to Nashville Thursday! Maybe we'll run in to yall up there. Ok-you have to go to the Pancake Pantry! It's this amazing pancake place there-the line is always out the door and around the corner. If you get there early it's not too bad. What are yall doing up there?

Miss Southern Prep said...

AP is so cute! I am definitely a night owl, too. I get so much more done at night!

Alison said...

I need to manage my time better on the computer, too! Let me know if you figure out a plan that works. I think I might give myself a certain time of day that I'm "allowed" on the computer - haha! We'll see how that works...

Alison said...

I also meant to tell you that I love your new template - very cute!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

You are coming to Nashville! How exciting? Where are you staying? Andrew Jackson's house is fun, go have a drink at The Patterson House - I think Peyton would really like it, go to the Green Hills mall, eat brunch at Puffy Muffin, go to Tootsies on Broadway to hear the live music, check out Vanderbilt, walk at Centenntial park. When are you coming?

Carrie said...

Well, I'm the wrong person to ask about using time wisely and not wasting naptime on the computer. It's naptime now, and I'm on the computer. Haha. It sounds like you are productive even on your "off days" to me! Thanks again for bringing us dinner -- it was SO good!