Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #74 (August 9-15)-- Make It Last All Night

***First of all, the title of this post is from the song "American Girl". I didn't want anybody to miss the Tom Petty reference and I felt like I needed to explain in case someone had their head in the gutter, haha!

So, it wasn't the heat that was making me tired after all, haha. [I've started writing these in increments, per the recommendation of Carrie, and when I started my post last week I really did think the heat was what was draining me!]

I have to say that this baby is already kicking my butt a little bit, just like his or her big sister did. This was definitely the hardest part last time. Even at the end, when I was huge and uncomfortable and unable to breath well it was so much easier than the first trimester. I am going to try really hard not to turn my blog into a complaining site, because I have EVERYTHING to be thankful for, but I do like to keep it real, as y'all know. I hope y'all don't start thinking "Wow. I have never heard of anyone so lazy" or "Um, did she just loose her mind again this week?" when you read these. I just feel like I go from feeling fine and happy to feeling exhausted and hormonal and back again in five minutes. This week I really thought to myself several times, I don't know how Peyton and I didn't kill each other last time. I've been pretty honest that we had a really, REALLY tough time those first few months of our marriage, but seeing how edgy I am some days, I'm surprised we weren't worse to each other than we were!

Our trip to Nashville was fun. Honestly, it didn't live up to what Savannah was, but how could it have? I was a big bundle of hormones the whole time, we both missed Ann Peyton, and it was just not as "needed". That said, we got to see good friends, plus family and HELLO, Tom Petty.

I want to take a minute and explain my traveling philosophy really quick. I feel like there is a difference between a taking a vacation and a going on a trip or (the term I prefer), traveling. To me a "vacation" is a trip to somewhere like the beach, where you basically just lay around and read and go out to eat. A high paced, walking intensive trip to NYC is NOT a vacation in my opinion. It is a super fun traveling experience, but it's no vacation. Vacation=REST in my mind. Obviously, all vacations are travel experiences (unless it's a staycation), but a travel experience is not necessarily a vacation. Also, interesting to note (and my friends make fun of me for this) is the fact that during any traveling experience, I require about an hour or so respite in the hotel room each day to decompress. It just makes the experience so much better for me and I've convinced Peyton likewise! I have been known to take it to far and my dad told me before our New York City trip "We're not going to spend the whole time in the hotel room, ordering grilled cheese sandwiches with rags on our heads". [I did that ALOT when I was little and traveling stressed me out!]

Anyway, our trip to Savannah was more traveling; this trip was much more of a vacation. We wanted to see Tom Petty and catch up with some friends/family, but those were really our ONLY objectives for the trip!

Monday was such a fun day! I actually got up about an hour before Ann Peyton so I could get myself ready and make some blueberry muffins to take to Carrie's house. Ashley was in town, so we had to see her and Carrie's was a great location! I was so excited to get to share our news with BOTH of them in person- in fact, before I even took the test on Saturday, I thought WOW, how cool would it be to be able to share the news with both my best friends together in one room? And ohmigosh, if Aubrey and AP aren't the cutest things...Aubrey was so excited to see Ann Peyton and kept hugging her, kissing her, and saying her name. They chased each other (okay, Aubrey mostly chased AP) and laughed at each other and Aubrey even fed AP some of her doughnut- which she opened wide for! It was hysterical! We got there about 9:30 and spent the rest of the morning there. We came home and I tried to feed AP lunch, but she wouldn't really eat much. My mom thinks that the heat is effecting her appetite. I put her down for a nap and I mostly read blogs and watched TV. Toward the end of her nap, I did start my Bible study for the day and did some reading in one of the C.S. Lewis books that I never quite finished. My mom came over to drop something off around the time AP woke up and we all had a nice visit. I tried lunch again and AP did better! I washed dished and cleaned the kitchen while she ate. After that, we went to Stride Rite to switch AP's shoes. When we got home it was time to get ready to go to dinner with one of Peyton's friends from pharmacy school. Erika has been wanting to hang out with Annie and we had a great time eating sushi and hanging out. When we got home, I straightened the house some, read my Bible, and went to bed.

was fun but tiring. We went to see Peyton's grandparents. I don't think I've mentioned it yet but PopPop has been diagnosed with cancer. I was just so overwhelmed by it the other night and just sobbed in Peyton's arms. It makes me so upset, because PopPop is like my own grandfather. I kind of felt sick the whole time and definitely really tired, but it was SO worth it and when we left Granny told us that it meant so much to them that we came to visit them. She said it especially meant a lot to PopPop now. Granny did not want to hand Annie back to Peyton so we could leave!

When we got home, I got the Pack N Play packed up and Peyton went by the grocery store to get a few things and then delivered the big stuff (Pack N Play, stroller, car seat base, booster seat) to his parents' house. I fed Ann Peyton supper, did some dishes and folded laundry. When Peyton got home, I met Carrie and Rebekkah at the park and we walked for over an hour. It was so much fun and went by so fast! YAY for exercising! Peyton had brought his little brother over, so when I got back he took Joseph home and went BACK to Kroger to get the correct size diapers and to get some snacks for the trip. I ate supper, took a shower, worked on blog posts and read my Bible.

Wednesday was pretty busy getting ready for our trip. Peyton had to work, so I had most of the day to get ready. I was really tired Wednesday morning. I got Annie her milk and we snuggled on the couch and then I rested while she played for about fifteen minutes. I fed her breakfast and straightened the house a little bit and then I cooked a squash casserole to send to our parents because it's a vegetable I knew she would eat. While she took her nap, I took a bath, got ready, wrote a blog post and started packing. When she got up, I fed her lunch and got stuff together to take to the Herrington's house. Then I dropped her off (we went by the Walgreens first to kiss Papa bye bye). When I got home, I still had plenty to do. I folded some laundry and washed dishes. I didn't get any of my weekly chores done except for washing AP's bedding, but I did accomplish my goal of leaving only clean, folded clothes and an (almost) empty dishwasher to come home to! Peyton got home around four, but we didn't leave until close to five. The trip was pretty long. Peyton was super sweet and didn't object to me sleeping at all (usually he wakes me up after a while, haha!). We caught two wrecks that were bad enough to have us rerouted. One in Tuscaloosa was REALLY bad. We heard on the radio that two eighteen wheelers collided head on. Amazingly, no one was killed. We did loose almost two hours, though. We got to Nashville around 2:00 AM.

On Thursday, we woke up around 9:00. Peyton's friend from pharmacy school, April, picked us up and we went downtown for lunch. She also informed us that we had chosen a hotel in the ghetto. The area really didn't seem that bad (um, I'm pretty sure Jackson people define "ghetto" in a whole different way from the rest of the country) and the hotel was nice. Anyway, we had BBQ at a place called Jack's. They cut it up right it front of you, but the guy was not careful about cutting off the fat. Overall, it was still pretty good, though. We walked around town with April for awhile and went down by the Cumberland River and explored this replica of an old fort.

She took us back to our hotel and we rested up for Tom Petty. I tried to take a nap, but we ended up watching the pilots for two new TV shows- Raising Hope and Lonestar. Raising Hope was pretty funny; Lonestar made me kind of sad.

We left our hotel pretty early so we could get dinner before the concert. We ate a chain place with burgers and chicken tenders and stuff. It was actually pretty good! Then we headed to the concert.
It was really good, but I wish Tom had played more. Crosby, Stills, and Nash (the opening act) played for at least an hour, then there was an intermission and then Tom Petty. He played some GREAT stuff, but he only played for about an hour an a half himself. There were SO many more good songs! I know he can't play all the good ones, but that seemed so short to us! I think Peyton was more disappointed than I was, because after we got back to the hotel he saw a picture of Ann Peyton on his phone and he said "I really don't know if that was worth leaving her for". I thought that was the sweetest thing ever! Anyway, after the concert we walked around a little, but Peyton could tell I didn't really want to go in any of the bars, because I was SO tired. I told him we'd do it sometime in Jackson. We had taken a shuttle from the hotel to the concert, but we caught a cab on the way back. The cab driver was a crazar and told us all these stories of getting stabbed in his cab and stuff. He was full of it! When we got back to the hotel we just talked and went to sleep.

Friday was really laid back. We both realized we probably should have made our trip a day shorter, but it was nice to have a relaxing day together! We woke up late and went to find somewhere to eat lunch. We didn't want to go to far, but there wasn't much in the area (remember, the ghetto? It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a great area, either). We ended up eating at Pizza Hut. I love Pizza Hut, but we really like to eat local when we travel. It was just the best we could do for how hungry we were at that point! When we got back, we kind of just vegged out in the room.

We've been to Nashville before and I know there's tons of stuff we haven't done, but there just wasn't anything we were dying to do. So we just watched TV and read in the room for awhile. I read blogs a little and then finished Mere Christianity (I had like ten pages left from two months ago) and did my Bible study. Then we went to the pool and hung out. I started The Help and we swam a little and then came back up to get ready because we were meeting our friends, Ryan and Melissa for dinner. Melissa ended up having to work late, so they had to cancel, but we went ahead to the place we had planned to go. It was a place called Zoe's Kitchen. I got chicken salad and Peyton got some little chicken tortilla things and we both enjoyed it! The restaurant was in an outdoor shopping center so we walked around even though most of the stores were closed. We did go in a Whole Foods for the first time, though. We got back to the hotel pretty early and I read more in The Help. Peyton watched TV and I read over a hundred pages and then we went to bed.

We got up a little later that planned (about 8:45) on Saturday and got ready and then headed home. We stopped by a Jack in the Box (never had it before, either- it was okay) for breakfast and then got on the road. We took a different route home so that we could swing by Peyton's aunt and uncle's house in Florence, Alabama. We got there around lunch and Aunt Beth had fixed some delicious salads with chicken, bacon, cheese, corn, beans, and lots of other stuff. We agreed it was definitely the best meal of the trip! We had a fun time visiting with Aunt Beth, Uncle Reid, and Mary Beth (Peyton's cousin) for over an hour and then we had to get back on the road. The drive back was a little slow because there were some AWFUL thunder storms. We did stop at Baskin Robbins and we both got three scoops (mine were Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough- yes, I am five years old; Peyton got three different chocolate flavors- also typical). We also listened to a MPB podcast Peyton had that featured a Jewish Rabbi talking about raising children and discussing the spiritual in the ordinary (e.g. a dead squirrel on the road). Peyton thought that eventually we should take AP and her siblings to the farm where our cow (Peyton's a locavore so we eat grass fed, Mississippi raised cows) was to see how well the farmer treated his cows and engage her in a discussion about our eating practices. It was an interesting convo.

We were SO excited to see AP when we got to my parents. We visited for a few minutes, but Annie was exhausted. When we got home, we bathed her, fed her, and put her to bed. I started unpacking, did a load of laundry, and loaded the dishwasher with sippy cups from the grandparents. Then I read some blogs, did my Bible study, and went to bed.

Today (Sunday) Peyton got up early to go to Men's Club. I got up about the same time so I could get AP and myself ready. We met Peyton at church and then went to Sunday School. When we got home we fed Ann Peyton lunch and played with her a little and then put her down for a nap around noon. The grandparents must have worn her out because she slept until 4:00! Peyton mowed and weeded in the yard and I did some laundry, unpacked some more and wrote my Dream House post. Annie woke up and we played and she helped me with more laundry (Peyton read something about how it's advisable to wash EVERYTHING you bring into a hotel room to prevent bed bugs and I'm a huge overpacker, so lots and lots of laundry for the next day or so). Then we all go ready and went back to church for the evening service. We ended up going over to our friends, Morgan and Haydn's house after church. Ann Peyton and Mary Milton had fun playing together! We went by the store to pick up some cat food on the way home. Annie went straight to sleep once we got home. Peyton and I chatted a little and then we discovered that one of the kitties had gotten sick and left a "surprise" on our new couch- fortuantly it is slipcovered. I felt bad, because he was gagging the whole time, but Peyton changed it, since you're not sopposed to deal with kitty "litter" when you're pregnant. I finished this post, read my Bible, and went to bed.

Next week looks pretty laid back, so far. Peyton has the day off tomorrow and I'm hoping it's a fun, but productive day. And on Tuesday, I think we're going to try to go swimming. We'll see what else....

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

That post made me laugh for several reasons...mainly because I am the same way on vacation. I like to be able to relax at the hotel, and my family always gave me a hard time saying "we didn't come on vacation to sit around at the hotel!" But like you said, I like my vacations to be RELAXING! :)