Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #76 (August 23-29)-- Much Improved!

This week has been much, much better. I've been really tired and a little sick, but I am so thankful for things I would have taken for granted last week: a healthy baby (and family, in general) and a very special , deeply devoted husband.

I didn't do a great job with my chores/activities/cooking schedules this week. I dropped the ball a little bit on all of it. What I did do a great job on was shopping, resting, and spending time with two very important people- Peyton and "little Peyton" as one of his techs likes to call her.

On Monday morning, AP woke up at about 8:30. We had breakfast and folded laundry while I finished an episode of Army Wives from two weeks back. Then I started the season finale. It was so good. I usually don't watch TV for over an hour while Ann Peyton is up, but it was so good and I just had to see it. I can't wait for next season! We both had a bath and then I put AP down for her nap. I wrote a blog post, ate lunch, and watched more TV. I did do a little organizing, too.
[new file I created with some articles on parenting that my mom gave me]

Ann Peyton woke up and I fed her lunch; I did dishes and scrubbed the counters while she ate. Peyton got home around this time and we all played and snuggled together. We went to Fernando's, a Mexican restaurant, for dinner. Peyton was working an over night shift that night and I don't stay home by myself (I know; I'm a weeny) so I packed a bag for me and Annie and straightened the whole house, because I hate to leave it messy. We got to my parents' house at around 8:30, but AP wanted to play. She stayed up super late playing with Minnie and Cookie. I had a second supper since my mom had cooked my favorite, brisket. After Annie went to bed I stayed up way to late reading blogs and doing my Bible study. AP woke up a couple of times during the night and...

...she was up for the day at about 6:30 on Tuesday. My mom and Cookie were so sweet and took care of her while they got ready for work/school, so I could sleep in. I got up around 8:30, as my mom was leaving for work and we headed home. Ann Peyton fell asleep in the car. I just let her take a nap that early. She slept until about 11:30 and I got a shower and just piddled around the house. Peyton got home and wanted to take a nap, too (obviously). I decided I'd take a nap, too, but AP woke up just as I was falling asleep. I fed her lunch and unloaded dishes. I also made Suddenly Salad and peeled and cooked some carrots for Ann Peyton to eat this week. I created a "situation" with our disposal by putting two many carrot peels down the drain. After she finished lunch, Annie played in her nursery while I cleaned her windows. I dusted the blinds, scrubbed the sills, and Windexed the panes. We usually (always) keep her shades drawn in her room (they're really light and airy- see picture below), so it's something I hardly ever think to do. I also stripped the twin bed in her nursery so I could wash the bedding (something else I don't ever think to do).
[window treatments in AP's room]

When Peyton woke up, he worked on the disposal and Annie and I got ready to go to a consignment sale. When we got home, Peyton was at a meeting. Annie fell asleep again in the car, so I put her down and she slept for about an hour. When she woke up Peyton was home; we played a bit and fed her supper and it was time for her to go to bed. She had a really hard time going to sleep even though we could tell she was exhausted. Maybe that second nap was just too late. I washed AP's bedspread on the handwash cycle and hung it to dry. We had a California Pizza Kitchen pizza for dinner and talked and watched TV. I read some in my Bible and The Help and went to bed. Something is going on with that crazy babykins because she woke up a couple of times during the night again. Once was at 5:30 and her diaper had leaked through her pajamas. I changed it and she was laughing and talking and thought for sure she was up for the day again. Fortunately, she went right on back to sleep and slept until 9:30 the next morning, according to Peyton.

Wednesday was a really fun, but (of course) tiring day. I set my alarm and got up at around 8:00 so I could make it to the Kid's Emporium Consignment Sale at 9:30. I'm glad I gave myself the full hour, because I needed about fifteen minutes of it for throwing up. Ha! This morning was the first time I've actually gotten sick sick. Anyway....

I got ready and ate a few pretzels and made it to the sale in time to get in the back of a long line that had formed. When they let us in, I found a ton of good stuff. At least two people told me that I had gotten "everything", but I saw plenty of people with just as much stuff as me! I follow the same scheme that Carrie, Ashley and I did (I think Ash suggested it) the first time we went to this sale (this time last fall)- I snatch everything that is remotely appealing and then put stuff back. Carrie and Rebekkah were both there, so we had fun looking through each other's piles and helping the others decide. I'm confident I spent the most money of all of us, even though Carrie was buying for two. UGH. Maybe the new baby will be a girl and will reap the benefits of AP's extensive wardrobe. After the sale, Carrie and I went out for "brunch". However, Broadstreet had stopped serving breakfast by 10:45, so we had an early lunch. I got the Salad Sampler Plate. We had a great time visiting without any, ahem, little distractions and my lunch was really good.

When I got home, Peyton and AP were outside. Peyton was working on something and AP was in her kiddie pool under the carport with him. She looked like a little prune!
See whata mean about the pruneykins?

Peyton said she had been in there for over an hour. We all came in and I got AP some milk and put her down for a nap. While she took her nap, I washed dishes and put a bunch of stuff back in our kitchen cabinets under the sink (the disposal broke yesterday). I worked on a blog post and then laid on the couch for a little bit. She slept for about two hours and then woke up and played for another twenty minutes. After she woke up, I fed her lunch and the Terminex man came to check our house. When he left and AP finished lunch, we went to Target. I did really good and only bought what I came for- baby coat hangers, make up, and milk. When we got home, AP had another cup of milk and we snuggled on the couch for a bit. Then she played in her room while I organized some new clothes and took pictures for the next Babykin Boutique post.
AP climbing in her closet. If girlfriend could walk as good as she can climb, we'd be set!

I fed her supper and got her ready for bed. We cleaned up her room and I put the sheets that I had washed earlier back on the twin bed in her room. It's kind of a pain because the (really cute) sheets we use are two flat sheets; they didn't come with a fitted sheet. I brushed her teeth (she's obsessed with it), read to her, prayed for her, sang to her, and put her to bed. I got on the computer and watched TV for awhile. Peyton went to the grocery store after I went to bed. [He offered to go. He says grocery shopping is like "shopping, but for things we actually need". He finds it relaxing. Clearly, we have different definitions of the terms shopping and relaxing.] Annie woke up several times again in the night. She goes back to bed really easy and for that I'm very thankful. One time she fell back asleep on her own and the second time I went in and rocked her and she just put her paci back in and pointed at her bed like "Let me go back to sleep, MOM!".

On Thursday, we all had to get an early start because I had an 8:00 OB appointment. Thankfully, I wasn't sick, but I did feel exhausted. Peyton took AP to his mom's house while I was getting ready and then met me at the doctor's office. He asked me why I was wearing cute jeans that would be "hard to get off" (thinking like a man, huh?). I explained that this was the last appointment I'd be able to wear them probably (they're very fitted) and I wanted to look cute at least once before I broke out the sweat pants (I almost always wear dresses/skirts in the summer, but doctors offices are SO cold!) We got a great report of Babykins #2. Here are the details of the appointment:
- No pelvic exam since I had been in May. I think that's only fair since I had to have a vaginal ultrasound twice in a seven day span.
- Babykins #2 has grown and the heartbeat was good.
- I'm actually 7.5 weeks along (the baby was measuring small at the last appointment, but it's not a cause for concern).
- Pelvic rest continues until the next appointment. Dr. McMinn was really funny and elaborated to let us know that "fooling around" was okay, though. I love that she's someone you can be so comfortable with; it can be a really awkward relationship. Especially for monogamous married people who are only used to taking their pants off for one person.
- She also said no rigorous exercise. To which I replied "Silly Dr. McMinn, I don't do that anyway!". Okay, no really, but I did tell her the only exercise I did was with someone who hadn't even had their six week postpartum appointment yet. [Dr. McMinn is actually partially responsible for mine and Carrie's friendship.]

After the appointment, Peyton and I went to Primos and had a late breakfast. I was on my way to pick up AP from his mom's house after that and he called me and said I needed to turn around. The lady that was helping us with refinancing the house needed me to be there, too. Peyton told me in the middle of the meeting that Annie was asleep anyway. After the meeting I got a little upset because I was SO exhausted and couldn't imagine that she wouldn't be taking a nap all afternoon. Peyton went over to his mom's and just stayed a little while so I could rest. When he got home, I woke up and played with Annie. I didn't feel so tired, but I had a terrible headache and was so dizzy. So far, I've only had one really "hard" day each week- I consider that a big blessing. Anyway, Thursday was it. Ann Peyton was in a awful mood, too, and I decided she must be teething. I had washed our shower curtain liner in the washing machine on Wednesday, but it still had some gross mildew spots on it. I knew it was "clean" from the hot water, but the spots grossed me out, so I scrubbed it while AP played in the bathroom. [I know they are cheap, but it's just another thing and plus it's a huge piece of plastic and I'm sure it would hurt EnviroSweetie's heart to dispose of it.] We played some more, I gave her some Tylenol and then I put her in the bed. I knew if she was going to take a second nap it probably wouldn't be so early, but she seemed tired. She didn't go to sleep, but she played in her crib for about twenty minutes. I just rested. She was in a much better mood when she got up. I think that she just needs a break from being social sometimes, to just sit and read and snuggle her lovies. I think it's so sweet, and I love that sometimes she needs to "recharge" even if she's not really sleepy, just like me. I fed her lunch and cleaned up the kitchen and then we went to the grocery store to get a few things I forgot to put on the list. We went by Chick Fil A and got me a milkshake, too. Yum! She did take a short (maybe thirty minute) nap when we got home. My mom came over to help me cook a pot roast, because I've got to get some new dinners and I don't always do good with recipes the first time. Ha! Annie woke up and she stayed and visited a little while. After she left, Ann Peyton played and I straightened our bedroom and put up laundry.

We played and I fed her supper and got her ready for bed. After she went to slept, I worked on a couple of posts and then straightened the house. When Peyton got home, we at the yummy Pot Roast and talked about or days. I actually went to bed pretty early. Peyton stayed up way, WAY too late watching My So Called Life, which we had Netflixed. He actually said he liked it. Ha! Thursday night was a good one; AP slept all night!

On Friday, Ann Peyton woke up around 8:00. It was nice not having to be anywhere and being able to just have a lazy morning. Annie and I snuggled on the sofa while she had her milk and then we looked at some of her books. She has a new favorite book that's a little lift-the-flap book with lots of different words. She pointed at the pictures and we talked about what they were. After that, we had breakfast. AP was a little picky about hers. I took a bath and got ready and then I gave Ann Peyton a bath. She played some while I folded a couple of loads of laundry and watched the first episode of My So Called Life. I put the bedspread that I had washed back on her bed and then put her down for a nap. I got on the computer and ate my lunch and then I tried to be productive and cleaned the bathrooms and organized the dresser drawer that Peyton fixed last week. I decided it was time to part with a few things and started a Goodwill bag. Ann Peyton woke up just as I was finishing. She ate a late lunch and while she was eating I swept the hardwood floors. Peyton got home around that time and we decided to head to my parents' for Red Beans and Rice a little early so that we could go kayaking (Peyton has hardly used his kayak this summer, so sad!). It ended up being really windy and Momma was shopping and Daddy was busy working on something, so we decided not to worry about it. We did take Ann Peyton down to the pier and she loved being near the water.
I am sick that I just now tried this outfit on her. It's 18 mo. and she's so tiny, I just assumed she'd wear it early next Spring once it got warm. Um, no. It fits perfectly. Anyway, I'm obsessed with little "love birds" and y'all know I have a love affair with seersucker. Plus, I think it just has a bit of a retro "sunsuit" feel to it. We're probably going to wear it twice a week until it gets cold. [Nobody mention anything about seersucker and labor day; that's a rule for grown men not babykins. At least that's what I'm telling myself.]

We didn't stay too late at my parents' and when we got home AP went straight to sleep. Peyton was tired, too, from staying up so late the night before, but I ended up staying up too late myself, reading blogs and wasting time. I read my Bible and went to bed.

The Saturdays Peyton works can be sort of tiring, because they are longer than his regurlar shift and this Saturday he was working extra at another pharmacy a little ways away, so it was even longer. I'm glad I have my Annie Baby to keep me company; I'd go crazy without somebody here with me! She slept really late (9:30) and it was SO nice! When she got up, we did our same "lazy morning routine" from Friday. I fixed us scrambled eggs for breakfast and she loved them! I did laundry and washed dishes and then it was bathtime! I just put her in the tub with me because it was so much easier that way. She's gotten to where she hates having to watch someone else take a bath and tries to climb in! [It seems like most of my friends just wait until naptime, but I'm weird and I just cannot stand going through half my day feeling "dirty". I have oily hair and skin and I just feel so gross when I wake up. I'm sure that will change when Babykins #2 gets here, though.] After our bath, Annie played and I took pictures for my Diaper Bag Post. I put her down for a nap after that. She slept for about two hours, but I was entirely unproductive. I blogged, watched an episode of Law and Order: SVU, and just rested. When Ann Peyton woke up, I fed her lunch and unloaded the dishwasher. We played and I put up the clean laundry in her nursery and in our room. I hung back up the shower curtain that I had washed and we played some more.

Ann Peyton loved the rain!

Peyton got home and we fed AP dinner and put her to bed. Peyton had leftover Pot Roast for supper and I had a banana and lots of peanut butter. Ha! We talked and watched TV some and then I got on the computer. I also tried to clean up some of the "piles" (of papers, ect) that we've left around the house. I went to bed before Peyton. For some reason, he woke me up ALL night long, just rolling over and pretty much squishing me. I'm glad we don't co-sleep with the babykins, ha!

We woke up and got ready for Sunday School and church this morning (Sunday). It's nice not to have to go to the early service on the weekends when Peyton doesn't work. We had a nice time and then came home and had a very relaxing afternoon.
She looked so grown up to me in her church clothes today! I think it's those hard soled shoes and such a mature dress, ha! Up until now, she's been wearing my super soft Feltman Brothers dresses from when I was a baby and little soft soled shoes that were also mine.

big change, huh? [AP at about five months]

We had lunch and then I took a LONG nap while AP was napping, because I had an awful headache. I ended up taking Sudafed, Tylenol, and my nausea medicine because I just felt terrible. When I woke up I felt better, though. I started a load of dishes and some laundry. Peyton was mowing the yard and Annie and I decided to join him outside. She played in her kiddie pool and I read about forty pages in The Help. Then we came in and AP took another short nap (her earlier one was pretty short and since we had plans tonight I wanted to see if she'd rest a little). I worked on this post and got ready to go out to dinner. The three of us went to dinner with one of Peyton's friends from Walgreens and when we got home AP went straight down. Peyton and I had a good time laughing and talking and we even talked about how much better we ALREADY feel since last week, since we've been really taking time to make each other a priority. Peyton went to the grocery store to get toilet paper, ice cream and a few other necessities and I had some time on the computer. I'm going to try to get the house straightened a bit and maybe do some laundry, then read my Bible, and hit the hay!

Next week is our LAST week before Mother's Day Out starts back (I called Mother's Morning Out all last year, because that's what it was when I was growing up, but our program is really called Mother's Day Out). Anyway, we have a work day on Tuesday and then a birthday party that night. Tomorrow, Peyton has the day off, so we're going to try to be productive AND do something fun as a family. I'm really not sure about the rest of the week, but I'd like to accomplish a lot before starting back to "school". I need to try to get myself and AP on some semblance of a routine, as well. I'm really not as worried about the few hours of actually working, but I know those early mornings are going to be hard, espessially at first! We've got to get in gear!


Cuddles and Chaos said...

I think the South must have a lot of Mother's Day Out programs. I live in Ohio and yet to see one...definitely not in 2000,2002,2004 when my babies were born. Our church did a Mother's morning out one time during the holidays and that was it.
I'm thankful that so many blogger friends have this program especially for their little ones.
I love the "no pelvic...thing" My doctor would always tell me "no pelvic stimulation" because he knew that using the real word would cause me to turn bright red. I'm so thankful for great ob/gyns.

Carrie said...

I was thinking about you in your sweatpants today when I was sitting in the doctor's office with frostbite on my toes! :) And that certain someone is now officially cleared for heavy exercise. Watch out! I might leave you in the dust when we walk again. Ha!

Amy said...

two of my favorite parts of this post:
1. that seersucker outfit. oh my word....i don't think it could be any more perfect! i loved it from the side, then the front, and the ruffles on the back just completed my obsession! (it looks SO cute on AP, too!)

2. The expression on Ann Peyton's face as she is looking at her daddy in the family picture :) sooooo sweet!

and btw, I don't stay home alone either. Jeffrey travels a good bit and I always stay with my parents or they (BOTH!) come stay with me! I'm a fellow member of the weeny club! :)