Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Dinning Rooms

This is another repost, with a few edits. Our dinning "area" is actually part of our living room. For the most part, the back area behind the couch is the dinning area, but we also have our buffet in the living room. Also, our four dinning room chairs reside along two of the walls of the living room. Here's how it works:

Our dinning room table. When we're not using it it has these candles and candy bowls and things on it, but if we have the need for a formal dinning experience, we can just fold it out and add the extra leaves.

I really like how the table looks "unfolded". It was in my parents' dinning room in our old house that I grew up in and I loved it! These are pictures from a dinner party we had last year. We ended up having to use two of the kitchen chairs, as well!

Our china cabinet and two of the red leather chairs are also in the back half of our living room.

And here is the buffet and the other two chairs!

But this is where we really eat most of our meals (when not on the couch, haha)-- our kitchen table in the the "breakfast nook"!

Okay, so that's my pseudo-dining room. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goals List- #1 (read at least five nonfiction books not about parenting)

One of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days was to blog about each goal. I'm over halfway to 1001 days and I've only blogged about five of my goals. So far, I've just done them in random order, but now I decided it would be easier to blog about them in order, regardless of where I am and just kind of give an update. Then at the end, I'll post one big update upon completion.

So, I'm starting with #1 which is
Read at least five nonfiction books that are not about parenting. far I've COMPLETED two, started two others, and have a stash of at least ten on my "must read soon" list:
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis- complete. This was my second time to read the book cover to cover and it's one of my favorites. I wrote about the book here, if you're interested.
I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy by Angie Smith- complete. This book on grief from a Christian perspective was SO powerful; I'll probably include it in an upcoming "review" I plan to do on several books I've read/been reading.
The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis- started
Uncovered: Revealing the Secrets of a Sexy Marriage by Susie Davis- started. I'm planning to do a review of it and The Weight of Glory when I finish.

And here is what is next on my "must read soon" list:
Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives by Wayne Muller (I'm planning on doing the Bloom book club for the first time this month!)

If I had set this goal two or three years ago, I probably would have achieved it within a few months. In fact, I was that super nerd who read her textbooks. Honestly, I read some of my education texts even when it wasn't assigned. I loved reading for all my history classes, too. It was just SO interesting to me. It was a huge blessing to enjoy college and my studies so much and I was really interested in lots of non fiction/informational books at that time.

The truth is, though, I haven't read ANYTHING, fiction or nonfiction, like I did before Ann Peyton was born. I still love reading and I'm working at figuring out a time in my day to spend reading (books, not blogs, ha!).

By the way, I included the clause "not about parenting" because that's mainly were my interest lies these days and I wanted to make sure to branch out and explore other important areas like my faith and our marriage. I'm also thinking I'd like to pick a biography to read soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Babykins #2- Twelve Weeks

12 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #2 is about two inches long, about the size of a lime. He or she is developing reflexes, like being able to curl his or her toes and starting to make a sucking motion!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I got weighed last week at my appointment and I hadn't gained as much as I felt like! I've gained about two pounds, but I think I may have gained more and then lost a little, due to being sick.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I'm going to drag some of my fall clothes down from the attic this week and hopefully find some loose fitting things!
Gender: can't wait to find out!
Movement: not yet
Sleep: For the most part it is fine, but last night I was up every thirty minutes to an hour from about 10:00 until 1:30. What is weird is that I went to bed at ten; totally crazy for a night owl like me.
What I miss: not worrying about what medicines are safe
Cravings: Still Bagel Bites and some other stuff, too, like french fries and Little Debbie snacks. Everything I crave is JUNK.
Symptoms: my nausea was worse last week than it's been yet, fatigue
Best Moment This Week: Well, it was really last week, but it was after my eleven weeks post, but seeing Dr. McMinn and hearing a strong, healthy heartbeat
What I Am Looking Forward To: holding a TINY baby again; AP has gotten so heavy, I can't wait to hold this little butter bean!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #80 (September 20-26)-- Small and In Charge

This week was busy and pretty tiring, but it was good! Darlene, the director of our Mother's Day Out program was out of town for the week and guess who was in charge?? ME! I had a good time doing it and really there wasn't a lot of extra stuff I had to do, but being "in charge" tends to make me pretty nervous. We had a great week, though, and everything went off without a hitch!

Monday was a nice day. I was determined to be productive and get a lot of the housework done so I could relax and not stress out over it all week. I think I did pretty good! Ann Peyton slept until 8:00 and when she woke up we had our typical lazy morning routine of snuggling, playing and eating breakfast. After being up for about an hour, I started feeling sick...and then got sick. UGH! I've still be nauseated, but I thought the throwing up part might be over. Clearly not. Anyway, Peyton wasn't home, so AP just ran around our not very babyproofed bedroom and brought me "off limits" items like boxes of Peyton's contacts, while I threw up. YUCK. I didn't take too long for me to get it together and after that we both had baths. I made an effort to keep AP up longer than I usually do because she naps better that way (sometimes I just don't have the willpower and put her down early). We played a little and I got a lot done while she played. I had a snack, did some laundry, loaded the dishwasher, fed AP lunch, unloaded the dishwasher, and scrubbed the counters and then it was naptime! Ann Peyton did take a GREAT nap (3+ hours) and I got more stuff done. I dusted in our room and the office, did stuff on the computer, read my Bible, watched an episode of Law and Order: SVU and ate Bagel Bites, and cleaned both bathrooms! When she woke up, we played and read lots of books and then I folded more laundry. Peyton got home and we had soup and salads for dinner and fed AP her supper and put her to bed. I swept and mopped all the tile and laminate floors, read blogs, worked on my Max Lucado Bible Study, and read a little before going to bed.

On Tuesday, I woke up earlier than usual so I could get to the church early since I was in charge at MDO. Peyton got up before we left, made me a milkshake and helped me with AP and then we headed to "school". It was a nice, but LONG day. Ann Peyton and I stayed the whole day (until 2:00, instead of 11:30) since Darlene was out and they needed an extra person. It went by faster than I thought and AP ate a great lunch and actually took a nap in the Pack N Play there (which surprised me). When we got home, I talked to Peyton for awhile and then he and Annie went to run an errand while I took a nap myself! They ended up going "antiqeing" and Peyton found something he really liked for his study at an antique store near his parents' house. When I woke up, I got on the computer and checked my email and then got ready since we had an Ultreya meeting that night.
AP before we left. I am CONSTANTLY pushing her hair out of her eyes, so I decided we'd give bows another go. How much harder is reinserting a bow than pushing back her hair??

When they got home, I had Peyton take my 11 weeks picture and then we left.

The meeting was at someone's house this time and the food was catered. Beautiful and delicious! Ann Peyton was so well behaved and got lots of compliments. She got a little tired and cranky during the devotional toward the end, so I took her outside to walk around a bit. The host and hostess had a backyard pool and I think AP remembered swimming this summer and wanted in it SO bad. One little four year old girl told me "You can't let her get in; you probably don't have a swim diaper with you!". Ha, so funny! When we got home, we put AP straight to bed and I read my Bible, had some computer time, and straightened up the house.

On Wednesday, I had an OB appointment, so my mom came over to keep Ann Peyton. She got up around 7:30, but she drank her milk and snuggled in the bed with me for about thirty minutes. I put her in the bath with me and then she played while I got ready. My mom got here and I ate some crackers and then left for the appointment. My doctor can be pretty slow, but she's very thorough and I just LOVE her so it's worth it to me. Well, on Wednesday I was in and out in less than 45 minutes. A new record. Here's the highlights:
- I was eleven weeks on Tuesday.
- No more pelvic rest (unless I continue the trend of getting queasy simply from a tight hug, ha!).
- Peyton and I (again) decided to opt out of the test for Downs Syndrome. It has a high false positive rate and that would scare me to death and just lead to a possibly unneeded amnino, so we decided against it. Of course, there is something to be said for being educated ahead of time should that be the case, but as one couple Dr. McMinn told us about said "We're taking this kid home with us either way."
- The baby's heartbeat was great and in the 150s.
- Dr. McMinn said that I could get my hair highlighted AND we could schedule the next appointment for five weeks, instead of four, since that would work better with Peyton's schedule.
When I got home, I visited with my mom a little and then she left and I fed AP lunch and she "helped" me put up laundry and then I put her down for her nap.
Annie is obsessed with her Wheely Bug these days. And I think she looks even prettier with the bow. Success!

I read blogs, watched half an episode of 90210, ate lunch, went through receipts and clipped coupons. I would make a poor bookkeeper....I hate receipts and coupons, ha! When she woke up, I unloaded dishes and folded laundry and then we went to my parents' house and met my mom and sister to go check out the cabinet Peyton had found at the antique store. We liked it, but I wasn't 100% sure. Annie and I came home and got ready for church. Peyton had a meeting, but he was going to be home in plenty of time. Well the meeting ran late and everything just hit the fan. AP pinched herself in the baby gate, spilled a whole cup of milk on herself and screamed as if it was scalding coffee (my fault- the top wasn't tight enough!) and then pulled a kitchen chair over on top of herself. with a walker!

We made it to church, albeit a little late, and this week's topic was all about or "professional life". I was glad there was one other woman in there out of thirty who said something about staying home. It's kinda weird when my "professional life" is spilled milk and boo boos, but of course I wouldn't want it any other way!When we got home, Peyton cooked burgers and I tried to fry some frozen sweet potato fries. They ended up being a disaster because I didn't heat the oil enough before I started (I think that was the problem). Peyton also decided to ask me if I wanted to meet our friends for dinner the next day or cook for them. NOW, I know compared to a lot of people's typical weeks, mine was a walk in the park, but I had so much on my mind about MDO and after the stress of the situation before church, I was a little flustered. It's not even that he asked me to cook/get the whole house clean within the next 24 hours, it was that he didn't even acknowledge that those things are a big deal to me. Y'all, I've said this before, but I'd rather clean toilets all day than cook. I'm getting better, but it's SUPER intimidating for me to cook for other people and these are people we haven't seen in awhile. Peyton was really sweet and apologetic and we ended up planning on going out to eat. I straightened the house, washed AP's highchair cover (it was gross from the milk incident) and got on the computer and went to bed.

We were supposed to go out to eat with some friends on Thursday but they ended up canceling. Someone called Peyton to work an extra shift so it ended up working out great. Thursday morning was ROUGH. Honestly, if I hadn't been in charge, I probably would have gotten a sub. I woke up before my alarm went off with a headache, so I took something and decided to set my alarm for a little bit later. Um, BAD decision, because I needed those ten extra puking minutes. I was so sick, I could hardly get the child lock on the toilet unlocked in time. YUCK! Luckily, these episodes don't last too long and I managed to get ready in time. I woke Peyton up right after I got out of the tub and he totally got AP ready, so that was a big help. I was still pretty nauseous, but I got better after I ate a little something. On the way to the church, though, I was SO sleepy. I kept popping my eyes to keep from dozing off. Once we got there and things got rolling, I was fine. All the babies (including AP) seemed to be having a hard time! Everyone was fussy and I had to call two parents for sick kids. Annie and I ended up staying for the pizza lunch since there was extra and AP ate two slices of pizza. She loved it! When we got home, she had some milk and then I put her down for her nap. I worked on blog posts and did some other computer stuff, put her high chair cover back on, and found a mess in the trash. Peyton had forgotten to take the trash with the package the ground beef came in out last night and it had leaked. We don't have a garbage can in the kitchen, we just put a paper bag in the trash compacter (that no longer compacts) in the kitchen. Well, I cleaned it out as best I could and Lysoled it, but there's really no way to "wash" it and raw meat creeps. me. out. After that incident, I decided we are going to have to try to find a trash can that will fit inside the compacter, for sanitary purposes.

When AP woke up, I folded some laundry and then we went over to my parents' house since I was getting lonely from Peyton being gone all day.
casual Annie

We had fun at their house and when we got home I wasted more time on the computer. Peyton got home pretty late and we talked awhile and then ordered some of Ann Peyton's Christmas presents. We had fun picking them out and I'll show y'all soon!

On Friday morning I woke up feeling fine. AP got up at about 7:30, but she was so sweet to me and snuggled in the bed for almost thirty minutes! We had breakfast and she played a little while I laid on the couch and watched Good Morning America. I started to feel nauseous after eating some cornflakes and when I brushed my teeth, it was all over. Gagging equals throwing up these days, I think. I took some medicine for that and AP and both took a bath and got ready and then it was time to go over to the Howie's for a little play date and lunch. I picked up Newks and AP fell asleep in the car on the way. I was worried she would be in a foul mood, but she did pretty good. She and Aubrey did have a little tension, though. They just kept getting in these little spats! AP used to be kind of a pushover, but she's one of the youngest in her class at MDO this year and I think she's learning to stand up for herself (hopefully, nicely!). Anyway, we tried to correct them "Ann Peyton, that's Aubrey's toy, let her have it", but we laughed a lot, too, because it was sort of cute seeing Aubrey tell AP "Ann Peyton OUT!" when she got in her Cozy Coupe and Ann Peyton just screaming back at her in baby talk. HA!

Ann Peyton took a nice long nap when we got home and I played around on the computer and then talked to Peyton a little when he got home. I folded some laundry, loaded some dishes, and clipped more coupons and then she woke up.
This was the first time she's worn this outfit and Peyton said she looked more like a little girl than a baby! Glad there's another one on the way or I might've cried!'

We played with Annie a little and then we all got ready and went to the Ridgeland High School football game. Peyton's youngest brother is in band and it was fun to see him play. My sister in law and her little boy and Peyton's mom were all there and AP had a great time seeing them and watching the "friday night lights". Something about high school football just has a special place in my heart- so nostalgic! Annie was pretty tired by half time (around 9ish), but we stopped by my parents' house to get some Red Beans and Rice "to go". We got home pretty late and put AP straight to bed. We went to bed pretty soon after that.
Serious about some football.

She did this almost the whole time!

I think she was a little tired in this one!

my two faves; both a little sweaty!

On Saturday, AP slept until 9:30 AND Peyton had the day off. It seems like we've been so busy on all his weekends off lately, so it was really fun to have a nice, slow day together. I made cinnamon toast for the three of us and we had a picnic in the backyard. Finally, maybe it's starting to cool down a bit??

Peyton stayed outside a little while with AP and played and I came in and started downloading pictures and files that needed to be backed up to our external drive. I just copy my entire picture folder and file folder with all the documents in it. It takes longer this way, but it's easier and I know I don't miss anything! Anyway, I hadn't done it since APRIL. I knew it had been a few months, but it makes me sick to think we'd be missing almost a third of AP's life if the computer had crashed. Of course, the good ones are all on the blog and Facebook.I took a bath and got ready and Peyton fed AP lunch without me even reminding him! We put AP down for a nap and Peyton and I chatted a little then he went to pick up his brother Joe, who was spending the weekend with us. I straightened the house, got on the computer, had lunch, and did laundry.
Lunch. We were out of Bagle Bites and I was really distraught over it. In fact, I may have used the word "heartbroken" when trying to express my deep sadness to Peyton. In light of this, I opted for an equally healthy lunch of PB&J and a Handy Snack (Handy Snacks=crackers + super processed cheese). I feel good about my diet and the fact that it resembles a four year old's.

When Peyton got home with Joe, we all loaded up and went over to my parents' house. We had a good visit (third day in a row, ha!) and when we got home I fed AP supper while Peyton and Joe went to the grocery store to get stuff for sandwitches. They got home and Peyton got AP ready for bed and I vacuumed the house. We tucked her in and then Peyton and Joe left again to get some things he left at home and run a few errands (Target and TJ Maxx, looking for dress slacks). I read blogs while they were gone. When they got back they played video games and I did my daily Bible reading, had a snack, read some and went to bed.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. It was kind of cloudy and cool for most of the day and I loved it! Peyton, AP and I all took naps! Peyton got up before me to take Joe to his girlfriend's church. Annie slept until around 8:00, which is what time I needed to get up anyway. I put her in the bath with me and I was in the middle of washing her hair when Peyton called and said he didn't have a key. I got myself and AP out and let him in and then I finished my bath while he played with her. We finished getting ready and headed to Sunday School. We decided that we would got to The Pointe, which is a sister church of our church. It's actually started out as a church plant from our church. Our good friend, Jim, is the pastor and they have a very contemporary style service. We both gravitate more toward the traditional style, but it's fun to mix things up and go and visit every few months or so!

When we got home, Joe had just gotten dropped off and Annie was asleep. The care to bed transfer didn't even phase her! Joe and Peyton hung out and I had lunch, watched a special about Saturday Night Live on Vh1 (ha!) and took a nice long nap. AP slept for almost four hours! When she got up, we feed her "lunch" (it was about 4:00) and then we went to TJ Maxx and Kroger. I cooked dinner and AP played in the kitchen while Peyton and Joe went and dropped off the recycling. There was a power truck on our street and the power went off TWICE while I was cooking. UGH. They boys got back and several of our neighbors were outside discussing the situation. Our funny neighbor, Prentiss, said that this happens every time I cook. Ha, thanks, Bud! Anyway, it came back on and we had fish, asparagus, salad, and bread for supper. Yum! I fed AP her supper and then it was time for her to go to bed. I realized her bedding that I was washing never got dried when the power went out, so she had to wait a little bit. She played while I folded laundry in her room and then I put the sheets back on her mattress and Peyton and I did her little routine and put her to bed. Peyton and Joe are watching football and I'm finishing this post and then reading a little and then going to bed.

Next week looks pretty good from here. I think it will be pretty laid back, except for Friday which is the day I'm cooking a bunch of garlic bread for 160 Brandon High School football players. It will be fine, though, I'm sure!

Always. Sometimes. Never. [Volume 1]

I always....
- brush my teeth before I get in the bed (if I get up to go to the bathroom, ect. I brush them again!)
- think whatever age Ann Peyton is currently is a wonderful age
- fight a (mostly winning) battle with anxiety
- drink at least one Coca Cola a day
- feel like my heart will explode when Annie gives me hugs and kisses
- take a shower before going anywhere further than the mailbox
- enjoy expanding Ann Peyton's wardrobe
- try to be honest and transparent on my blog
- have my toenails painted
- am happy that I married my best friend

I sometimes....
- get my to-do list for one week done by the middle of the next week
- enjoy a glass of champagne (not for awhile, though, of course!)
- watch Law and Order: SVU and then worry I'll get raped by inner city gang bangers, exotic animal smugglers, frat boys, or wealthy fertility specialists
- eat four cinnamon rolls for dinner and attribute any weight gain to "the baby"
- enjoy sewing
- prefer a meatball sub to a fillet
- think too much about the future
- think too much about the past
- wish I could make it on four hours sleep, like the Octomom
- read more than fifty pages in a book in a sitting
- eat dinner at 11:00 PM
- wish I had gotten more of a chance to do things like teach and learn to be a wife apart from being a mother

I never....
- regret that it didn't work out that way (^)
- let my food touch (even Red Beans and Rice); divided kid plates are my friend!
- get hot in any room below 80 degrees
- eat meatloaf
- blow my nose (I never learned)
- need to buy another 12 mo. bathing suit no matter how many girls we have
- want Annie to grow up (Kidding. Kinda.)
- go to bed without a bath/shower if I've gotten remotely sweaty
- go to bed without peaking at, petting, and whispering "I love yous" to Ann Peyton
- spend enough time thanking God for all His blessings. I never could.

[I got this idea from my super cute blog friend Amy, who apparently got the idea from another friend. She encouraged everyone to "borrow" the idea (love it when that happens and you don't have to awkwardly ask someone if you can copy their idea) and I thought it was too cute not to do my own!]

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday- Trimming the Easter Basket Grass {Circa 1992}

So...last night in my SUYL post of our master bedroom, I posted a picture of Peyton's nightstand. On his nightstand is a picture of me when I was in kindergarten. I thought I'd give y'all a little closer look for my flashback post today:
Pretty intense there, aren't I? I'm sure I just didn't want to mess up the grass the way I messed up my bangs the previous year. And I think I was really OCD even then and I wanted the grass ALL. THE. SAME. HEIGHT. OHMIGOSH.

Peyton wanted this picture on his nightstand because he thinks my expression is classic SD. He's right. I do the worried/anxious"/concentrated look really well. Because I do those emotions really well. But y'all knew that already!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Master Bedrooms

This week Kelly is doing Master bedroom tours. Come on in!

[Note: Most of this is from an old post, but there are a few changes!]

This is the view from the door. I love our new of my mom's very talented friends made them for us and I think they are very elegant the way they fall.

We bought this armoire at an antique was a steal! There is a tv in it and it holds most of Peyton's clothes (some are in the closet in his study), as I took over the ENTIRE master closet...oops! I love the color of the pottery on top. The swirly one (UPDATE: Peyton broke my platter pushing his clothes around too hard and I have yet to find a replacement.  UGH!) and the vase beside it are both Gail Pittman pieces (so sad that era is over). The one with the ferns in it is actually a wastebasket (aka trash can) fom Bed, Bath and Beyond. And I thought the little colorful boxes added a nice touch.

This is AP's bassinet. A friend of my mom's loaned it to us and it is beautiful! It's usually by our bed. Update: We gave the bassinet back and now her Pack N Play is in that spot.  She doesn't sleep OR play in it, but it has a changing table and we don't have one in the nursery, so that's it's primary function!

Our dresser used to belong to my grandmother, "Bump", as did much of the furniture in our house.

A closer view of the dresser. The canvas was my birthday present from my best friend, Logan. The tray, bird and thing in the back holding Peyton's necklaces are all Gail Pittman as well. The tray also has a picture of me and Daddy (it has been in my bedroom in that frame since I was a little girl) and a couple of frog trinket boxes (I really love frog stuff!!).

This lamp was also Bump's....I like it because it seems very vintage. The little powder box is another Gail Pittman piece (I kind of bought out the outlet when I heard it was closing) and the the box in the middle was a Christmas present to Peyton from my parents.

I framed these pictures that Peyton's brother Michal took when Ann Peyton was about a week old. I know they are kind of hard to see because they are black and white. I love the uniqueness of these....Michal really has a gift!

Another thing from Bumps....I like the retro feel of this loveseat. The big bin holds magazines and the small one holds other miscellaneous stuff.

This is Peyton's night stand....sorry for the not great picture quality. The picture is of me when I was in kindergarten--I have a very concerned, concentrated look on my face and he loved the picture because I have that same look so often now.

I would love so much to have a king size bed, but it just isn't practical in this room. And apparently a queen is only six inches wider (my mom measured the mattresses at Batte), so here is our double bed. Peyton is an amazing husband, but a less amazing bedmate; think diagonal sleeper, haha!

UPDATE: We actually did end up getting a queen size mattress when friends of ours upsized to a king.  I still really want a king one day, but for now, I love our bed!  We were able to use the same headboard (it was actually the one in the room where I grew up), but we did get new bedding.  I prefer it SO much to our old bedding!
That's our kitty, The General, making himself right at home!

This is my vanity; it belonged to Peyton's parents.

Here is a closer look at the vanity. On the left is a funky little lipstick/mascara holding girl of my moms, my favorite Channel perfume that Peyton got me as a "push present", some cotton balls in a little coconut bowl from our honeymoon and some q-tips. On the right is my clock, lamp, a little dish, and of course the baby monitor (it just happens to match; I got it because it has an alarm that goes off if she quits breathing). And in the middle is all my makeup/nail polish/lotion/other beauty junk.

Update: I added a sampler above my vanity.  I love samplers and did a whole post on them on my other blog, {Back to the Days} Of Apron Strings and Lovely Things.

Here's a closer look:
Love. Faith. Hope. Charity. {Happiness Tree} Work. Play. Laughter. Happiness is catching. We get it from one another.

My mom fixed this little chair up to go with the dressing table. The chair "skirt" was an actual skirt! She rigged it up with the bow using rubber bands, very DIY, but she's like that (I want to be!).

I LOVE frames like this! Mickey and AP on top; Peyton and I at a Crawfish Boil celebrating our engagement.

We found this dresser that matches the vanity at an antique store....what a find! The basket beside it holds more magazines. The picture above is of Fondren, a really neat area in Jackson, and was painted by Peyton's sister's husband, Daniel.

Here's a closer look at the dresser. Another piece of pottery and a beautiful McCarty bunny from my sweet friend, Sue. The pictures are (L to R): Logan and I at my bridesmaid luncheon (sorry for the glare), Momma before I was born, and me and Peyton at his sister's wedding.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for....the closet!

Summer clothes....I know, I have a problem; I really haven't gotten rid of anything since 9th grade (okay, not much)!

This piece was also Peyton's parents and matches the vanity and dresser. I put it in the closet for extra storage for bras and panties and tank tops and such.

More storage

I love this shoe rack from Target!

As you can see, I love aqua and I like a mix of classic "pretty" peices, fun retro style things, and a little vintage shabby chic decor.  Thanks for stopping by!