Monday, September 27, 2010

Always. Sometimes. Never. [Volume 1]

I always....
- brush my teeth before I get in the bed (if I get up to go to the bathroom, ect. I brush them again!)
- think whatever age Ann Peyton is currently is a wonderful age
- fight a (mostly winning) battle with anxiety
- drink at least one Coca Cola a day
- feel like my heart will explode when Annie gives me hugs and kisses
- take a shower before going anywhere further than the mailbox
- enjoy expanding Ann Peyton's wardrobe
- try to be honest and transparent on my blog
- have my toenails painted
- am happy that I married my best friend

I sometimes....
- get my to-do list for one week done by the middle of the next week
- enjoy a glass of champagne (not for awhile, though, of course!)
- watch Law and Order: SVU and then worry I'll get raped by inner city gang bangers, exotic animal smugglers, frat boys, or wealthy fertility specialists
- eat four cinnamon rolls for dinner and attribute any weight gain to "the baby"
- enjoy sewing
- prefer a meatball sub to a fillet
- think too much about the future
- think too much about the past
- wish I could make it on four hours sleep, like the Octomom
- read more than fifty pages in a book in a sitting
- eat dinner at 11:00 PM
- wish I had gotten more of a chance to do things like teach and learn to be a wife apart from being a mother

I never....
- regret that it didn't work out that way (^)
- let my food touch (even Red Beans and Rice); divided kid plates are my friend!
- get hot in any room below 80 degrees
- eat meatloaf
- blow my nose (I never learned)
- need to buy another 12 mo. bathing suit no matter how many girls we have
- want Annie to grow up (Kidding. Kinda.)
- go to bed without a bath/shower if I've gotten remotely sweaty
- go to bed without peaking at, petting, and whispering "I love yous" to Ann Peyton
- spend enough time thanking God for all His blessings. I never could.

[I got this idea from my super cute blog friend Amy, who apparently got the idea from another friend. She encouraged everyone to "borrow" the idea (love it when that happens and you don't have to awkwardly ask someone if you can copy their idea) and I thought it was too cute not to do my own!]


Tara G. said...

Just a word of encouragement re: teaching...the season will come and you'll be wiser and experienced in ways that will only enhance. I know that even though they're our own kids and we would never give up the opportunity to teach them ourselves for the world, we get tired...but don't give up! Gal. 6:9 Whatever education you've had in the past has made you who you are and God will use it in ways you never imagined.

The Jones' said...

Loved this one so much I copied you. Yours is much more interesting than mine! Hopeyou are feeling well and enjoying being preggo! : ) I miss that I cannot be ever again : (

Amy said...

LOVE THIS! We have many of the same :)
Jeffrey thinks I'm crazy, because I obviously have anxiety issues, but then I watch shows like SVU and Criminal Minds and let them get the best of's a love hate relationship - ha!
And....about teaching......I think that the day you decide to work in the classroom (because OBVIOUSLY you are teaching Ann Peyton at home every day) you will be a fabulous teacher because you were a mother first. I know from experience that the teacher I was before I had Libbi was COMPLETELY different from the teacher I was after. Not that I didn't love the kids or love my job, but you just have such a deeper understanding and compassion for not only the kids, but for the parents, too. I used to think, "how would I want someone to treat my child?" when I was teaching and after having Libbi, I still thought that...BUT I would also think, "how would I feel if someone were telling me these things about my child?" and I had so much more empathy for the parents and the job that they had, because I could finally relate to them. I know that being a wife/mother will ultimately make you an even better teacher!
....sorry for the looooong comment :)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I am the same way about eating- I do not like things touching, and I am an "order eater", eating one food item at a time. :) I got it from my dad; he is the same way. Someone gave him one of those sectioned cafeteria plates as a joke one time. :)

How do you not know how to blow your nose?? That cracks me up!