Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Babykin Boutique: Fall Consignment Collection (Part 1)

Since I've been to SO many consignment sales lately (three so far and one next week), I thought I'd split the collection into two posts. I'm sure half of you are bored to tears with this kind of thing anyway, so if it's not your cup of tea, just skip it!

The first consignment sale I went to this "fall" (it was really in August- but they were selling fall and winter stuff) was the Children's Exchange. I got several cute outfits for this winter and next!
The first dress is just a little Carter's dress for the fall. It has matching bloomers that go with it and it's a 12 mo. The footie pajamas are by Empress Baby; they had them at a couple of little boutique places in Jackson last Winter and I LOVED them, but I wasn't about to pay the $40 they were all asking. They are so cute; they even have a little booty flap in the back! I also got three Christmas oufits for this year and next. I love seasonal stuff, but I just cannot/will not pay retail for it. The first outfit is a 12 mo. and the second and third are 24 mo. They are by Starting Out, Classic Club Baby, and Rosie Posie (one of my faves), respectively. The little pink and lime two piece set is also by Rosie Posie and I love it. She had a dress in the same pattern last Spring and it was a favorite! The last thing is a pair of overalls by Baby Lulu; they're a 2T.

I also went to the All4Children Consignment Sale at the Ag Museum. The stuff wasn't the best quality I've ever seen (I overhead one mom telling her friend, "I'm not fighting these women for Walmart clothes", but I still managed to get a ton of pajamas and a couple of play outfits.

First, the pajamas:
As I mentioned, I am crazy about cute pajamas. I used to be obsessed with buying cute pajamas for myself and now that has transfered to buying cute ones for AP. Most of the pjs I got were really good deals (people sell Gymboree pajamas on eBay for like $14...crazy!). Also, I LOVE footies and they are harder to find in big sizes! Anyway....the little snowman set on the far left is by MiniWear and it's a 12 mo. The red lollipop footie is from Baby Gap and is 12-18 mo. and the next two are Gymboree and are also 12-18 mo. The pink footie is Carter's and the little set next to it is Gerber; they are both 18 mo. The funky pear pjs are Hanna Andersson (so rediculously expensive to buy retail!), the Halloween set is Gerber, and the little polka dot footie is from The Children's Place; they're all 24 mo.

I also got a few cute play outfits for next winter:
The first outfit has a little ladybug on it and it's by Kelly's Kids. The two Christmas outfits are by Mis Tee V-Us and Toffee Apple. They are all 2T.

Overall, I'd say both these sales were a success! I got better quality clothes at the next sale I went to (post coming soon!), but these clothes were less expensive and will serve their purpose nicely (play clothes, pajamas, and seasonal outfits that she'll only wear for a month)!

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Sarah Broadus said...

You did good! Starting in October I have a new challenge! Ill fill you in on the details later but I think its right up your alley!