Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday- Trimming the Easter Basket Grass {Circa 1992}

So...last night in my SUYL post of our master bedroom, I posted a picture of Peyton's nightstand. On his nightstand is a picture of me when I was in kindergarten. I thought I'd give y'all a little closer look for my flashback post today:
Pretty intense there, aren't I? I'm sure I just didn't want to mess up the grass the way I messed up my bangs the previous year. And I think I was really OCD even then and I wanted the grass ALL. THE. SAME. HEIGHT. OHMIGOSH.

Peyton wanted this picture on his nightstand because he thinks my expression is classic SD. He's right. I do the worried/anxious"/concentrated look really well. Because I do those emotions really well. But y'all knew that already!


Amy said...

haha! love this! and i love that your scissors are labeled with your name - :)
i, too had the unfortunate experience of "trimming" my own bangs. i thought if i just cut them off, i wouldn't have them anymore. imagine my surprise when i learned that you actually had to GROW them out to "get rid" of them :)

Anna Walker said...

I just found your blog. It's amazing you're such a strong woman and your blog shows it! I really enjoy your blog! :)