Thursday, September 2, 2010

Letter to (Seventeen Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

Usually, I record little things that you are doing throughout the month and then when I write your letter I have something to go off of. Well, this month has been busy, and I didn't do a very good job. I'm going to do my best, but I'm sure I'll forget a few things!

This month was special because we found out that you were going to be a BIG SISTER! We are so excited about this new baby and one of the neatest things about your brother or sister will be seeing how you react to him or her. You are the sweetest girl and I know you will be a wonderful big sister. But you're the star of the show in this letter, so moving right along....

First of all, you have grown so much. Everyone comments on how big you've gotten lately. Papa and I don't notice as much, but sometimes when you're fast asleep at night we'll creep into your room and peer down in crib and tell each other "She is ENORMOUS!" Your grandparents seem to be most impressed with all your growing. Mickey and Minnie can't get over how big you are and just the other day Grandpa Randy said "I've never seen anybody grow so much, so fast!". You are actually wearing some 18 mo. outfits! So impressive for our little girl whose never been past the 6th percentile!

All this growing is slightly ironic because, a few weeks back, you had a little spell of picky eating for the first time in your life! You are back to eating in your classic PigPig fashion, though, and we think it was just your NEW TOOTH! Yes, that's right at seventeen months old, you now have THREE teeth- two on the bottom and one on top.

We did have to have a serious talk about throwing food and our new rule is that if you don't eat your meal well you don't get "dessert". Your favorite dessert is cheese Goldfish. You prefer them to Vanilla Wafers, and actually, really anything else.

Along those lines, I have to tell you that you've really developed a little "toddler 'tude". The other day I left you in the church nursery and I forgot to pack you a snack. The sweet nursery worker told me that you gave her THE ugliest look when you realized what happened. I guess you knew what we were talking about because you preceded to give me the same ugly look! You have also perfected the "fake cry". Your fake cry is very distinct, clearly different even from your mad/frustrated cry. The other day you were pouting about something and turned your mouth completely upside down in a frowny face. I started picking on you and saying "don't do that old frowny face" and you kept trying not to smile and hiding (you thought) your big grin from me. You wanted so bad to just be pouty! Another day you were walking around with your little push toy stroller and I told you it was time to go somewhere. You smiled, shook your head, and ran off! We had to have a talk about how "we don't tell our parents no".

You are still a precious, sweet girl the majority of the time, though! You have so many cute new tricks. You still say about the same four words ("Mama", "Daddy" (he prefers Papa, Annie!), "Bye", "Cat"), but you've added a motorcycle sound from one of your favorite books and you love to say "Uh Oh!!!".

You love to play Peek-a-boo with a blanket, a stuffie, or just your own little hands. Another favorite game you like to play with me and Papa is pulling up our shirts and tickling our belly buttons. We laugh hysterically and you get SO carried away. You know that bellies, armpits, and feet are tickleish. You love to tickle and be tickled.

You are pretty good at identifying some body parts. You know your nose, eyes, ears, and hair. You're still having trouble with "mouth". Not sure about that because if I ask you for something that's in your mouth, you immediately know what I'm saying and hand it to me.

The best new "trick" that you've learned, though, is giving hugs and kisses. Sometimes you forget how to kiss, but you are very consistent with your hugs! I could ask you for hugs all day long!

You like to sit and lay down a lot. Your papa says you are very "sedentary" and you have learned such laziness from your parents. He's probably right! You are exactly the opposite of him; you are SO focused on things (books, toys, ect.) and once you get settled in doing something, you don't want to be disturbed. The other day you were completely through eating, but you got so upset with me when I took you out of your highchair. Another day you did the same thing in the bath. One time you even pitched a fit when I tried to get you up from your nap. Mind you, you were wide awake and playing, but not ready to be socail and you just scurried over to the farthest corner of the crib.

Papa picks on you and says you're a "loner", but it's just because, like I said, you are so, so different from him. Sometimes, you just need to sit with your books in your room and read and sometimes you need to lay in your crib and cuddle your lovies. Even when you're not sleepy, sometimes you just need a break from being active and social!

Speaking of naps and cribs, you are becoming a little less of a fantastic sleeper. You are still better than many babies your age and I'm not complaining, but you've started waking up at night a few times a week and not napping quite as well. I'm attributing it to that tooth and hoping that's all it is!

We are starting back to "school" next week and I hope seeing the other children at Mother's Day Out will help encourage you in an important little skill you are still lacking- walking! Papa and I are not overly concerned about it; I think a lot of it has to do with your small stature and that your legs are still getting stronger and stronger each day and I think a lot of it has to do with your temperament. I think with your laid back, introverted nature, it's just not a priority in your mind. That said, you are getting SO close. You take of RUNNING with your little stroller and when we hold your hand and walk with you you hardly rely on us for any support. We're trying to take it in stride (pun intended), since you definitely are!

You are an amazing little girl, Annie and you will always be so special to me, no matter how many babies we have. You have taught me so much in these last seventeen months, more than anything else you have completely changed the way Papa and I view children. We were so scared when we first found out we were expecting you, but you have never been anything but a blessing in our lives. We cherish you so much, but our hearts are plenty big enough to hold the love for another child, plus you, too. Don't ever forget, though, that you (just like any brothers or sisters you have) are unique and are special in an entirely different way than anyone else in this world. God created you that way.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. This month's picture outfit is an 18 mo.! Also, I've been meaning to tell you, you are a "blue baby"- you look prettiest in blues and greens. It's because of your olive complexion; your Aunt Cookie was a blue baby, too!

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AP is so adorable! I love the letter you write to her and her pictures each month!