Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Cool Water Cologne, Easy Mac, and OAR

ETA: If you read this post previously, I changed the title; when I started the draft I just had ideas jotted down, one being "Frappuccinos", but when I started typing I couldn't remember the memory. Even more reason I'm glad I wrote these down! Probably nobody will even notice (or would have noticed had I left it), but I'm sorta OCD, and I just had to make the little edit.

I've been meaning to do a post like this for ages now. I think my friend, Ashley, did a similar one a million years ago (Ash, was it you??? I'm searching your blog via my Reader, but let me know if it was you!) and then I saw this one by Her Bad Mother (disclaimer: I like Catherine's writing style and find her blog humorous, but parts of it are a little profane/distasteful, in my opinion). Also, just last week I heard a Paula Cole song on the radio which totally reminded me of a) my best friend from college and late night marathons of Dawson's Creek and b) the first boy I ever loved, who I will forever associate with Dawson Leery. As I said via Twitter and Facebook, my personal Dawson is not a threat to Peyton or our marriage. He wears LOTS of flannel, has a super sweet/really gorgeous girlfriend and incidenlty, is also AP's godfather. Like I said, not a threat.

Anyway, all these things made me think THE TIME IS NOW for a post on what I call "sensory recollection", meaning the sights, smells, sounds, ect. that bring you back to a place in your past. Here are just a few of mine:

"Ran Away on the Top the World Today"- my early dating days with Peyton, this is one of the songs Peyton played for me
"Iris"- this is the first song I ever danced with Ellis to. I remember the lines You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever know and I don't want to go home right now really resonated. Ha!
"Slow Dixie"- Ole Miss ball games. Clearly. This one brings the tears, folks.
"Brown Eyed Girl"- Prep pep rallies
"Every Rose Has It's Thorn"- my college roomate and BFF; we used to watch I Love the '90s, 100 Greatest Songs of the '90s (or '80s) and other fun VH1 stuff. This was one of our favorite songs.
"On a Night Like This"- also college, where I discovered Dave Barnes
"Tears in Heaven"- the first song I danced to with my first real boyfriend, Ryan. The song is so, so bittersweet, because sadly, he is in heaven.
"Seminole Wind"- riding around in a jeep with another (extremely country) high school boyfriend
"Build Me Up Buttercup/Material Girl"- Prep football games; the band played the former, the dance team seemed to forever be dancing to the latter
"Blessed Be Your Name"- college; I had a hard time adjusting at first and this song helped me
"Thunder Road"- one night this song was playing in the car, while Peyton and I were sitting outside my parents' house. We both had tears in our eyes because we realized we were falling in love with one another.
"It Is Well with My Soul"- the month I spent in Tahoe City after my freshman year of college; those were some of the hardest (if not the hardest) days of my life
"For All the Saints/I Sing a Song of the Saints of God"- chapel in at Saint Andrew's Lower School
"Be Thou My Vision"- my grandmother's funeral; I remember sobbing hysterically and burying my head in Peyton's lap when they played this, one of mine (and her) favorite songs. Two months later, we sang it at our wedding, and the supernatural peace of Christ protected me and allowed me to smile, knowing that she was smiling down on us.
"In Christ Alone"- another favorite that will always bring me back to our wedding day
"I Ain't Even Done With the Night/Wildflowers"- the summer after my seventh grade year
"Acuff Rose"/"It's Amazing How You Love Me"/"California Stars"/"Charlie on the MTA"- Strong River Camp and Farm
"A La Claire Fontaine"- We heard this in a movie shortly before AP was born and played the lullaby for her several times after. It makes me think of her itty bitty baby days.
"Go Tell It On the Mountain!"- when Peyton got really sick with the stomach flu and we had to wake up AP and go to the ER in the middle of the night. I remember singing a whole array of songs to try to get her back to sleep in the Emergency Room, but I sang this one the most because it's so easy and it was one of the few I actually felt like I was singing on tune. It was nowhere near Christmas.

School Smells- my elementary, junior high, and high school all have distinctive smells. Interestingly enough, none of them have changed since I've been a student there. There are days that I would sub for free at all three places just for the nostalgia of those smells.
Cool Water cologne- seventh grade Ellis; he wore this and his black velvet shirt when we danced to Iris
Polo cologne- my dad
Jessica McClintock perfume- my mom
Giorgio perfume- my grandmother, Bump (I have two bottles of it that were hers. I keep them in Peyton's undershirt drawer because I don't like to see them constantly, but sometimes I need to take them out and just inhale.)
Roasted Peanuts- listening to Ole Miss games on the radio in the little study in old house during the Fall

Grilled Cheese, Grilled Bologna, Celery with Peanut Butter and Rasins- childhood
Red Beans and Rice- my parents; obviously.
Cinnamon Rolls- Thursday nights in the dorm at MC
Oreo Pudding, and Corndogs- Friday lunches in the cafe at MC
Pound Cake- Bump
Easy Mac- our honeymoon; we ate out BIG meals for dinner, but for lunch we mostly stayed in. I ate lots of Easy Mac!

(I got this idea courtesy of the brilliant Aubrey Howie; they aren't going to make any sense to anybody but me (and maybe Peyton) but I thought it was fun seeing what I could remember)
funky tie-died dress- my bachlorete trip to Destin
pink floral sundress- at least three different dates with Peyton
Love Birds T-Shirt- I was wearing this little t-shirt with birds on it the night we cried listening to "Thunder Road"
madras shorts- college, my BFF/roomate and I had the same pair. Ha!
blue swimsuit- our honeymoon; I bought it specifically for the trip
linen embroidered skirt- the first time I went out with Peyton. We "pretended" we were dating because there was a girl there that he thought might be intested in him and he didn't really like her.
green Swannanoa informal t-shirt- the first thing I put on when I took of my hospital gown after AP was born

Whew! That list was far from exhaustive, but it was fun making it and remembering such special times!


Ellis said...

I have been doing the exact same thing this week. It is beyond me how we managed to do this without telling one another. I have these long lengthy paragraphs written about things I've tasted and smelled this week and the memories that come to mind. It is an amazing thing to deliberately do.

Peyton said...

Frappaccinos (spelling?) was from when Katie got one every morning before classes at Ole Miss. The lady there knew here name and what she wanted....just FYI.