Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Living Rooms


Okay, soooo......I'm a little late to the party. I loved doing SUYL last year, though, and we actually have made a few major changes to our living room/den, so I definitely wanted to share.

First of all, here is how our living room looked this time last year:

We've made a couple of changes that I think were HUGE improvements. My husband has been living in the house for almost five years and I moved in two years ago. I am really proud of us for taking it slow, saving our money, and NOT PUTTING ANYTHING ON A CREDIT CARD. I hated that carpet and the couch, but if it's not clear from the picture above, we had a new baby and other things took priority. Anyway, it was worth the wait!

First, we striped up the carpet and added hardwood floors. Peyton (my husband) saved us some money by moving all the furniture and pulling up the carpet himself! These are basically the same shots with the new floors. I think it totally changed the whole room!

When we got married, we were blessed to be able to use a lot of my grandmother's furniture. It was really special to me because she passed away shortly before our wedding and we were super close. One thing we ended up with was this sleeper sofa:
It was in BAD need of being reupholstered, but I quickly realized we could pratically get a new couch for what that would cost. Neither were in the cards at that point so we ordered a slip cover from Pottery Barn for a little over $100. The thing was ill fitting to say the least. My mom helped us come up with a plan to improvise, though, and we didn't put the slipcover over the cushions. We put it under the cushions and then had a friend make seperate slipcovers for the cushions for us. We picked some cute piping for them and turned out pretty cute!

However, the back always looked kind of "makeshift" to me. Fortuantly, we had our dining room table with the leaves folded up directly behind it (the room serves as our living room, dining room, and causal "den" area).
Although it definetly served it's purpose for the first couple of years of our marriage, I was BEYOND ecstatic when we were finally able to purchase a sofa of our own! One our our friends owns a furniture store and they were having a massive sale on all their sofas, so we ordered one. It worked out great because we picked out the model, the fabric, the measurements, and even a few other details. I LOVE it. Here's a peak:
It was a vast improvement, in my opinion.

I thought I'd share the rest of the room, too. Some of these are old pictures (and parts of the post are old, too), but these things haven't really changed.

We love our fireplace! Peyton and I used to fall asleep on the couch, in front of the fire almost every night! It was just a neutral color brick, but we painted it white when I moved in. The painting came from my grandmother's (Grandee) house. And those are some chairs that were Peyton's grandparents'. They were chartreuse! We had them recovered in a funky large houndstooth print.

Here are the bookshelves by the fireplace.

These are few things on the bookshelves that are important or sentimental to me.

My parent's wedding picture. My mom said she is not photogenic, so she only got like 12 made.

This set of books belonged to my great grandmother. She bought them because at that time women didn't go to college. But she wanted to be educated. The picture of Peyton and me is the first one we ever took together. We were just friends then. I was 18 (not even a senior in high school yet)!

And this is a prayer for our home.

Our coffee table. This butler's table came from my Momma and Daddy's. They weren't using it anymore and I think it's so cute! I love the Wyatt Waters "Sketchbook" of Oxford with the Bruno plate on top. Note: We actually still have the coffee table, but all the breakable/destructable stuff has been moved, since the babykins no longer resides in a swing/bouncy seat/our arms.
This table is directly behind our couch. We don't have a formal dining room, so this is our "dining area". The table has extra leaves that can be put in and our china cabinet is right behind it, on the back wall. On the table, I have a bowl holding candy that I found at an antique store, some fun red candles, and a MacKenzie Childs bowl.

Our china cabinet

These two chairs are on either side of the buffet. We use them and the two by the window at the dining table when we fold it out. I really like the funky platter and the picture was painted by my friend Sue. It is a watercolor of Galloway, the church where Peyton and I got married and it looks like the exact time of day of our wedding. It's so special to me!

The buffet between the two windows. It has two lamps, two candles and a bowl of "apples" on it. Also, a candle snuffer-outer. I love our curtains, even though they kind of look like they belong on a dollhouse, I adore them!

Our piano is probably the one of the things I love the most in this room. It, along with the buffet and china cabinet was given to us when my beloved grandmother, Bump, passed away. But the piano was the only thing I specifically asked for. Not that Peyton or I can play it! He said I could take lessons whenever I had time (I really want to cultivate some new skills). Anyway, I just think it is so nice to have a piano in your home and I have so many childhood memories of both my parents playing their piano. Above the piano is a kind of abstract print and some MacKenzie-Childs plates. I'm super obsessed with the Anthropologie lampshade.
Here's a close-up of the lampshade and this funky Annieglass plate that I love. The big bowl in the picture above was a Christmas present from my mom.
Finally, a few more minor updates:

I compleatly took EVERYTHING off the bottom of one of the bookshelves and just made it a "play shelf" for our little girl, Ann Peyton. She LOVES it and surprisingly doesn't really bother the rest!

We also installed this baby gate between the living room (where we spend most of the day) and the kitchen. It was kind of hard to find one for such a big space!

That's it. Thanks for stopping by!


Ashley said...

So cute, and very much your style! love you!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the after pictures! We are about to rip up the carpet in our family room and playroom and put new floors down...I can't wait!

Mallory Pickering said...

SD, I love that you decorate with so many things that are sentimental to you. You really have a big heart!