Friday, September 3, 2010

Skillz Set: First Words

This video is way old. I took it over a month ago, but then I got distracted with the 30 Day Blog Journal and forgot about posting it. Anyway, it really doesn't matter because, as I said in her letter yesterday, Ann Peyton's vocabulary is about the same as it was then. She's developed some other neat skillz, though (those sets coming soon!). Sadly, my videography skillz are also about the same!

Here you go- first words!


Ashley said...

1. Your accent--definitive and cute!

2. Why do you spell skills with a z at the end? Is that a pop culture trend I missed? :/

3. I miss BOTH of you!!

The Taffs said...


Amy said...

LOVE THIS! So glad to know someone else speaks "southern" like i do - ha! :)
and if ann peyton's sweet little voice doesn't melt your heart, i don't know what will!

Mallory Pickering said...

Her voice is so sweet!