Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #77 (August 30-September 5)-- A Little on the Late Side

AP looks like she's doing the Macarena or something! This is actually what she does when she wants you to tickle her!

I planned to finish and publish this post last night, but it just didn't happen. It always stresses me out to post my Weekly Happenings post a day late, but this time I really wasn't that concerned.

This week was a nice last week of summer vacation for me and Ann Peyton. It started off pretty busy and we also had a nice full weekend, but it was mostly all fun stuff! But, it hasn't been the greatest as far as how I feel.

Sometimes, I just don't feel like I do pregnancy well. I hate saying that because you have people with preeclampsia, people on hardcore bedrest, and people who have severe (like have to be hooked up to an IV) morning sickness. So, it's really relative. But then I look at people like my BFF, and I feel like I suck at this. This week was better as far as the sickness goes, but it was definitely the tiredest I've felt. Another thing that stuck out to me this week is how everything can seem so overwhelming. I thought about last time and how a lot of our fights were due to this. Peyton would ask me to do a simple little thing like go to the Post Office and drop something off and I would have planned to stay home all day and I would just get so overwhelmed by it and fall apart. I'm happy to say I'm a long way from that girl, but sometimes I still feel those ridiculous emotions.

I think a lot of how "under the weather" I felt had to do with the fact that by the weekend, I realized I (and the other two precious people that live in this house) had a full blown sinus infection. I've been all stopped up, had terrible sinus headaches, and now I can feel it in my chest a little. I usually don't go to the doctor for these anyway, unless they just completely won't go away, because half the time it's viral and one of two things ends up happening: 1) I get an antibiotic that doesn't really help and just builds my resistance to it or 2) my sweet, lovely pharmacist refuses to fill said antibiotic because of said issue. So...I'm just hoping it will be better next week!

Monday got off to kind of a hard start. For some reason I had a terrible time sleeping on Sunday night. I went to bed before midnight, couldn't go to sleep, got up, went to bed around 2:00, tossed and turned and finally fell asleep for the night by 4:00. I woke up at 8:30 with Peyton and AP and let's just say that four and half hours is not enough sleep for this pregnant girl! I felt terrible. I pretty much laid on the couch for about an hour and then I started my normal morning stuff, dishes and laundry. I made some eggs for breakfast and Peyton made bacon to go with them. It was Peyton's day off and the two of us just played with Ann Peyton for the rest of the morning. She took a long nap from noon until about 3:30, but I really didn't get that much done. Big surprise, right? I took a bath, read e-mails, and then laid on the couch and deleted text messages from my phone because I have so many it makes me delete one before I get a new one. Toward the end of Annie's nap, Peyton and I did go through our "present drawer" and organized it and I cleaned out under our bed a little. For some reason, I got productive right before she woke up! Anyway, Peyton watched her while I took some stuff to the attic and organized it. It was ridiculously hot up there, but I keep putting it off because getting down the stairs is so loud and I don't want to do it when AP is asleep. I was up there about an hour.

When I got finished, we went over to my parents' house because Peyton has really been wanting to kayak and I'm trying to be more spontaneous/go with the flow. It actually ended up being sort of fun, especially since he did most of the paddling! When we got in, we took showers and had a FABULOUS dinner with my parents (sirloin steak, veggies, rolls, YUM!).
My dad is an engineer and he made this GORGEOUS baby gate with redwood that was left over from the banisters from when their house was built. Impressive, huh?

We stopped by Peyton's parents house on the way home to get in some time with the other grandparents. AP and I had a nice time chatting with them and Peyton got to catch up with his brothers. When we got home, Annie went straight to bed. I played on the computer a little and then went to bed myself.

On Tuesday we had a Mother's Day Out staff meeting at 10:00. I got up at about 8:30 and got ready. Wouldn't you know it? The day I had somewhere I needed to be at a certian time was the day I got sick. It wasn't too bad, though, and honestly I think on the days I throw up I feel better for the rest of the day! Ha! AP got up around 9:00 and I left her and Peyton to play a little after 9:30. The meeting lasted until about noon and I stayed and visited a little bit. I went by Chick Fil A on the way home and picked up lunch for myself and Peyton. I ate and rested for a few minutes before Annie woke up. Peyton left for work and I fed her lunch. I swept and mopped the laminate and tile floors while she ate and then gave her a bath. We went to the grocery store, which was kind of a fiasco because her cart cover was in the wash and of course I got a cart without a buckle. She tried to stand up half the time and ended up sitting sideways in it with her legs stretched out and her back against the side instead of the back. Needless to say, I got everything on the list, but I didn't worry about checking sales and using coupons. When we got home, I put AP down for a nap since Peyton said hers earlier had been so short. I don't think she ever went to sleep, but she talked to Flopsy (her bunny) and rested for about twenty minutes. I put up the groceries, started some laundry, started the dishwasher, and got a ham cooking before she got back up. When she woke up it was almost time to go to my sister-in-law's birthday party. I got the present wrapped and restocked the diaper bag and we left.

The party was fun and I had a good time visiting with my in-laws. We didn't end up swimming, because I figured we wouldn't get in long enough for it to be worth the energy, but I did dress Annie in some aquatic attire.
Okay, I'm not calling any names, but I thought she looked just like a certain super cute high profile blogger's baby when she did this adorable "O" face...

When we got home, I put AP to bed and made a Ham and Grits Quiche for dinner. I actually just left it on the stove and fell asleep on the couch waiting for Peyton.

Wednesday was a nice day. Ann Peyton got up at about 8:30 and Peyton watched her until 9:00. I got up, had a bath, got ready, and enjoyed my new morning staple: a cup of dry cereal and a cup of ice cold Gatoraid. It seems to help. Peyton and AP took a bath and I got her ready and then we headed out to do a few errands. The guy on the radio was talking about how in job interviews they often ask "What is the worst mistake you've ever made?". Peyton told Annie that she was the BEST mistake he'd ever literally made. Of course, we know that she's not really a mistake, as there are no mistakes, but he's pretty clever, huh? Anyway, we renewed a car tag, went by Williams Sonoma to use a gift card from our wedding(!!) and then picked up some hummus and chips from the Meditterean Cafe. We went by Continental to buy some sewing supplies for me and then Peyton had to pick up something at another Walgreens. AP fell asleep in the car about ten minutes.

When we got home, we gave her some milk and tried to put her to bed. She wasn't having it, though. She played with Peyton while I worked on my sewing project that I've been doing on and off all summer. Every time I get to where I'm really knocking out a big junk (it's not even that big of a project) something happens. I run out of thread, the machine catches and messes up, or (today) my needle breaks. Ugh. Anyway, Annie ate lunch and Peyton went to work. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and started some laundry. I also made a few phone calls- to sign up for a sewing class this fall and to reschedule a doctor's appointment. We played in AP's room for awhile and then I tried putting her back down. She fussed and fussed and I thought maybe it was her new tooth(!!), so I gave her some Tylenol and rocked her and she finally fell asleep. I sent a few e-mails, tried to figure out what I need to do as far as Continueing Education to keep my teaching license from expirining, and then just laid on the couch during her nap.

I got ready for a new women's Bible study at our church and was just about to wake Ann Peyton up when Cookie and my mom stopped by for a surprise visit! Luckily, I'm comfortable enough with my family that I let them snuggle their Annie baby for a few minutes and then rushed them out. We were a little late to the Bible study, but it was just an introductory class, so it was laid back. It was a big group and all different ages, which is great! Our church doesn't have too much specific women's ministery stuff (it's just not a huge church), so I'm really excited about this!

When we got home AP had supper and I folded a load of laundry and did some ironing that's been building up for about three weeks (I am the opposite of the girl who irons everything, every morning). After I put AP to bed, I also ironed our comforter that I had washed and hung to dry in Ann Peyton's bathroom. [It said "dry clean only", but I washed it in the handwash cycle and hung it. Worth the risk, but it needed running over with the iron.] I also ironed our bed skirt, which I never did when we bought it. It looks much better without all those creases! I read blogs and worked on a post for {Back to the Days} Of Apron Strings and Lovely Things until Peyton got home. Then we made burritos together and ate. I went on to bed and he cleaned up the kitchen :)

Thursday was kind of a "slump" day. AP and I didn't leave the house all day. She woke up at 9:00 and Peyton let me sleep an extra thirty minutes. [I know it seems like I'm super spoiled that he does this, and I am, but in my defense I do wait up for him almost every night when he works until 10:00!] We had a slow morning and pretty much all I got done was getting myself and Annie fed and bathed. Ha! Oh, and we also took her picture for her monthly letter. She took an early nap and I worked on a blog post and then took a nap myself. I guess Thursday was my catch up day.
glad Papa was here to help....these are getting a little more difficult!

When she woke up, I fed her lunch and she took a nice long time eating. I got the dishes done, had a snack myself, cleaned of the kitchen table and folded an entire load of laundry! After lunch, Annie played while I cleaned up our bedroom. I made the bed and did all the things I usually do in the morning while I'm getting ready- cleaning off the vanity, picking up bath toys, ect. I also put up some clean clothes and cleaned out Peyton's nightstand drawer SO THAT IT WOULD CLOSE. Annie and I played for a little bit and then dusted in the bedrooms and study and vacuumed with the big (hated) vacuum. I try to alternate between it and the Shark every other week. Peyton and I have an agreement that he does it one of those weeks, so I only have to do it once a month, since I hate it so. It was his turn, but I hate asking him because he's been doing so much with cleaning up the kitchen and getting up with AP in the mornings and everything. So, I just did it. I took a nice break between the study and AP's room and our room. After I finished, Ann Peyton and I played in her room some more and I read her at least five or six books. I fed her supper, had another snack myself, and folded another load of laundry. I put her to bed about thirty minutes early since she took an early nap and worked on some posts and read blogs. I finished dusting the rest of the house and swept and dry mopped the hardwood floors. I also unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I also discovered our washing machine was leaking and called a moratorium on laundry until Peyton could fix it. Peyton got home and we talked for awhile. He had leftovers and I had a banana and peanut butter and then he made me a strawberry milkshake. I read my Bible and went to bed. I woke up once during the night and sort of had a hard time going back to sleep.

On Friday morning, Peyton took care of Annie and I slept until 9:30. I got up and got ready because Carrie and the little Howie babies were coming over for lunch. This was the second day I got really sick, but I got over it pretty fast. After I got dressed and tidied our room a little, I scrubbed the kitchen counters and then went to Newks to pick up our lunch. Peyton left just before the Carrie got here. We had a nice time catching up, Jude was a little angel, and the big girls had fun playing! After they left, I fed Ann Peyton lunch and put her down for a nap. I tidied the house up a little, read blogs and wrote a post. Then I ate the rest of my soup and my brownie from Newks and watched another episode of My So Called Life (we Netflixed it last week). While I was watching, I went through coupons.
[my coupon organizer]

I put up a few loads of laundry that I had folded over the past few days and then I read a chapter in a new book I've started, Uncovered:Revealing the Secrets of a Sexy Marriage. I'm going to do a more extensive post on the book when I finish, but it's about creating a more healthy sex life in your marriage. Of course, pelvic rest continues, but that doesn't mean I should take a break from "research". I'm going to be completely honest here- this should be
probablydefinitely be in my top three priorities along with growing in my relationship with Christ and making sure Annie is well cared for. I can't say that has been the case in our marriage thus far, but I'm looking to change that. Anyway, I felt that overall the nap was a good mix of productivity/chill time. Annie slept until 5:30 (over three hours!) and when she got up we played a little and I organized her closet some and we went to my parents' house. We got there later than usual (a little after 7:00) and ended up staying a little later, too. We got home close to ten and I immediately put AP to bed. I read blogs and when Peyton got home he and I discussed the book and then I went to sleep.

Saturday started off nicely. AP slept until 9:00, which was great since Peyton had to be at work at 8:00. When she got up, we had a lazy morning snuggling on the sofa and reading books. Then we both had breakfast and I watched the news a little. I took something to the mailbox and it felt SO good outside. I decided we had to get out and enjoy it, so I took Ann Peyton outside and she played while I weeded one of our front flower beds. I actually got the whole bed done- last time, I had to divide it into quadrants and do it over four days the heat was so bad! I did get a little nervous because AP decided she's not afraid of crawling on the walkway/driveway. She scraped up her knee AND started crawling super fast toward the street right as a car speed by. Now, I was paying close attention and she wasn't anywhere near the street, but you know me and my anxiety, so.....I pulled out her swimming pool and put her in it sans water. I dumped her toys in there and she was pretty content. It was way easier than getting out the Pack N Play and I think she definitely liked it better! After that, we came in and I took a bath and got ready and then gave her a bath. She got a longer bath than usual because Peyton called I ended up being on hold, just watching her splash around, for a long time. I did clean some little fingerprints off our bathroom door while I was waiting! After bath time, Annie played in her room and I finished sorting and putting up her new stuff I've gotten at some recent consignment sales.Unlike anyone else in the world, I even buy ahead pajamas. I am picky about them being cute (I know no one sees her in them but me, but that's half of why I try to dress her cute anyway-for myself!), but I'm not going to pay $24 to BabyGap when I want some. So, I cute buy ahead! Anyway, here's her pj box that I organized. [I think the biggest is a 5T.]

I put her down for her nap and then I completely vegged out. I had a little headache and it just got worse and worse. I read a few blogs, ate lunch, watched TV, and took a nap myself. She slept for three and a half hours, woke up and cried, and then thirty minutes later when I went to check on her was playing happily in her crib. WOW! I cooked some peas for her to eat and have for the rest of the week and she ate the latest lunch ever (it was almost 5:00). [I explained to someone recently that due to her low weight we still have to make sure she has four FULL cups of milk a day, plus three solid meals. She eats more if I do her milk and solids separately. I usually give her milk right before her nap and lunch when she wakes up, because she drinks the milk better, so she eats more "lunch" if she has been asleep awhile and is hungrier. It used to be the opposite- she preferred solids to milk, but from what I've read this is more common. Anyway, that's why she sometimes eats lunch SO late and dinner like two hours later. Ha!]

I got dressed and ready since we were going over to our friends, Patrick and Haley's house for dinner and Peyton got home about that time and we headed out.
Peyton made me take this picture of Darth and then remarked that it would have been a really neat picture if we had a nice camera. [SweetSweet, if you want to be artsy we've got to get a nice camera!]

We had a wonderful dinner- pulled pork, rice, green beans and the best sweet potato fries, plus brownies for dessert. YUM!
AP was all up in Hank's bizness and wanted to sit in his Bumbo

When we got home, we fed AP dinner and I helped Peyton work on the washing machine. He had to go to Walmart for a tool and I put AP to bed and got on the computer. She's been kind of weird with her sleeping lately (waking up due to her tooth and such), but she is SO flexible. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night she went to bed at 7:30, 9:30, and 11:00, respectively and didn't bat an eye. I know people who have to change their babies schedules in like, five minute increments if they want to adjust a bedtime. That'll probably be us round two, ha!

Sunday was a true day of rest for me and AP. Peyton had to go to work, so we went to the early service at church. The service ran short and Peyton actually made it through the whole thing. I went to Sunday School afterward, and when we got home AP took another long nap, which I wasted in it's entirety. I read blogs, worked on a project on the computer, and then took a nap myself, again. After Annie woke up, Cookie came over for a visit. My mom was going to a flea market near our house, so she dropped Cookie off. We played with Annie and then I rested on the couch a little more. I did not feel good at all. My mom came in and visited a little when she picked up Cookie and then they left. AP and I got ready to go to our friends, Jeff and Melissa's house. We left when Peyton got home and picked up Krystal on the way because I was starving. We had a fun time hanging out with friends and Annie got to see her boyfriend, Hank, for the second day in a row!
We thought they looked super cute in their coordinating outfits a la eBay!

Ann Peyton had a different reaction on Sunday- instead of getting in Hank's bidness, she wanted nothing to do with him. Fickle girl! [Just a preview of your teen years, Hank!]

When we got home, I put AP to bed. I felt terrible, but I wanted to do just a little more on the project I was working on earlier. I worked on it a little more and then crashed. Annie woke up once in the night, but I think it was a bad dream or something, because I gave her her paci and she went right back to sleep.

Next week (well, this week since I'm late) will be interesting. Annie and I will start going to Mother's Day Out (I'm working; she's playing) from 7:45 to 11:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The main thing we'll both have to get used to is waking up early. It was so much fun last year, though; I can't wait!


Carrie said...

Sarah Denley, you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone! The end result of your pregnancy was and will be a sweet, healthy baby, so that means you do pregnancy wonderfully! Besides, I'm pretty positive you do the whole postpartum thing WAY better than me -- that's when I fall apart! Ha!

I LOVE that baby gate. Your dad should go into the business :)

I'm totally that girl that irons everything every morning. I should just do a big chunk at once, but I feel like our clothes would get wrinkled hanging in the closet. Haha! I'm a bit OCD about wrinkles :/

Cuddles and Chaos said...

You were on my mind so much this week. I was worried about you and Babykins #2.

Don't compare how you handle your pregnancy to anybody else. You're growing a healthy little baby and that is so different for every person's body.

I did okay handling the sickness but there were other parts that really unnerved me. And the hormones and emotions...make you question yourself. So stop. You're doing great. Rest when you need to, eat when you need to and remember to say positive things to yourself every single day...or I will.

Have a great week.