Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #79 (September 13-19)-- Important Appointments

Okay, actually my appointments this week weren't that important unless you consider getting your teeth cleaned and your hair did important, which I do, but mainly I titled it that because really nothing else made this week any different than any other.

This week was great overall. I did have one *really* rough day, but other than that things went smoothly and it was a fun week!

On Monday, I got up and started off the day with a dentist appointment. It was at 10:00, so I still had a pretty leisurely morning. Everything looked great, but Dr. Toler did have to remind me again to floss consistently. Peyton had the appointment right after mine and he brought AP and we traded her off. I took her with me and immediately headed to a consignment sale. Last Spring, I didn't have the best luck at this sale, so I wasn't expecting a lot, but this season it rivaled Kid's Emporium! Carrie and Rebekkah were there when I got there and it was fun to talk over our potential purchases. It's also really fun when Carrie picks out something super cute and then decides Aubrey is too big for it ;)

After the sale, Annie and I stopped by my parents house to show my mom what we found. We just stayed long enough for a quick visit and then headed home to have lunch with Peyton. Annie ate her lunch and then I put her down for a nap. I rested for a little while, ate lunch, and then talked to Peyton and then I decided to be productive. Ann Peyton was still taking a nap and Peyton feel asleep watching TV, so I decided I'd attempt to make the lasagna I had planned to make last week. The recipe is from a cookbook called Deceptively Delicious (it's really for kids, and it tells you how to "sneak" in healthy stuff, ha!) that my sister in law gave me and it looked a little complicated, but nothing extreme. Well....the recipe estimated a prep time of twenty minutes. It took me, oh, hour and a half! I know some of that is due to the fact that I'm a total novice in the kitchen and I had planned for it to take about forty, but I didn't realize that the recipe assumed that you had a cauliflower puree on hand (WHAT??). Anyway, after cutting up the huge cauliflower head, it always takes me longer to steam vegetables than the books say (it said eight to twelve minutes; it took about thirty) and then I had to puree it. I did get the dishwasher unloaded and some laundry switched over while it was steaming. I'm glad I used a jar of tomato sauce instead of another pureed concoction (a time saving tip that the recipe recommended). Anyway, after I put the lasagna in, I did some ironing, cleaned up the kitchn, and lysoled all Ann Peyton's toys that went to the hospital to visit PopPop on Sunday. AP woke up about this time and we got ready to meet our friends, Morgan and Haydn for dinner. Peyton tried the lasagna right before we left and he said it was good, but the no boil noodles were a little tough (another time saving tip from the recipe). We went to Remember When (a little home-cooking place by our church) for dinner and it was good, but the babies didn't last very long. We ended up going over to Morgan and Haydn's after supper and stayed and visited for a couple of hours. When we got home, I got on the computer and started editing some of our weekly family pictures. I realized I had done something different on the last twenty or so (used a different size font for the date) and being as OCD as I am, of course I had to fix them all. I ended up staying up WAY too late....bad decision!

I slept a little later than usual for a work day (6:15) on Tuesday, but I still managed to get ready, get AP ready, eat breakfast, and take my ten week picture before we had to leave.

We had a good day at MDO and when we got home I fed AP lunch and then let her play for a few minutes and then put her down for her nap, since she had fallen asleep in the car. This worked better and she slept great. I made a hair appointment and facebook messaged a friend about sleep training her little girl (I made it clear I'm NO expert as AP basically trained herself, but I think I might have been able to provide some anecdotal experiences, ha!). I washed some dishes and started laundry and then I ate my lunch, hung out with Peyton, and took a nap.
Peyton found a package for me in his car and it was a present from my adorable blog friend, Amy! Thanks, sweet friend! [I was SO excited because she actually has some leggings that go with a dress from Baby Gap (via eBay) that match this PEREFECTLY!]

When Ann Peyton woke up she played in her room, while I organized her summer clothes and seperated the ones I knew would be too small next Spring and needed sending to the attic from the ones that might fit, which I hung back in her closet. I folded a load of laundry and then fed her supper and loaded the dishwasher. I gave her a bath and then cleaned up her room and put her to bed. I read my Bible and then did some stuff on the computer. When Peyton got home, I made copies of some of our medical receipts that he has to send off for Walgreens to reemburse us for. Annie woke up before I went to bed and I went in her room and snuggled with her a little and got her back to sleep. Peyton and I snuggled a little ourselves :) and talked and watched TV and then I went to bed.

Peyton got up with AP on Wednesday morning at around 7:30 and I joined them in the den at 8:00. We rested on the couch and played and Annie was so cute and sweet, as usual! I had a really bad headache, but I wanted to keep my hair appointment (I'm telling you- IMPORTANT appointment!) so I got ready and then went and got it trimmed. I felt a little better after I ate something and I didn't feel too horrible there. I like the way it turned out and after my hair cut I went by the consignment store next door to the salon. There wasn't really much at all, which was definetly a good thing after all these sales and I still want to buy her some play shoes, a Halloween costume, ect. Anyway, by the time I got home my head was starting to really hurt again. I hung out with Peyton and AP and Peyton said she was tired but he knew I liked her to nap when I was home and could rest too (I'm greedy with those naps, ha!) so he kept her up. Isn't he the sweetest?? Anyway, I put her to bed and had lunch and then tried to take a nap myself. I just could not go to sleep. My mind would not stop working and it was the stupidest things I kept thinking about. I kept thinking about how bad my head hurt and for some reason I started thinking about getting a shot in my forhead that would numb it. That got me thinking (I know this is bizare) about someone getting a plunger like thing and just sucking it out. And then that led to me worrying that Babykins #2 would need to be vacuum extracted. Ohmigosh. I felt like William Faulkner as an insomniac; my stream of conciousness was that out of control.

I finally just gave up and got a snack and messed around on the computer and AP woke up about fifteen minutes later. She was in SUCH a fun mood and I played with her for a few minutes and then rested on the twin bed in her room while she played. My headache was just terrible at this point. I used to get awful headaches that my doctor told me were migraines in high school and I couldn't get over them without taking strong medicine and just going to sleep. Peyton thinks they were sinus/stress headaches. Anyway, I've had maybe four really terrible headaches since AP's been born. One resulted in me calling Peyton at work crying and telling him he had to get home as soon as he could. Another one, which occurred a few months after AP was born, resulted in me taking my Oxycodone that I got when I left the hospital after her birth. Thats right, friends, these headaches are in they are more painful than the level three episiotomy that I never actually used the narcotic for. Ha!

After she got bored we moved to the den and I laid on the couch. I dozed off a couple of times which shocked me since I couldn't go to sleep earlier. That room is extremely baby proofed and if I fall asleep watching her she wakes me up within minutes, but it still freaks me out, so I got up and got another snack and snuggled with her a little on the sofa and tried to just keep my eyes open. She was SO sweet and kept "checking on me". She's never really been aware of when I felt bad before, but I definetly think she was! She's come up to me and lay her head on the couch right beside me or just pat me. It was about the sweetest thing EVER! I did feel like my headache was getting better, but we were too late to make it to church, so I fed her an early supper and we played some more and then I put her to bed. Honestly as the night went on, I felt better and better. I got Dr. McMinn to call me in an antibiotic because I'm sure that it's sinus infection related but I also think it might have to do with my college style late night I pulled on Monday night. My sleep theory supports it! That kind of thing was a good choice (maybe?) for college girl SD, but for pregnant mom who had to wake up five hours later and play with crazy toddlers it was a poor, poor choice. I ended up doing stuff on the computer, straightening up a little, and reading my Bible until Peyton got home. When he got home, we chatted and then watched TV and at a roll of cinnamon rolls for dinner. Ha!

On Thursday, we, of course, woke up early for MDO. We had a nice day and it was really laid back because a couple of the kids weren't there. We actually decided to move up one of the older babies into our room and I think it'll probably be a permanent thing! She's so cute and get this, she wears cloth diapers! Even I don't do cloth away from the house, but of course, I volunteered to be in charge of that. Really I would be anyway, because Kellie and I have a system in our room- she does boys and I do girls. She has all boys and of course I have more experience with girls, so she doesn't have to feel like "something is missing" and I don't have to deal with working with equipment I'm not used to. Ha!

We drove through McDonalds on the way home because I was craving it (I have so many more cravings this time!) and I counted some of the fries as a veggie for AP's lunch (whoops!). We hung out with Peyton for a little bit before he left for work and then I put AP down for a nap. I got on the computer and tried to take a nap myself but couldn't. When Ann Peyton got up, I played with her a little and then tried to be productive. I did dishes, straightened the house some, scrubbed the kitchen counters, folded some clothes, and swept the hardwood floors. Whew! I fed Annie supper and then it was time to go pick up my youngest brother in law from a volleyball game, since was spending the night with us. Annie and I got Joe and we picked up Newks for supper on the way home. I gave AP a bath, cleaned her room, and then put her to bed. Joe was entertaining himself playing video games so I did some things on the computer, like writing this post for my throwback blog. Peyton hung out with Joe when he got home and I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and put up a bunch of laundry. I read my Bible and went to bed pretty early.

On Friday, Ann Peyton woke up around 7:30. I got her a cup of milk and she snuggled with me until Peyton got home from taking Joe to school. I went back to bed and slept until 9ish. I got up and laid on the couch and talked to Peyton and played with AP a little.
She claimed these socks several months ago and would just snuggled with them like they were her lovies. Well, this week she decided she knew what they were really for and will come up to us and cry until we put them on her! They're a little slippery, but she does pretty good! Isn't it funny? I like how they don't even match.

I took a quick bath before Peyton left for a vacination thing he had to do and then I got ready. AP was SO fussy and then I realized it was because Peyton forgot to feed her breakfast until really late and she was hungry. I fixed her another cup of milk since we were about to go to lunch anyway and then finished getting ready. We met Carrie, Aubrey, and Jude for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was delish and we had a great time! Aubrey is precious and just loves to hug and kiss her BFF. When we got home, Peyton was back for a few minutes before he had to go to work, so we played with Annie and talked a little. He was a little jealous of our Mellow outing and insisted we have another couple date there with David and Carrie! He left and I put AP down for a nap. I spent the first part of her nap working on her sixteen month old Facebook album. [I'm always so behind on her monthly albums and I have a lot of other old pics I'd like to upload; I also REALLY need to go through and delete some "friends" that I accidently accepted, even though I have no idea who they are. Whoops again!] After that, Darlene came over to give me some information about MDO and AP woke up while she was here. We visited and after she left I folded laundry, striped the bed and started washing our sheets, ate the rest of my pizza from lunch, and got ready to go to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.
Ann Peyton also loves carrying things herself these days. Two books was a little challenge, but she did it!

We had a fun time at Mickey and Minnie's house and AP enjoyed seeing them! On the way home we dropped off some Beans and Rice through the drive-thru at Walgreens. Once we got home, I put Annie straight to bed, finished the FB album, and read my Bible. I put the fresh sheets on our bed and went to sleep.

I was SO sure AP would sleep late on Saturday, since she went to bed close to ten the night before. But it was not to be. She definetly woke up during the 7:00 hour. Maybe that's just her new schedule?? Peyton got up with us, but he had to get ready for work. He did have time to make pancakes for the three of us, though! Yum! After we ate and he left, Ann Peyton and I hung out in the den and played. Or rather, she played and I tried to keep my eyes open. At one point, I heard her banging on the piano and I thought "this is good because it will keep me from falling asleep and I'll know she's safe and what she's doing". Well, I opened my eyes a few minutes later and she was SITTING on the bench playing it, just like a real person! I have no idea how she got up there, because it's pretty high! She loves to climb on the two houndstooth chairs (she can get off AND on by herself now!) in the living room and now she is obsessed with trying to climb on any chair/sofa/bench she sees! Anyway, after that Annie and I took a bath and I got ready. We were staying home all day so I wore my favorite comfy shorts and AP wore her Big Sis tee and panties that didn't match at all (she has to wear panties or she'll take off her diaper!). We definetly had a relaxed day! We had thought Peyton's brother Joe might come back over since their dad was going out of town and their mom works weekends, but Joe ended up going with Mr. Randy. Peyton took the 4Runner (it's our third car- our "yard car"; we use it to haul stuff, mostly) so he could go biking after work and my car has something wrong with the windsheild, so I was kind of stranded all day.

Ann Peyton played and I finished hanging up the rest of the Summer clothes that might fit next year and got out a few Fall things that I thought she could wear if it got a little cooler. It was still pretty early, but she got up early for how late she had been up the night befoer so I put her down for her nap. I read some blogs and then took a nap myself. She didn't nap as long as I expected, but it was two hours so that was fine!

When she woke up, I changed over some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher and then I made us a big turkey sandwitch on a kaiser roll and we went in the backyard to eat it. Our "picnic" wasn't as successful as I had hoped- the bread was a little stale and the deli meat just kind of gagged me and it was still really hot. AP wasn't too excited, either. She ate some pretzels and then we came in. She played for awhile and then had a complete meltdown for apparently no reason at all. I have seriously never seen her so upset when she wasn't hurt and I started to get scared something was really wrong. I was about to call my mom and she just totally turned it off. Typical for a toddler, I guess. After that I fixed her some broccoli and cauliflower with cheese since she hadn't really eaten a good lunch and I folded laundry. We spent the rest of the afternoon just lazying around in the den and her room. She probably watched more TV than she has in months, but I also snuggled with her and read to her more than I have in months so it evens out! Annie ate dinner and played a little more and then I put her to bed pretty early.

I got on the computer and when Peyton got home I ran to Kroger for a few things. I unloaded groceries and started cooking a "real" supper with sides and everything! Annie woke up in the middle of it, though, and the butter beans burned. I'm sure I would have burned them either way, ha! Anyway, the poppyseed chicken and roasted potatoes I cooked were great. Peyton even said the potatoes tasted like something from a restaurant, and he doesn't just shoot off compliments to be nice! Peyton watched football and I worked on a blog post and then went to bed. AP woke up a lot during the night. She hasn't really been doing that much this week, but I can see about four teeth trying to cut through, so I think that may be it. She had a little stuffy nose, but I think it's just allergies, because Peyton and I both get them so bad at this time of year.

Sunday was a true day of rest, which was a nice contrast from last Sunday (although that was fun, too!). We got up and got ready for church and we were already running a little behind and then we realized that Peyton's bike was still in my 4Runner and the baby seat wasn't hooked up. By the time we got it fixed we were really late, but we went on ahead. Peyton has to leave early on the Sundays he works and he didn't want to go in ten minutes late and leave ten minutes early, so he ended up leaving and going on to work. I went to church and Sunday School and when we got home Annie was ready for her nap. It was pretty early, so I skipped lunch and just gave her some milk and put her down. She slept for a couple of hours and I spent about half an hour starting laundry, straightening the house, and doing a few other things. Then I fixed myself lunch and watched TV. I had nine Bagel Bites and seriously, I couldn't have been more satisfied with a five course meal from the finest restuarant in town. I kinda wanted to eat the other nine in the box. I fell asleep watching TV and when AP woke up I was still exhausted.
My mom made this dress when we were babies. I absolutely love it on AP!

[You can see the intricate hand sewing in this cropped version.]

I fed her lunch and did a few things and then we went over to my parents' house. She actually wore pajamas over there because her Summer clothes look REDIC and her Fall ones are just way too hot. I'm going to have to figure out something for the days we leave home next week, ha! We visited a little and then I took ANOTHER nap while they played with her. Peyton had an Administrative Council meeting at church, so we ended up staying for dinner and they ordered sushi. I just got edamame and rice, but it was good. We got home about the time Peyton did and I dusted some in AP's room (I always think to do it when she's asleep, ha!) and then we played with her a little and put her to bed. Peyton came up with this new game where he goes "Waaa!" and pretends he's a baby and she brings him her pacifer and puts it in his mouth. It's kinda gross, but REALLY funny and REALLY cute. I'm definetly going to be getting a video of that to post!
wearing Papa's belt

with a glob of yogurt in her hair [Peyton made an AWFUL reference to There's Something About Mary. Papa has his mind in the guter!]

Peyton ate leftovers and we talked some and then I finished this post. I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight, because the first part of next week is pretty busy.

We're staying "late" (until 2:00) at MDO on Tuesday and then we have our Ultreya meeting that evening, I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning, and I just need to be productive and get stuff done around here tomorrow!

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