Monday, November 8, 2010

Babykin Boutique: Fall Consignment Collection (Part 2)

This is going to be a pretty long post and I have several other Babykin Boutique posts coming up. I am so behind on sharing some of my great finds! I feel like I say this all the time, but if it's not your thing it so won't hurt my feelings if you skip (not that I'd know anyway!). I just know some people don't really care about baby clothes as much as I do. Haha!

Also, I am not a label snob. I'll buy something if I think it's cute if I've heard of the brand or not. That said, a lot of the stuff I like turns out to be a little high end. That's why I love consignment! I like to include brands on posts like this, not to brag, but because I'm always wondering when I see posts with kids in cute outfits and if I know the brand I'll do a quick eBay search. Whew! Had to get that out there.

First, back at the end of Summer, I went to one of my absolute favorite consignment sales- Kid's Emporium. It's a little bit more expensive than some other sales, but they have better stuff, in my opinion!

Here's the stash broken down:

This is what is for THIS Winter. The polka dot pajamas are just a little Carter's set and they are 18 mo. The play outfit next to them is Patsy Aiken and it's also 18 mo. I was SO excited to find a few Christmas things (although now we have way too much for this year). The little chenille present outfit was handmade I think and it's 18 mo. The other two are by Mis Tee V-Us and Cloud Mine and they're both 18 mo.

I bought a few things ahead, too, of course. I got this precious set by The Bailey Boys with little mittens on a clothes line for next Fall (it's a 24 mo.). The swimsuit is an 18 mo. so I know we might miss it, but I couldn't resist. It's by Funtasia and it's actually a sample, so it's new! The two smocked dresses are really cute, I think! The sailboat dress is Ragsland (it's an 18 mo., but I know she'll be able to wear it because she's always able to wear dresses in smaller sizes) and the other dress has little teddy bears in tutus on it and it's a 2T. It's by Amanda Remembered.

I also got these adorable Sunday shoes for Ann Peyton. The brand is Jumping Jacks and they are redic expensive. I know because we just got AP a pair in her current size. Let me just say that it is REALLY hard to find traditional looking Sunday shoes for a toddler (in my opinion). Anyway, I was SO excited to find these in the next size up and they seriously looked like they had never been worn. They were like $10!!!

The next sale I went to was Lollies. I didn't have great luck last year, but I found a few cute things, so I figured it was worth going. I racked up this time!

I got some more Gymboree pjs in a 12-18 mo. and I found two more Christmas outfits. I know, I'm obsessed. The polka dot one says "Annie" and I was so excited to find it. It didn't really have a brand. It's hard to buy monogrammed things for her on consignment because I don't want just an "A" since her name is Ann Peyton. The outfit was so cute, and since her nickname is Annie, it was perfect. [I know some people (Peyton included) have objections to putting full names on clothes, but I think it's okay for the most part, as long as you're vigilant. Also, she's not really at the age where she'd "go with" someone because they knew her name, anyway.] The little smocked romper has Christmas ornaments on it and it's by Rosalina. Both are 18 mo. The next pjs are from Old Navy and they are 18-24 mo., but she's already wearing them. The pink dress has flower pots on it and it's by a brand I wasn't familiar with- Silly Goose (?). I thought it was so cute! The two piece set is Petit Ami and I LOVE the tea pot and cups. The flower pot and tea cup outfits are both 24 mo. The other smocked dress has little teddy bears with Santa hats on. I'm not sure of the brand, but it's a 24 mo. The corduroy coat was one of my favorite things. It had so MAJOR stains, but I thought it was worth the risk and I got them all out. It was a great deal. It's by Chabre, which is the "formal" division of the company that owns The Bailey Boys. I'm sure someone paid a ton for it, but since it had the stains it was a STEAL! It's a 2T.

I also hit up a few local consignment stores once they got their Fall stuff in.

I found some great play clothes at Leap Frog. The little pink dress is OshKosh and it's 12 mo., but it fits perfectly! I like how the little sleeves are made into the dress. The next outfit is Patsy Aiken and it has matching leggings. It's an 18 mo. The Christmas pjs are by At Home and they are 18 mo., too! The next outfit has a little bluebird on it and it's a sweater-y knit. It's 18 mo. and it's by Zackali. [That brand is usually still crazy expensive (like $30ish) at Leap Frog. I'm just not going to pay that for used play clothes. This outfit was way less, so I snatched it up!] The candy cane outfit is 24 mo. and I hope she'll wear it next year. I'll probably try it on this year, but like I said we have plenty of Christmas outfits for this season! It's Mis Tee V-Us. The little green and pink dress is a 2T by Marikekko and the last outfit Flip by Sweet Potatoes and it's big (like a 4T, maybe?).

I got this precious little Noah's Ark romper at Wear It's At. It was $12. Seriously, how could I pass up a $12 smocked outfit, especially one this cute??

I've gotten a few other things for this Winter (and later) off eBay and I think we're set. I'll do an eBay post soon!


Carrie said...

I've just been on ebay, and now I just have to go search all of these brands now, too. Thanks a lot ;) I seriously hope your baby is a boy so you can scout out the best boys brands for me. I've been scouring ebay for clothes for Jude, and I just can't find a good brand for cute casual clothes. LOVE all of AP's clothes!

Amy said...

these are some of my favorite posts! i love seeing all your great finds!!! i'm not sure, but i think the red christmas dress with "annie" on it looks like kelly's kids, if it's not, it's a really good match! i LOVE the two piece petit ami set with the teapot - presh!!!
and the shoes were a total steal!! i love your little disclaimer at the beginning.....i would never think you were a label "snob" - ha! i'm glad you share, that way i can look them up on ebay, too! :)

Rachel said...

ok so the sample sale has rebooked for december and it's either the first or second weekend - I can't remember off the top of my head but I will look tomorrow at work and let you know! :)

all of her clothes are so cute!!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Curran had that same green seerscuker swimsuit this past summer! I thought it was so cute!

Sarah Broadus said...

Im giving you money on your next trip! You find the best stuff!