Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Babykins #2- Thirteen Weeks

13 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #2 weights almost an ounce and is about three inches long, the size of a medium shrimp (is that the most rando thing ever??). He or she now has fingerprints and her body is starting to catch up with her head!Total Weight Gain/Loss: (gained) a couple of pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not yet; my "loose" jeans are getting tighter, though!
Gender: can't wait to find out!
Movement: not yet
Sleep: not a problem this week!
What I miss: Okay, I wanted to clarify what I said last week. As someone pointed out being married to a pharmacist does help alleviate much of the worry about what medication is safe to take while pregnant. I wasn't very clear and I feel like a moron. So here's what I meant:
I really don't take anything crazy or obscure, anyway, but I feel like it's kind of a pain to dig though the medicine drawer and make sure to remember to take the Tylenol and not the other aspirin. I finally just cleared out my drawer of everything but the safe stuff; I was so worried I'd take some aspirin in the middle of the night without thinking and worry about it for the rest of the pregnancy! Also, there are a few things I miss having the freedom to take without worry- like Sudafed with a pain reliever (it was just convenient) and B.C. Powder, which was the main thing that really worked on my bad headaches. As a sidenote, it's going to be hard to think of a variety of things in this category, since I don't smoke and I'm not a big drinker. Ha!
Cravings: I gotten pretty obsessed with actual bagels (with cream cheese, yum!) in addition to the Bagel Bites. Annie loves them, too!
Symptoms: naseau is better, lack of energy is about the same, my complextion has gotten horid
Best Moment This Week: dressing AP in "Big Sis" attire. Ahh, so much fun!
What I Am Looking Forward To: seeing Ann Peyton's reaction to her brother or sister


Amy said...

love your babykins updates, but seriously HATE how good you look - ha! I know you haven't felt the greatest, but it doesn't show at all! You look great! I didn't start following you until after you had AP, so I can't even imagine what you will look like with a baby belly, but I'm sure you'll be too cute for words! :)

Do you have a date yet for your appt to find out the gender of the baby? And, everyone I know that is preggo with baby #2 says that pregnancy goes by SO much faster the second time around....do you think it is??

Rachel said...

YOU LOOK SO CUTE!! can't wait to find out the gender!!