Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally Fall/ Pre Chicago Trip Happenings

I seem to be doing these more frequently lately, but I think it's such a good way to share little tidbits and it keeps my already redic Weekly Happenings Posts from becoming even more absurdly long. Anyway....

- Before I say anything else (and this has nothing to do with Fall or our trip, but it's nonetheless SUPER exciting), I have to tell y'all something important-- You know my good friend Ashley who Carrie and I used to eat lunch with every week, but then she moved to Missouri {sob} because her husband got a great job and her family lives there and that's where God wanted the Lancasers and yada yada yada?? Well.....she's going to be a mom for the second time, too! The Lancasters are ADOPTING A BABY FROM SOUTH KOREA!!! So....Carrie, Ash and I will all be in the same boat again with two babykins pretty soon!

- I feel like Fall is really here. Finally! I spent this past weekend doing lots of Fall things:
  • I cooked my dad's awesome chilli recipe. Yum! I've been waiting all summer!
  • Peyton planted these beautiful flowers around our mailbox. Just as I am not a cook, he is also not really horteculturalist. But the change of seasons brings out the best in us!
  • I'm getting ready to begin the arduous task of changing out my Summer clothes for Fall clothes. I store my seasonal stuff in the attic, because our medium size closet is not big enough to hold it all!
  • I already did Ann Peyton's and I'm really excited about her Fall wardrobe. This is her Fall stuff. I wish I had taken a picture of the summer clothes. It was SO full like probably twice as much. I just like Summer clothes better than Winter (for myself and the Babykins), but this Summer I went a little overboard. I vowed I would not be one of those moms on eBay saying "She had so many outfits, she only wore this once to a birthday party" or "Her grandparents buy her so many smocked dresses, I didn't even see this one in the back of the closet", but this Summer I got dangerously close.
  • I finally decided I'd let y'all peak in her big closet, in the interest of full disclosure. In my defense, there is some stuff in there up to 5T and about half of it is 2T and 3T.
  • I finished setting up my new background. I did the header myself. I made the ones for my two new blogs, so I felt like it was time to tackle my main blog. I'm a perfectionist and I'm not totally happy with it (the pictures don't quite "fit" in the frames and AP's is a little blurry), but I know I'll be changing it up in less than two months for Christmas, so I'm not going to stress!
- Even though Fall is here, I'm ready for some REALLY cold weather. That is so, so unlike me but this year Summer just seemed too long. Also, I've mentioned that I have a coat obsession and I'd like to get some wear out of the all but two that I bought last time I was pregnant.
[I bought most of these on eBay and paid less than half of retail. Just so you don't think I'm totally insane. Even though I am.]

- I'm already thinking about Christmas. I've already got our matching PJs for this year AND I think I've found a professional photographer with reasonable prices to do your Christmas card picture. So exciting!

- Okay, this post is becoming totally about STUFF, but I did want to get y'alls opinion on which rocker we should get AP for Christmas. Originally, I had wanted the elephant (Elijah) but he's been discontinued. So....I'm trying to decided between Colt the pony (who I think is a little too typical), Fergie the frog (who I think has a little bit of a weird looking face), or Sandy the snail (who Peyton and my mom object to because, with no legs, he's not substantial enough):

There are some other cute options, but for obvious reasons, we wanted to choose a gender neutral friend.

- Peyton ordered her a Pedal Car (even after I explained we'd have to store it because it just wasn't age appropriate this year). It was a GREAT deal and clearly he's seen her closet and learned the value of my buying ahead principle. Anyway, it came in, but it was dented, so hopefully we'll get a replacement or a partial refund.
[Another gender neutral purchase!]

-We also ordered her a little gingerbread house playhouse for this Christmas. If y'all can't tell, I'm obsessed with all thing whimsical. [By the way, we found all this stuff for half off or better on two of my favorite sites, Zulily and Gilt. Both are free and both have awesome deals on children's clothes, toys, shoes, and other "gear".]

It feels good to have all her "big" stuff for this Christmas. I'll probably get her a few books and small things, but that's it. It's nice to be prepared ahead of time!

- Speaking of....we have a few things we've got to do before our trip this weekend, like getting an umbrella stroller and some DVDs for AP to watch on the plane (pray for us!), picking up the big suitcase from my parents' house (AP and I are sharing since we've got to check her carseat and base-- I may be overprotective, but there is no way I'm putting her in a taxi without it; I'm just glad she's still in the InstallInTwoSeconds SnugRide), and figuring out what the weather will be like!

- Also, this IS a little on the crazy side, but I found the cutest Halloween costume on sale for TEN dollars; since I already ordered AP's, I ordered this one for next year...FOR THE NEW BABY. It's a clown costume and it's neutral and I already have an idea of what coordinating thing (hint:animal) AP is going to be to go with her brother or sister! I couldn't find a good picture, but I'll take one when it arrives!


The Taffs said...

You'll have to share all of your tips for flying with a little one. Have y'all done this before? We are flying to Colorado with Eli for Christmas. He'll be four months at that time, and I'm already a nervous wreck over it!

PS-I love the frog rocker! : )

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love the little pony!

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Pony is great.

Ask the dr about ear drops for her for the plane or have her use the pacifier or something for take off and landing.

Is she in a snug ride infant car seat? Goodness, I'm all for car seats, but check her height because the infant ones only got to 26" height limitations. Yes, I'm a car seat geek even as my children grow and try to outgrow their car seats.

Stop trying to justify her beautiful clothes....she's wearing them, you enjoy shopping, etc. I feel like my babies have a ton of clothes (they do)...but they can't share things due to sizing and they get passed on for great use from friend's I'm stopping feeling guilty about the full drawers, etc. Enjoy this stage while she'll wear what you pick passes.

Amy said...

my vote is for the frog....not that it matters, but i think it's cute :)
hope y'all have a great trip....i LOVE chicago!!!
and, isn't zulily the greatest??!?!