Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday- Hogwart Students Crash Kappa Alpha Theta Party at the University of Mississippi {October 30, 2002}

Sooo....I don't know why I haven't mentioned it, BUT we're going to see one of Peyton's best friends from high school and college who now lives Chicago next week. She's running in a race. A marathon. The Chicago Marathon. Which is (like any marathon) twenty six miles. I know that because I just Googled it. It makes my head spin to think about running that far. As Peyton gently pointed out today, I really can't even drive that far without incident. Also, I can't run around the block without incident. I hear that attending these events can be a really life changing experience and can actually compel you to start experimenting with athletic endeavors yourself. UGH. I sure hope not. Annnnyway....that is a post for another day. The point of this post is to say:


and also to share a little flashback I thought y'all might enjoy:
I have a few observations about this photo that Peyton pointed out he purchased eight years ago:
1. Besides the the race, I thought the fact that this is from a Halloween party made it particularly apropos. Yay for October!
2. Purchases are a big deal for Peyton now. He is a little bit on the cheap frugal side. I can't imagine what he was like eight years ago during a period of his life when he attests to eating refried beans out of a can multiple nights in a row to save money. Katie, clearly, you are one special girl that you were worth the change to buy the photograph. Sidenote: I pay out of my own pocket for our daughter's school pictures.
3. In addition to Googling the marathon length, I also had to Google Harry Potter and read a Wikipedia article on the subject just to title this post and figure out who these two were even supposed to represent.
4. My educated guess is Harry and Hermoine(???), Harry's girlfriend or friend girl (not sure) who is also a wizard (wizardette?? um, hello- SHE'S A WITCH. OBVIOUSLY. Clearly, I fail at fantasy creature taxonomy).
5. I think they are super cute, but Peyton's hair leaves much to be desired. He has oily hair, though, and usually has to wash it after an eight hour work day if we have plans. One of two things happened here: a) He went to school all day and didn't take a shower before the sorority function and Katie was too gracious to tell him he needed one or b) He did take a shower, but had so much fun busting a move at the party that he broke a sweat. Probably the later, since he was definitely the big wizard on campus. Ha!


Ashley said...

On so many levels:


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I was a Kappa Alpha Theta! Hope the race goes well.

Katie Smith said...

OH WOW! I love this!! haha :) definitely a blast from the past - but a good one! I absolutely cannot wait to see y'all up here in Chicago next weekend and am so looking forward to meeting AP!

Katie Smith said...

also, you got the characters right - Peyton is obviously Harry, and I am his friend Hermione. :)