Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday- Little Punkins {Circa 1988}

I thought this picture of me, Momma and Cookie was too cute! I think it was taken Halloween of 1988- I was three, Cookie was one, and Momma was thirty seven. Aren't our "punkin" costumes adorable? I think the reason Halloween costumes and birthday parties and stuff like that is so important to me is because my mom excelled in those areas.

The reason my eyes are so weird and squinty is because I had just had eye surgery. My dad prayed so much over the situation because it terrified him and he swears he was visited by an angel one night before the surgery and she told him I was going to be alright. And, of course, I was! [They did find out that I'm very allergic to Atropine, though!]

Growing up, we didn't trick-or-treat in the traditional since because we lived on a REALLY busy street. However, this was before the "fall festival" movement of the modern day church really emerged. So, my parents were really creative and we'd go to the houses next door to ours (we could just cut across their yards) and then we'd pile in the car and go to their (and later our own) friends' houses around town and show off our costumes and see what their kids were dressed up as. It was so much fun and I think that since we don't know many of our neighbors, except those really close to our house, we may follow suit! Last year, I did several post about holiday traditions- one for Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Christmas. I really like being intentional about that sort of thing, so I think I may brainstorm next week about future Halloween traditions!


Anonymous said...

Your Halloween photo is so cute! Was that really 1998 - did you really get married at 13?:-)

I came over here from Kelly's Korner and really like your blog.


Amy said...

hehehe....i thought the SAME thing. i was freaking out thinking i had been reading the blog of a 15 year old mother of (almost) two! Makes me feel better to know it was 1988 and not 1998. ;0)
SUCH a cute picture - I wish I had easy access to pictures from my childhood. I definitely need to "dig up" a few next time i go "home"