Friday, October 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Highlights from the First Trimester

The Good:
- finding out I was pregnant
- telling Peyton
- sharing our news with family and friends and not having a sick, scared feeling about it
- feeling justified in eating whatever I want
- hearing the heartbeat and seeing our little butter bean on the screen for the first time
- telling Annie she's going to be a big sister

The Bad:
- my complete lack of energy during most of the day
- all these infections that normally plague my life (sinus infections and UTIs are quite common for me) seem all the more miz these days
- redic over the top emotionality that is uncharacteristic even for me
- the anxiety that accompanies probably any pregnancy and increased somewhat with our little scare

The Ugly:
- throwing up
- other stomach problems I have yet to mention, and will not mention, on my blog
- my face; I can't remember having this bad acne since high school
- my house; it's not getting cleaned like it used to

Yay for one trimester down! Only two more to go!

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