Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letter to (Eighteen Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are eighteen months old today, Baby Girl! It is so hard to believe that it has been a year and a half since the first moment we met you. A year and a half since the first time Papa and I heard you cry and couldn't hold back our own tears. A year and a half since I first looked into your eyes and knew that I had been given a greater gift than I could have ever imagined. A year and a half since I first buried my nose in your hair and decided I had experienced a little bit of what heaven felt like. A year and a half since I traced your tiny lips with my fingers and realized I had never seen anything as beautiful as you were. A year and a half since Papa and I passed you back and forth and reveled in all that emotion- the intense pride, the overpowering love, the brand new fear, the quiet joy, the humble thankfulness, the all encompassing awe.

A year and a half. It seems like yesterday and yet, it is a difficult thing remembering what life was like, or who I was, before you came along. You do remind us daily, sometimes hourly, what a big, grown up girl you are. When Papa and I sneak into your nursery at night and are finally able to catch a glimpse of you not in motion, we whisper to each other in hushed voices "She is HUGE!". You stay busy all day and you've gone from walking with assistance to RUNNING within a month. Your vocabulary is starting to grow and most every night I have something new to tell Papa about what you did that day.

You finally seem to be a somewhat normal size! You are still tiny compared to lots of babies your age, but you're wearing lots of eighteen month outfits.

You have gotten more picky with your eating, but you love brocolli with cheese, corn, chicken or deli meat, and most all fruits. Goldfish crackers are your favorites, though!

You have gone from having two teeth to having about seven in a matter of weeks. No wonder you started waking up a few nights this month! Your grin is precious and Papa says you look like a little monster. You're a pretty darn cute monster!

You don't paticularly like brushing your teeth. You loved it when we first started, but I think it was just the novelty of it. We're working on it, though. You do LOVE baths, though, and if you see one of us in the tub or the water running you try to climb right in.

You've started saying several new words in the last few weeks. You say "hot" when you touch warm food, when we put you in the bath, and even when you get into a hot car seat! By the way, you are learning to climb in your car seat by yourself; it helps Mommy because all I have to do is buckle you. You have also learned to say "wa wa" for water and "ball". You haven't said Mickey, Minnie or Cookie's names yet, but you do say "Layla" or rather "La-wa" (Mickey and Minnie's MaltiPoo). We think that is too funny because you and "La-wa" both want to be the baby are always in a competition for attention; of course you said the name of your arch enemy before anyone else's at their house! You have started saying "kitty" even though you said "cat" for a few months. Today I asked you to say cat and you said "kitty", so ovbiously you know they are one and the same; you are such a bright little babykins!

I saved the best for last. You've stopped saying "DaDa" for the most part after many months of coaching from "Papa". You say "Bapa" very consistantly now and it makes him so happy and so proud! The other day I asked you to say it and you went to the baby gate and stretched your arms out, looking for him. ADORABLE!

You are also very sweet and affectionate which makes my heart melt. You love to come up and give us hugs (your favorite time to hug me is when I'm on the potty, go figure!) and kisses and just put your read in our laps. The other day when I was feeling bad, you'd come lay your head beside mine and just pat me. It was the sweetest thing ever!

You are such a busy girl! You love to climb and you've gotten especially obsessed with climbing into the two houndstooth chairs in our living room. You run back and forth between them, climb up into the seat, lean back and "relax" and then start all over! It's hilarious!

You also like carrying things around. You try to pick up as many books or stuffed animals as you can and walk around with them. It's really funny.

You have a couple of new favorite games. You love for me to put you in our bed and pretend to tuck you in. You laugh and laugh. I tell you that that's the way "big girls" sleep and you'll sleep in a big bed with covers when you're a big sister!

You also love playing the "paci game" that Papa invented. He cries "WAAAAAH" like a baby and you put your paci in his mouth. It is hilarious and you know it. You laugh so hard!

Annie, we have been so blessed these past eighteen months. We cannot get over how cute, sweet, and special you are. I can't imagine anything greater than being you mother and every day you amaze me and make me laugh, usually within the first few minutes of waking up. I could never, ever thank the Lord enough for you.

Momma (and "Bapa")

P.S. This month's outfit is a 12 mo. It's reversible and you probably won't wear it on the Halloween side for another week or so, but I like your pictures to coordinate with the month's holiday when possible!

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