Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictorial Addendum to Weekly Happenings Post #81 (October 4-10)-- Look Who Just Blew In To the Windy City

Here are the pictures from our Chicago trip this weekend! I went ahead and included the pictures from Monday and Tuesday, even though those events will show up in the next WH post.

family picture right before leaving on Saturday morning

Ann Peyton did great on the plane!

Here is the ABSURD amount of stuff we (I) brought for the weekend!

After the flight, AP and Peyton caught a little nap!

Here comes Katie!


Annie took a little snooze while we were at another point waiting for Katie to pass.

Up and at 'em!

random runners and spectators

THIS is why I didn't sleep great the nights she slept with us- girlfriend likes to be horizontal when she sleeps!

Wrigley Field- had to pause for a photo op. This was during our "free day" when we explored the city on Monday!

classic Chicago Deep Dish

On Tuesday morning, Peyton took Annie exploring to a park and a museum and a few other places. I slept and packed. I didn't feel like I was missing out and I was SO tired, but I made him promise to take lots of pictures. As you'll see, he did a GREAT job!

strolling along a harbor

observing a butterfly exhibit

So pretty!

Apparently this buffalo really scared Annie and she grabbed Peyton really tight!

more fun at the museum!

We got really lucky and the people at Southwest are SO nice and helpful, and since the plane wasn't full, we got to bring her car seat on for free! She slept the entire flight! She's wearing a onsie because she had THE worse blow out diaper she's ever had AS OUR FLIGHT WAS BOARDING. Ha!

We had so much fun in Chicago and I'm so glad Ann Peyton and I decided to go.


Amy said...

I think the family picture at the top is one y'alls best yet!

Anonymous said...

don't you love southwest!