Thursday, October 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Nurseries

***This is a repost from just over a month ago. I wanted to repost instead of linking because I like the consistency and I wanted it all to be under my SUYL label. I am SO incredibly OCD.***

We have made several adjustments in the last few months to make AP's nursery into more of a big girl room. For one thing, we've baby proofed it within an inch of it's life. Every room of our house isn't SUPER baby proofed (as in enough to leave her by herself for a couple of minutes) but her bedroom and the den are. In addition to the babykin-proofing, we've also made some cosmetic changes, as well.

First, we changed her bedding a LONG while back. This is what it did look like:

Her covers were not staying tucked in and I didn't think it was safe, so we have just been improvising with a sheet that my mom actually used on our crib when we were babies. I also changed out the mobile.

I'll probably buy a new bedding set for the next baby (we spent next to nothing- about $40 on the one AP used at first!) regardless of if it's a boy or a girl. Anyway, it works for now; as you can see her crib is like a play yard anyway!

Awhile back, I also found this toddler chair and switched it out with her bouncy seat when she (finally!) outgrew it!


The next thing we did was change out the bedspread on the twin bed in the nursery. We'll probably put the old one back on once it gets cool, but I loved the chenille one for the summer. It's so light and airy and it was fun to make it have a neat, vintage day bed look!
{fall bedspread}

{summery day bed}

We also put up some new accessories around her room. I used some of the non-Eastery looking bunny stuff that I had gotten for her birthday party. Her room has never had a theme, except that I wanted it to have a very "vintage" feel, but now I think there is an undertone of a bunny theme! For example, I added this little bunny swingin' on the bedpost!

And in the area right above Ann Peyton's big girl bed....

....I added a sweet painting that Ashley did for her.
I wrote about it here. I think it's a perfect spot right above her bed where we will be tucking her in a probably less than a year.

We hung up this little frog shelf thing. I think he's super cute, although I don't know just how we'll use him yet! Maybe some lightweight toys? Diapers? Panties, hats, ect?

We also hung a few new things along the wall that her closet and the door to the room is on. Here it is before:

Above her chair we added a little growth chart that my parents gave her for her birthday...

her bulletin board has filled up nicely...

and we added a few things between the closet door and the door to the room.
{Below the kitty painting is a cross that was a baby gift and a little castle picture from Hobby Lobby; on the very bottom is a bunny canvas I made for her birthday.}

We hung a couple of things on the back of her door, too.

The last thing we did was the biggest project and it really wasn't that hard. Annie's dressing table did look like this:

However, once she started really walking and pulling up on things we got worried that she would pull the skirt (and the glass top) off. I still don't think she'd really be strong enough to do it, but we'd never know when she was. It also had lots of breakable things on it.

Anyway, here's what the dresser looks like under the skirt:
Yeah, that wouldn't have really worked with her soft, pastel room. So we painted it!

We spray painted the white part, which was kind of a pain, but my mom helped me and she knows what she's doing as far as reworking furniture, so I trusted her! We painted the blue part with regular paint; it's the same can we used for the guest bathroom. We used spray paint for the handles, too. Here it is:

It looked pretty good, but we all thought a little distressing would add some character, so we just used a bit of sandpaper and some steel wool. We used a paint pen to do the gold embellishments. Finished:

My mom found the fabric for the stool in her linen drawer and had a monogram put on it. I think it turned out beautifully!

We consolidated the stuff on top and moved most of the breakable things.

Where did they all go?? We hung a shelve above her armoire and put them up there, way out of reach!


It's funny because now that it's all done, we may be reworking it AGAIN in a few months. Weather the new baby is a boy or a girl, they will most likely be sharing this room, at least at first (once the baby starts sleeping through the night, obliviously). If it's a girl, I really probably won't change much at all. If it's a boy, I'm going to keep the room pastel and just play up the blue and Annie's "side" with the big girl bed will definitely still have some pink!

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