Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Offices

This week Kelly is doing a tour of offices. Welcome to our office! Again, this is a lot from an older post, but there are a few updates!

It's really Peyton's (mostly) and we call it a "study". Here is a picture from the hallway.

Bookcase #1.....this has some of Peyton's records and some of his pharmacy stuff and a bunch of my old textbooks and binders. I know, I know, I am that girl....the one that keeps all her old textbooks. But my elem. ed. books are really interesting; I promise!

Peyton's desk. This was one of our biggest purchases (most of our furniture came from one of our families). We got a really good deal on it at an antique shop.

This table has all my office/art/craft supplies in it. I keep all my scrapbooking stuff, paints for art projects, and stuff that I would've used in my classroom :( (I really do like my current job better!) The top has a lamp that we got at Batte for 90% off because it was broken, but my Dad fixed it. It also has a photo album and some candles (the white one is the one they lit at church the Sunday after Ann Peyton was born). Sometimes we light it when we pray over her.

Above the table is our "cross wall". I love it! The one in the center that is framed was a gift from my best friend Logan. Peyton got me the one under it when he went on a mission trip to Mexico. The others were all his, except the one on the bottom right. It's a "matchstick cross" that Cookie and I made when we were little. We used to make them all the time when we were little, mainly around Christmas to give to our teachers. It was always one of my favorite crafts; I should start making them again! Sorry the picture is so blurry!

Here's the updated part:

Before: bookcase has a ton of books on it! We have way too many books and we keep getting more! We both just love to read! And my mom has been giving Peyton those wood boxes for Christmas since forever! He likes them. Next to the bookcase is his diploma (I still haven't hung mine).

After: We got rid of the bookcase because it wasn't really sturdy and with Ann Peyton walking now, we didn't think it was very safe. We replaced it with this cabinet. Peyton is obsessed with it and we were on a waiting list at the store for months waiting for it!

I still feel like the top needs a lot of tweaking, but this is it now!
...I thought you needed a closer look of this one!

Comfy, orange chair that I would love to get recovered one day!

I also added this little basket for Peyton's papers. I think looks really great with the (heinous) orange chair. Ha!

This poster is authentic vintage! It is from the Circus and was Peyton's grandparents....kind of scary. Hope it won't give AP nightmares!

And finally, Peyton's chess set. It is one of his prized possessions. I gave him the pieces for Christmas (I knew he had been eyeing them) and he bought the board later on eBay.
Well, that's it. It really is Peyton's room (the rest of the house is so girly), but I've grown to love it! It's so nice to go in there and read together. It's also where I do most of my blogging/other computer stuff. Peyton loves his laptop, but I really prefer the desktop.


Rachel said...

i love that cabinet - it is beautiful and so unique!

Betsy said...

Haha, I keep all of my old textbooks too!

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Love the cabinet and the desk.

Miranda said...

I LOVE your desk!!!! :-)


Eunece said...

Love your space! The poster is a great find, keep it! Lots of people are looking for memorabilia like that.

Terrell said...

Wow! What a beautiful and fun space!! Love how orgainzed it is! Way to go, girly! I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner and I'm so excited to be your newest follower of your sweet blog! I would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Have a beautiful day!!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~