Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly Happenings #85 (October 25-31)-- Strawberry Fields Forever

This week was fun. I don't want to say I'm over being sick because I feel like I jinx myself every time I do that, so I'll just say I think it's getting better! We had several appointments this week and got good reports on both our babies, so that was wonderful!

Monday got off to a good start. We woke up and got ready and made it on time to our 8:15 appointment with Dr. Denney. Ann Peyton had a great eighteen month check up and she seems on track for pretty much everything. We talked about the words she says and the little quirky things she does and I was just such a proud momma sharing that all with Dr. Denney. She got two shots, one vaccine and a flu shot, and she did really well. Here are her stats from the appointment:
Weight: 20 lbs 14 oz (5th percentile- woo who!)
Height: 30.25 in (10th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.82 (80th percentile)
BMI: 16 (28th percentile)
I always get nervous about these appointments because we've had so many issues with her weight, but Dr. Denney seemed really pleased and now that she's consistently wearing clothes that are true to size, I am going to try to put my fears behind me!

When we got home, Peyton and I worked on our family finances and then I did some of my personal finances (my stuff plus most of the baby stuff). I straightened the house a little and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and watched The View. Ann Peyton was SO whiney, I guess partly from her shot, so we gave her some Tylenol and fed her an early lunch and put her down for her nap.

She slept great, but I didn't accomplish much! I ate lunch and took a nap myself. I did start cleaning out my car. There was so much junk that has been accumulating in there and it needed it. After AP woke up, we went over to Peyton's parents' house and to my parents' for a visit. My parents were having grilled hot dogs for dinner, so we ate with them. When we got home, I put AP to bed and read my Bible and got on the computer.

Tuesday was kind of....looooong. We had Mother's Day Out and it was pretty uneventful.
We had a fun time, though, and when we got home I fed AP lunch and Peyton and I played with her a little and then I put her down for her nap. I tried to take a nap again myself, but I knew I couldn't fall asleep until she did, so I wrote my sixteen week blog post instead. She kept talking to herself like she always does, and then started fussing, and then crying. I went in to check on her and she had a dirty diaper. I changed it and rocked her and put her back in bed. She'd get quiet for a minute, but then she'd start fussing again. I kept thinking she'd finally given it up, but she never did. Eventually, I just went in and got her up since it had been over an hour. I think it's the second day in her life that she hasn't napped. Don't hate me ;)
After she got up, I unloaded and loaded dishes and clipped coupons and then we went to the grocery store. I had a headache and I was so tired, but the little outing helped us both. And we only spent abut $30 this week! When we got home, I put up the groceries and Annie played. I folded and put up laundry and fed Ann Peyton dinner. I put her to bed a little earlier than usual and she went right to sleep. I kind of just vegged out after that and watched TV and fooled around on the computer and then went to sleep myself.

Wednesday was sort of a different day because Peyton had a meeting in Louisiana. He decided to just get up early and make it a day trip. I had my OB appointment at 8:00. My mom came over to keep Ann Peyton and she was actually still asleep when I left the house. It was really rainy and I got to my appointment a little late, but it was fine. I got in and out pretty quickly and there isn't too much to report. The baby had a strong heartbeat (around 156) and next time we'll find out the gender! Dr. McMinn did mention retesting my thyroid counts because they were low at my first appointment. She said that was pretty common in early pregnancy and it was probably nothing to worry about, though! When I got home, I played with Annie and my mom helped me arrange some stuff on our new cabinet in the study:
Then I gave Ann Peyton a bath and got her ready for the day. I'm glad I allowed some extra time, because I got soaked and had to change clothes. It's hard enough to find something when it's 85 degrees in October, but when you're pregnant and it's rainy? UGH. Anyway, I got AP's lunch together and we went by Subway and then headed over to the Howie's for a little play date.

The girls did better with sharing this week! I think it may be because Aubrey has more toys (and more play space!) than Ann Peyton. Either way, they were really good and they keep us laughing. One minute they will be fussing at each other and the next they'll just be laughing hysterically together for reasons totally unknown to me and Carrie. I can't wait to watch how Jude and our next baby will interact as they get older! When we got home, AP took a nice nap and I did stuff on the computer and took a nap myself. After she woke up, I got ready for church and fed her supper and then we headed to Bible Study. I had a great time and we talked a lot about priorities. The older ladies in my group were really good at encouraging me about keeping my to-do list to a minimum so I'd have time for Ann Peyton and for myself. It was a nice reminder! We got home around the same time as Peyton and he and Annie played a little bit and then we put her to bed. Peyton and I watched an episode of My So-Called Life that we had Netflixed and then chatted a little. I read my Bible, got on the computer for awhile, and went to bed.

Thursday was a fun, but crazy day at MDO. We didn't have a real Halloween party, but most of the kids wore costumes and we had fun treats and went "trick or treating" to the different pastors' offices at the church. So fun, but definitely tiring!
I took some other pictures, but I didn't know whose parents might object to having them on the open Internet, so here's one of AP chilling on the sit-and-spin (not where you're supposed to sit! She looks so OLD to me in this picture!)

When we got home, I fed Annie lunch and we played a little and then I put her down for a nap. I worked on some blog posts and watched a DVR'd episode of The Good Wife. When she woke up, we played and read lots of books. I cleaned up the kitchen (there were piles of stuff everywhere), did the dishes, and scrubbed the counters. I also did a few other small things I keep putting off, like taping some of AP's books that she's ripped, putting fresh batteries in her toys, and clipping coupons. I put on a Halloween CD that a lady from our church gave us with silly songs on it and AP loved it (although she really wanted to play with the CD player). I changed her sheets and she had a bad diaper. Since we use cloth diapers, and we use liners, I just flush the "mess" right down the potty. Well, the toilet got clogged. I fooled with the plunger some, but I couldn't get it and I really didn't want to wait for Peyton, so I just stuck my hand in there and unclogged it manually. I mean it's not like I hadn't already dealt with all that a few minutes earlier when I changed her. Anyway, I got it fixed!
Annie enjoyed playing with her disposables...

and playing dress up...

...while I organized her bows. [I want to do something cute, but for now I just stuck them all on the little things some of them came on. Maybe I'll have time for crafting someday!]

We played some more and then it was time for supper and bed for Annie. I got on the computer, swept and mopped the tile and laminate floors, wrote some thank you notes, and cooked eggs and bacon for me and Peyton for supper. We both fell asleep on the couch!

Peyton and I both had hair appointments Friday morning, so we got up and got ready and got Annie ready. Peyton went first and got a quick cut and then we traded Ann Peyton off and I got mine colored. It took awhile, but I brought a new book I'm reading, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives, with me and I made a good bit of progress in it. I went by the consignment store that's in the shopping center with the hair salon and got AP several cute things. When I got home, Peyton and Annie were playing in the yard and Peyton told me he had forgotten his house key. They had run some errands, though, and then had breakfast together at Primos. We stayed outside and played, but then I started feeling sick. I think I waiting too long since I ate (more than two hours, ha!), so I fixed myself lunch and hid from Ann Peyton, so I could eat in peace. I tried to fed her lunch, but she was still full from her breakfast, so we played a little and then put her down for a nap. She was SO grouchy, but I think she was just tired, because she took a good nap.

I did dishes, straightened the house, and remopped the floors because I realized the pregnancy brain is bad and I forgot to use soap the night before and they were still kind of dirty! I got on the computer and relaxed some and when AP woke up I fed her a late lunch and we played and straightened the house up some more and then headed to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice. We had a good time and when we got home, I read my Bible and worked on my personal finances and did stuff on the computer. I fell asleep watching My So-Called Life.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. Peyton had to work and AP woke up as he was leaving but she played in her bed for another twenty minutes or so. We read books and then had a bath and got dressed for the day. We both had a late breakfast and I watched more of My So-Called Life and folded laundry while Annie played. I put her down for a nap and messed around on the computer and started another episode of My So-Called Life. This disc has commentary from the director and actors and I LOVE it when movies and shows do that on the DVDS because it's fun to me to hear them analyze the scenes. I folded more clothes and worked on a blog post and just relaxed until she woke up. Once Annie woke up, we went outside. We ended up staying out in the backyard for almost two hours; it was so nice! I read and played with her some and I took the laptop with us so I wouldn't miss some downtotheminute eBay auctions (obsessed much?). She's a climber, just like I was when I was a little girl!

Peyton got home right after we came inside and just as the Trick or Treaters were coming (our town did it on Saturday this year since the 31st fell on Sunday). We had a TON, which we weren't really expecting, because the park right across the street from our house wasn't having the usual Halloween festivities (they had it at another park this year). Anyway, we ended up sitting outside in the front yard to pass out candy. Ann Peyton got her first taste of a Ring Pop because Peyton thought that was the least likely to be a choking hazard. Um, she ended up biting off the whole thing, which was, at that point, a little ball. Needless to say, she was done for the night!
We came inside around 8:00 and fed her supper, gave her a bath, and put her to bed.
Peyton grilled burgers for us and I tried frying frozen sweet potato fries again. We are both improving because the burgers and fries were the best we've had yet! I cleaned up the kitchen, read blogs, did my daily Bible reading and went to bed.

Peyton's tech called in sick, and he had to get to work extra early, so Ann Peyton and I went to Sunday School and church by ourselves on Sunday. We had a big group for Sunday School and I enjoyed seeing everyone. When we got home, I fed AP lunch and started laundry and dishes and then put her down for a nap. She took almost an hour to fall asleep; she wasn't fussing, though, just jabbering away. I spent most of naptime on the computer, updating my goals list (I've done a terrible job keeping up with it across the board), uploading and editing pictures from the week, and working on a blog that I think I'm going to start for our Sunday School class (I'll let y'all know when it's up!).

When Annie woke up, she helped me put up laundry and played while I cleaned the bathrooms and dusted. Then we got ready to go to mine and Peyton's parents' house to show off our little strawberry to the grandparents!

Peyton wanted me to share what happens when I get frustrated trying to get a decent picture!

She loves DeeDee!

watching football in bed with Minnie and Cookie

We had fun, but we got in SO late. Annie went to bed really late, so I hope she sleeps late tomorrow morning!

This week looks fun. I'm subbing a little, but that's really all that's different from most weeks!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

That is one cute strawberry you have at your house!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Denley that pic of her on the table is so Peyton! It's amazing he could have a baby that looks so like him but is a mile off personality wise:)

Alison said...

I love AP's strawberry costume! So cute!

Mallory Pickering said...

Hey Sarah Denley- I noticed that Ann Peyton looks a lot like you in the top picture. All these pics are so sweet. Miss you at CSLBC!