Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #82 (October 4-10)-- Look Who Just Blew In To the Windy City

**I only have pictures from half the week because Peyton's laptop crashed, so I couldn't upload any. That's also the reason this post is so late and the reason for the weird spacing. I'll do a separate picture post later in the week!**

This week was kind of a weird one. Actually, it's been a bit of a roller coaster. After working on Monday, Peyton was planning on having the rest of the week off, but then he remembered he was working at another store on Thursday. Until Wednesday, Peyton thought (and had me thinking) we were leaving for Chicago on Friday morning. Well, he found out we didn't leave until Saturday. After having the surprise of the extra work day, I was relieved to have an extra day to get ready! Add to all those surprises, and we had another (itty bitty) pregnancy scare. EVERYTHING TURNED OUT TO BE FINE, THOUGH! Overall, it was a good week, even with all the changes of plans and surprises!

Our trip has been fun, but really tiring (for me) so far. Chicago is a neat city and I'm glad Annie and I decided to come along for the ride, but whew! I guess it has just been really different from what I expected. For one thing I did not expect it to be so physically exhausting, but I also was thinking it would be a lot more stressful. I'm sure I'd prefer being tired to being stressed, ha! What I mean is that I was anticipating a lot more "baby stressers". I've always said AP is super easy going and that still holds true, but she's a normal toddler and she can throw some tantrums and get pretty pouty if she gets bored or things aren't going her way. So far, though, she's been a DELIGHT. The hard part, though, is just being really tired. I had NO idea how walking intensive this trip would be. I asked Peyton how far we had walked today and yesterday and it really wasn't that far, but it sure felt like it to this pregnant girl! I'm just really out of shape and it's been a long time since I've really done a ton of walking.

Ann Peyton and I had a lazy morning on Monday. We had been out late the night before and AP slept until 9:00! I was so thankful for the extra sleep! When she woke up, we had breakfast, baths, and played. I folded laundry and Annie helped me put it up and then it was naptime. During her nap, I did stuff on the computer, had lunch, and rested on the couch. I also did some dishes and scrubbed the kitchen counters. When she woke up, we played and changed the sheets on our bed. I did more laundry and when Peyton got home we headed over to his parents' house to visit. We stopped by Kroger on the way home. We put AP to bed when we got home and had supper. Peyton had leftovers and I had a baked potato and some snacks. I straightened the house, dusted in the study and our bedroom, got on the computer, read my Bible and went to bed.

Tuesday morning was a little difficult. I woke up and got ready and got Annie mostly ready. I even had Peyton take my picture.

As he was taking it I started feeling yuck. Within about two minutes, I had my head in the toilet and was sicker than I've been yet. YUCK! I called Darlene and told her we'd be late and she was super sweet (of course!) and told me she'd call a sub if I needed it, but I was already feeling better, so we went on to "school". The day was pretty good and I felt a lot better after we got there. While we were gone, Peyton picked up a new bookcase for the study. I'm so glad we didn't get the piece of furniture he found at the antique shop a couple of weeks ago, because we had been on a waiting list for this piece and they FINALLY called!

Baby Bear and her papa before heading out to "school". She calls her jacket a "kitty" because it's so soft, ha!

When we got home, I fed AP lunch, started some dishes and laundry and put her down for her nap. I wrote my thirteen weeks blog post and took a nap myself. When Annie woke up, Peyton and I took her out in the yard to play. She had SO much fun! After that we went by Babies R Us and Kroger. I started feeling sick in Kroger and had to go wait in the car. UGH. When we got home, we fed Annie supper and put her to bed and then we ate supper (leftover chili) and I got on the computer. We worked on putting books in the new bookcase and went to bed.

Tuesday afternoon I had noticed I had some (very minor) spotting and Peyton and I decided that if it wasn't gone by Wednesday morning, I'd call Dr. McMinn. Well, it hadn't gotten any worse, but it hadn't gone away, either. I called and they told me I should come on in, especially since we had a scare earlier in the pregnancy. We had planned on all going over to my parents' house on Wednesday morning because Peyton and one of his brothers wanted to fish and Annie and I were just going to visit with my mom, but my mom ended up working that morning. Peyton still left, but promised he'd be home by noon, so he could watch Annie and I could make my 12:30 appointment. I was stressed out by all I thought I needed to get done in the next couple of days (I still thought we were leaving on Friday, but had just found out Peyton was working Thursday) and Peyton wanted to cram so much stuff into every minute. Then I was super nervous about the spotting. When AP bumped her head and started crying, I started crying with her!

I pulled myself together, though, and fed her breakfast, did dishes, and started laundry. She played and I folded clothes and then I put her down for an early nap (she had woken up really early when a lady came by our house to draw Peyton's blood for life insurance). She fell asleep and I got a lot done in the hour before my doctor's appointment. I straightened the house, cleaned bathrooms, and started uploading some pictures to Facebook. Peyton got home and I went to the doctor. Doctor McMinn said it was the same "implantation bleed" that had caused problems at first and it wasn't a cause for concern. I also talked to her about being so sick, because I was worried I had lost weight [I know that's totally normal in the first trimester, especially if you get sick, but when your average weight is in the 90s it can be scary]. She said I needed to try to make myself eat something every two to three hours. I went by the bank on the way home.

I was so surprised that he or she looks like a real baby now! I didn't know when they started looking so "babyish"!

When I got home, Peyton was working in the yard, so I fixed some Bagel Bites and joined him. When Annie woke up, I swept the hardwoods and we worked on our family finances (we were way behind in the online program we use). Cookie and my mom came over to bring the big suitcase for mine and Annie's stuff and they visited for awhile and then we got ready and went to church. After church, we ran by Target for diapers and a few things. We also drove through Dairy Queen (Peyton's fave) and when we got home we fed AP and put her to bed. I had a terrible headache and for some reason it occurred to me that I had read on my nausea medicine bottle that it could cause them. I asked Peyton about it and he said he was surprised it was listed on the label, because that's a side effect for virtually all medications and he didn't think it was that common with this one. [It would explain why I've been getting them SO much more frequently, though. I have another prescription, but it causes drowsiness and I'm scared to take it with how tired I already am. I agreed I'd take it and just see what it did on Peyton's next full day off.] I was really proud of myself because I pushed myself to do a few things even though I felt pretty bad. I helped Peyton some more with finances, read my Bible, and then we went and got ALL the boxes with my Fall/Winter clothes from the attic. I went to bed pretty early.

Thursday was a fun day at Mother's Day Out. The two other little girls who are Ann Peyton's age were both absent, so Annie was the only "young" toddler in our class (the others are close to two). So, Annie and I joined the big kids on the playground! She had such a blast and went down the slide a gazillion times. She'd fall down when she tried to run up a bumpy hill, but it didn't bother her own bit!

When we got home, I fed her lunch and then put her down for a nap. I had lunch and got on the computer (I spent less time on the computer on Wednesday than I have in months but I made up for it, ha!). When she woke up, we spent most of the rest of the afternoon working on my closet changeover. We did that for probably about three hours, but I took breaks to play with Annie.
These are all the boxes from the attic. I will say that they aren't all totally full. Peyton and I learned the hard way that if I fill up the big ones they are too heavy for the two of us to get up and down and we have to call my Dad. Either way, I know it's absurd and this time I'm working on getting rid of some of that stuff I never wear that I've been hoarding since 8th grade! Also, obviously the carpet is next on my to-do list. Ha!

Then my mom and Cookie came over again because Cookie texted me saying she was bored. We had a nice visit and then Peyton got home. We put AP to bed and I cooked fish for dinner. I straightened the house, cleaned up the kitchen, worked on my closet a little more, and did my Bible Study. I read blogs and started a post and then went to bed.

Friday was um, interesting. Annie slept late (9ish) and Peyton got up with her and I slept for about thirty more minutes. I got up and did my morning chores (laundry and dishes) and and packed a lunch for our picnic with Carrie, Aubrey and Jude. As I was getting in the tub, I started to feel sick annnnd then I got sick. I decided to take the different nausea pill and then got ready and we met the Howies at the park. We had a good time, but it was HOT. We decided to try again when it got cooler. When I got home, I felt the effects of the new medicine. I was sitting at Peyton's desk and I literally started falling asleep sitting up. I got in the bed and ended up sleeping for the entirety of AP's nap.

I still felt like I had been run over by a bus when I woke up, but Peyton, AP and I ran a few errands. We ran by the bank, TJ Maxx for a return, and then to Peyton's parents' house to try to find some kid movies for the plane ride. We decided to go to Beans and Rice early so that we could get home early and I could do everything I had planned to do all day to get ready for our trip. We had a nice visit and went by the grocery store and Walgreens on the way home. When we got home, I straightened the house, did a load of dishes, several loads of laundry, and got Ann Peyton and myself packed. I went to bed around 1ish.

I woke up at about 6:30 on Saturday morning to get ready and pack a few last minute things. I had planned to take, edit, and upload our family picture before we left, but we had a few instances (like me spilling a pitcher of juice and having to unpack and repack some stuff after weighing my suitcase) that slowed us down. We were about ten minutes late leaving, but we got to the airport almost an hour before our departure time, so we figured it was no big deal. Um...the line for the security check was REALLY long. Fortunately, we got our baggage checked pretty quickly and were able to skip the long line since we had a young child and a stroller. Once we got through security (and they unpacked and re x-rayed my huge carry on and tested AP's sippy cup of milk), we had about thirty minutes, so we let Annie walk around and play a little while she still could.

She did GREAT on the plane and everyone who worked for the airline was SO helpful. We were also really fortunate that we got to sit together (we pushed up the armrest and AP actually sat between us most of the time) and that the lady next to us was super sweet and had three of her own children! We did bring her car seat for cab rides, but we decided that there wasn't too much risk on the plane, so we didn't buy her her own ticket. Annie watched movies and read books, but mostly she had fun playing with "toys" (the wrappers our snack came in, a NetiPot (her favorite toy from home), and Peyton's superhero t-shirt that she loves to point at).

We got to Chicago and got our luggage and made it to the taxi. Peyton pulled our two big bags and carried our carry ons and I pushed the stroller with AP in it, carried her diaper bag and toy bag (which started out in my carry on), and put the car seat with the base on my arm. I don't know how we would have down it with a regular car seat. I guess gotten a cart!

Sidenote: One of my blog friends expressed concern about AP still being in an infant seat. I got to thinking about it and if you don't know the backstory, it does seem really weird for an eighteen month old to be in an carrier car seat. So, if you're a new follower, the backstory: AP is a TINY girl! The short version is that she's always been really little, our family is in the care of a couple of amazing physicans who are really thorough and really diligent, and thus we've been scrutinizing her size her entire life. The long story is, on and off, it's really been an issue of concern. So much so that when I was thirty seven weeks pregnant I had a sonogram to figure out why I was measuring so small. So much so that when she was about four months old, our pediatrician tried to get me to supplement with formula and I fought it and we ended up basically reverting to a "newborn schedule" with me breastfeeding her every two to three hours during the day and waking her up every four to eat at night. So much so that when she was nine months old, we had a bunch of blood tests done and I ended up caving and we tried the formula. So much so that we kept her on formula until she was fifteen months old. Every time she continued to gain weight, but at HER pace. Every time, it was confirmed to us more and more what we suspected (and hoped)- that she was just genetically predisposed to be small (have you seen me and my family of orgin? Ha!). Anyway, all that to say she is a very petite little person. She is finally to the point where it's not a big worry, but she's also still fine in a car seat made for kids half her age. Actually, I was planning on getting a new seat when she turned eighteen months because I know it looks redic to have a one and a half year old in an infant seat. But, she's actually getting close to the limits, so we are for sure getting a new one this month. Just wanted to clarify!

We worked really hard to keep AP up the entire cab ride (it was about thirty minutes) and got checked in at the hotel, and immediately headed to Chipotle for lunch. Yum! When we got back, we tried to let AP take a nap in the hotel provided crib, but she was having NONE of it! She and Peyton ended up snuggling and watching football and I went down to the lobby to work on this post because Peyton's computer crashed (fun, NOT!).

After that, we got ready and went out to eat at a yummy Italian restuarant with Katie (Peyton's friend that we were here to see run in the marathon), her friends and her parents. We had a great time and Ann Peyton was really well behaved. I will say the one baby related stressor of the trip has been trying to make sure she gets enough to eat. But we brought a bunch of those Horizon milk boxes that don't have to be refrigerated, so she's at least getting all her milk and we're getting her to eat what she will. When we got back to the hotel, I read my Bible and then we watched TV and went to sleep. Annie slept in the bed with us Saturday night (she again wanted nothing to do with the porticrib) and she did really good, but I think I woke up every thirty minutes!

On Sunday morning, we got up at around 7:30 and got ready. I got sick. We ate breakfast at the hotel, but I couldn't stomach much of it. Then it was MARATHONG TIME! I feel absurd saying this, espesially in light of the 45,000 people that spent the day literally running a marathon, but it was one of the most exhausting days OF MY LIFE. We did a ton of walking (and "train" (it's like the subway system here) riding) around the city from about 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, catching Katie at various points on the route through the city. There were several times I was sure I was going to throw up, several times I was sure I was going to cry, and once when I thought I was going to pass out and almost told Peyton that I had to get back to the hotel. But I made it! A lot of my exhaustion was my own fault in a way; it was so hot and all I had was long sleeves and jeans and I really didn't make myself eat a good breakfast due to being sick. Anyway, I did really try not to make it ovbious that I was having a hard time and I think I did okay, but on the way home when Katie said she wouldn't ever run a marathon again, I joked to Peyton that I wouldn't ever do this again, either. He asked what I meant and I said "hike all over the city when I'm sick and pregnant". He told me later (rightly) that it was a pretty rude thing to say and that he thought Katie's parents might have heard me. I started crying (of course). Katie's parents are THE sweetest people ever and regardless of who was in earshot, it was really disrespectful. Katie has worked SO hard and OF COURSE my small sacrifice was worth it to show our support.
Annie was SO good the whole time and everyone commented on how chill she was. She didn't really fuss at all and even napped in her stroller!

After we saw Katie finish, we headed back to the hotel. We stopped by Panera on the way to get lunch/dinner and then we just rested and hung out. Peyton went out for drinks with Katie and her friends, but Annie and I (ovbiously) stayed at the hotel. I read her some books and then turned on the TV and put her in her crib and with her books and it took about half an hour, but SHE WENT TO SLEEP! I doubt she would have done that with Peyton in the room, because he's the "fun parent". I guess there are perks to being the boring parent, ha! She slept pretty well all night. She woke up a couple of times and fussed a little, but thens she went right back to sleep. I slept so much better! She did end up in our bed at around 5:30, but that was fine!

I'm hoping the rest of our trip will go just as smoothly and that we'll have a RELAXING rest of the week back at home!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine hiking all over any big city with the nausea I had while pregnant, so you are definitely a trooper! Glad y'all are having fun. If AP likes baby dolls, you should go to the American Girl store while you're there. I know she's probably kind of young for it, but I think she'd love it! And my sister and I were little bitty too...I was actually in the 95% at birth and then in the 5% at 1 year. In the 5th grade I still wore a size 6x, so I know exactly where you're cingular from. I have a little boy now who stays in the 25-30% in both height and weight, but it's funny because people always comment how big he is :)

Amy said...

sounds like fun! i am impressed!! i don't think i would be brave enough to take libbi on a plane (i think i would lose my mind - ha!) great explanation on the carseat issue....and i had to laugh - when you were writing about the marathon, you wrote that it was "maraTHONG" time - hahaha....exactly what kind of "race" was this???? ;0)

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Sorry you're still sick. Yucky! I'm thankful that Babykins is okay though.

Regarding AP and the car I totally understand having a "little" baby. My 2nd child (my 1st girl) had severe failure to thrive so she was little little little. But the Graco's infant car seats only go to 26" I'm almost certain that even though she's under 20 lbs (mine was 20 lbs at around age 2) she's still longer than 26" long. That's all that I was saying. Olivia (my baby) was that tall around 9 - 10 months while my first was that tall at 4 months...and I don't remember with my third.

Elizabeth said...

I've read your blog for awhile but never commented but I had to say something about watching the chicago marathon. I went last year to watch my sister's boyfriend run. It was amazing to see so many people running who had trained and worked so hard. That being said, I had NO idea that I needed to be in training just to WATCH them run! I was exhausted at the end of the race from trying to see him along the route, and I wasn't pregnant! So I can imagine how tired you were!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I am guessing that you are taking Zofran (or generic ondansetron) for nausea. Although most drugs do list headaches as a side effect, that is the MAJOR one for Zofran. That is the drug that we give cancer patients prior to getting chemo, and it commonly causes bad headaches. Usually that is only with a really high dose, but for someone like you who is prone to getting headaches, I would imagine that you might be very sensitive to the drug. Just fyi. :)

Katie Smith said...

oh Denley! I'm so sorry you were feeling bad while y'all were here. I was wondering about that. I can't tell you how much it meant to have all of you here to cheer me on during the marathon. I am so glad you were able to make it through the day ok, and Andrew and I had such a nice time at dinner with you guys and AP on Monday night. :)