Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #83 (October 11-17)-- My Fair Family

This week has been good. It's been nice to have a chilled out second part of the week after our trip. The main event has been that we have stopped giving AP her paci, even at naptime and bedtime. She's pretty much weaned from it and it's been a pretty easy process. She's been only having it at naptime/bedtime for a few months, but we were noticing she was becoming more attached to it (not wanting to leave it in her bed and trying to "sneak" one). We also wanted to do it WAY in advance of the new baby's arrival. I don't think she's missed it too much, but naptimes have been a little adjustment. If she wakes up during her nap, it's harder for her to go right back to sleep, but she's adjusting. The other big event, was one of my favorite things, the state fair!

Monday was our "free day" to explore Chicago. Boy, did we make use of it. I've explained before that to me there is a difference between "traveling" and having a relaxing "vacation". Well, on Monday we did some Peyton-style traveling. We walked. And walked. And walked. After my day on Sunday, I was pretty tired, but I wasn't near as sick and after a good night's sleep and a good breakfast, I felt ready to go!

We woke up around 8:30 and took our time getting ready and going to breakfast. We figured there wouldn't be anybody in the breakfast area at around 9:00 on Monday morning, so we wore our pjs. Ha, it was FULL! After that, we spent the whole day checking out different areas of Chicago. We just window shopped mostly and enjoyed the city scenery. We went in childrens' stores, a grill/appliance store (random, I know), some boutiques, and a lingerie store (ha, I know!). We actually didn't buy ANYTHING except a Chicago style deep dish pizza. It was fun, but it wore me out. Peyton was sweet and kept telling me what a trooper I was being. Annie was great and napped in her stroller again.

When we got back to the hotel, I finished last week's WH post. Then we got ready and went to dinner at another yummy Italian place with Katie and her boyfriend. We had a nice visit, but I was really tired when we got back to the hotel. I did a little packing and then went to bed early.

Tuesday was our last day, but our flight wasn't until 3:00. Peyton wanted to get up and do something fun, but I was EXHAUSTED. We had talked about taking Ann Peyton to a neighborhood zoo near our hotel, but I wanted to be present for her first zoo experience. Peyton decided he'd take her to a museum and a few other places. I told him that was okay as long as he took a bunch of pictures, ha! They ended up going to a park, a museum, a nature conservatory, and Urban Outfitters- a pretty full morning, huh?
I slept until about 9:30 and then went to breakfast, got ready, and did a bunch of packing. When Peyton and Annie got back, they helped me finish packing and we left for the airport around noon, just to make sure we had plenty of time.

We got through the lines really quickly and we had a lot of time to waste, so we took turns strolling Ann Peyton and letting her walk. We each had lunch and then it was time for our flight. RIGHT as it was boarding, Ann Peyton had the worst blow out diaper ever. I'm so glad I had an extra pair of pajamas from the last time we went to Beans and Rice at my parents! Peyton went ahead to get our seats while I took care of that and he was going through the door right as we walked back up to the gate. I said lots of "excuse me's" and we caught up to him; the sweet Southwest guy told me there was no need to ever apologize.

The people at Southwest were SO accommodating and since our flight wasn't full we got to take AP's car seat on the plane for no extra charge. It worked out great because she slept the ENTIRE flight. There was some turbulence at the end and she slept right through it. Peyton, on the other hand, was freaking out like I've never seen him. And I got so sick I had to page the flight attendent for a barf bag (luckily, I didn't end up needing it...I would have been mortified).

When we got home, I did some laundry, took my fourteen weeks picture, wrote a blog post and started unpacking. Then we headed over to my mom and dad's house to stay with Cookie because they were out of town. We all stayed up late watching a Teen Mom marathon.

On Wednesday, Annie woke up pretty early, but Peyton played with her and let me sleep. I got up around 9ish and we got ready at my parents' house and then headed home. AP was ready for her nap when we got home and I started dishes and laundry and then chatted a little with Peyton. I ate lunch and wrote a blog post. AP woke up and I fed her lunch and then we spent the rest of the afternoon folding laundry and working on changing over my closet for Winter. Cookie came over (since we have MDO so early, she came to our house Wednesday night) and she played with Ann Peyton while I did MORE laundry from the trip and Peyton went to the grocery store. We had taco salad with chicken instead of beef for supper and when Peyton got home I started cooking some corn and beans for the salads and he chopped up veggies and the chicken. I put AP to bed and straightened the house a little and then we had dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen, did dishes, and scrubbed the counters. I even cleaned out the drip pans on the stove! I put fresh sheets on our bed, got on the computer, read my Bible, made a to-do list and went to bed!

Thursday was a pretty laid back day. We had Mother's Day Out, so we got up early for that. It was fun to see everyone and be back. Apparently, Tuesday had been a rough day; several teachers were out and there were some sick kids, too. Things seemed back to normal, though! We took all the toddlers (even the three youngest, including AP) outside and they had a blast. When we got home, I fed Ann Peyton lunch, started laundry and dishes and put her down for her nap and then was pretty unproductive. I did take one of the cushion slipcovers off the couch because it had a spot on it and started it washing. I also vacuumed out the inside of the couch. I watched 90210, ate lunch, and started a couple of blog posts. Then I rested a little. When she woke up, we straightened the house and organized for about an hour and then I got a bag packed and we headed back to my parents' house to spend the night with my sister (Peyton met us when he got off work). We went to Newks for supper and then watched some Real Housewives and Julie and Julia. I feel asleep during the movie.

Ann Peyton woke up at 6:00 on Friday. I snuggled/snoozed/played with her for about an hour and half and then handed her off to Peyton and went back to bed for a little while myself. I got up and gave AP a bath and then Cookie played with her while I ate breakfast and got ready. We were ready early, so we stopped by Leap Frog (a consignment store) and then headed to Beagle Bagel to meet Carrie and clan. It brought back memories of all the lunch dates we had there when Ashley lived here (it was our go-to place when the three of use had weekly lunches). So much has changed and one of those things is that we don't go out to eat weekly, because it's a little more difficult with toddlers. On Friday, Annie was the one giving me fits. I'm sure she was just tired from being up since SIX in the morning, ha! Anyway, lunch was nice, but it seemed so quick. Gone are the days of the two hour lunches with the cooing infants. Ha!

When we got home, I immediately put Annie down for a nap. She slept for a nice long time and I got nothing done, except for writing a blog post and making a phone call to the insurance company about getting a new car seat. When she woke up, we had a pretty chill afternoon. I folded a couple of loads of laundry, washed her bedding, and dusted in the living room and kitchen. I also washed the bedding from the twin bed in her room where Cookie had slept Wednesday night. I feed Annie supper and cleaned up her room and put the sheets back on her crib and the twin bed. The twin is such a hassle because it's against the wall and we don't have a fitted sheet, so we bought an extra double and just miter it all the way around. Can't wait until she starts sleeping in it, ha! I also noticed that there had been a yellow candy wrapper in the wash with AP's bedding and it bled. I always make up her bed with a mattress pad, a sheet, another mattress pad, and the cute sheet because it saves time and energy if there is a late night emergency. I just put one layer on, though, and decided I'd try to fix it Saturday. I actually fell asleep on the couch really early, like before ten! One of Cookie's friends was in town, so we got to sleep in our own bed the rest of the weekend!

Ann Peyton woke up a little before 7:00 on Saturday morning. I was SO tired. I've kind of decided that it doesn't really matter how early either of us goes to bed or how late we sleep; I am going to be exhausted and she is going to be full of energy. Anyway, I got up and laid on the couch while she played. We had breakfast and read books and Peyton hung out with us a little before he left for work. We had baths and got ready and then we headed to Target and to Wear It's At, a consignment store near our house. I found one thing and got a few necessities like nail polish and hair spray at Target. When we got home, I fed AP lunch and put her down for a nap. I ate lunch and tried to nap myself, but I couldn't go to sleep. When she woke up, I decided I needed to be productive, so we worked on my closet changeover. It's almost done, yay!

I got myself and AP ready and then had a little time to straighten and sweep/dry mop the hardwood floors. Peyton got home and my sister and her BF met us to go to the fair. I was SO excited. Of course, since it was the last night it ended up taking us forever to park and get in. We had so much fun, though! Cookie and Conrad rode a couple of rides and played games and the three of us pretty much just ate and enjoyed the sites. Between Peyton, Annie and I, we had a chicken on a stick, a plate of fried pickles, three ears of roasted corn, a funnel cake, some cotton candy, a few pieces of taffy, and a lemonade. Peyton made the comment that it was about the cost of a meal at Char; fair food is so expensive. But, wow, it was good! And I didn't get sick! I'm glad we went so late in the week, or I might have had to go twice. Ann Peyton had a great time and just laughed and smiled even though we were there way past her bedtime.
We ended up staying a lot longer than we thought we would (until around 10:00). We meant to go by the petting zoo, but I'm sure it was closed by the time we got around to it. We did let Ann Peyton try the Merry Go Round. One of her favorite books right now is Spot Goes to the Fair and she loves the page with the Merry Go Round that goes "da-dah-da-da". The real one wasn't such a hit, though! Peyton rode it with her and by the first time around she was off the horse and in his arms. Maybe next year she's think it's more fun.

When we got home, I did a couple of computer things and went to bed. I slept HORRIBLY. I woke up with a bad stomach ache AND had terrible nightmares (I'm guessing both were from all that fair food).

Today (Sunday) was a nice relaxing day. We usually go to early church when Peyton has to work, but none of us got up early enough. Peyton missed church and AP and I made it for Sunday School and church. It was Laity Sunday in church, so we had different members preaching and leading worship and in Sunday School we had an interesting discussion about what the Methodist church believes socially/politically as far as government involvement, homosexuality, abortion, ect. I thought it was very interesting and OF COURSE piped up to share my opinions.

I had some big plans for nap time, but with my horrible night last night, I ended up eating lunch and taking a nap. AP fought going to sleep so hard, but then she took a nice long nap. When she woke up, I fed her a late lunch and we worked more on my closet and folded clothes. My parents got home tonight, so we went over there to see them. Minnie had a few surprises for us!a little bin for Annie's toys

a pumpkin hat for AP and a purse for me (I LOVE it!)

When we got home, I uploaded pictures and finished this post. I'm going to read my Bible and go to bed.

Next week seems really low key and I'm thankful for that!

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