Thursday, November 25, 2010

2010 Thankful List

Every year around this time I make a thankful list. This year I thought I would keep it simple and not really pontificate. They're pretty self explanatory, I think.

10. That all our basic physical needs are met. We have a wonderful home, plenty of food, and clean water. We are fortunate to be able to raise our children in a safe place.

9. The fact that Ann Peyton has two sets of grandparents that adore her and are so proud of her every little accomplishment.

8. The precious friends that God has allowed Peyton and me to cross paths with.

7. A vibrant church community that nourishes us spiritually.

6. Beautiful (albeit warm) Fall days.

5. Being married to my best friend.

4. Being married to a great conversationalist.

3. Our baby girl- she is amazing in every way!

2. Our baby boy- I'm confident he will be, too ;)

1. A renewed commitment to Christ this season- to be doers of the Word, and not hearers only.


Courtney said...

mHappy Thanksgiving!

Ellis said...

I'm thankful for y'all because y'all don't suck.