Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Annie Banani : Fashionista (Halloween Edition)

I always like to do a little "fashionista" post after holidays. I meant to do a Summer post, too, but I forgot about it. I may go ahead and do it since honestly, I just put up the last of the Summer clothes (it's been so absurdly hot!).

Anyway, I think pictures of all her Halloween attire has appeared in various posts, but I thought it would be fun to share some more pictures!

I got this outfit of eBay and it's by Mulberry Street. It's reversible- the other side has a little bird house and birdie on it. I really like it when holiday outfits are reversible so you can get more use out of them! Mulberry Street and Funtasia Too are a couple of brands that I really like that do this with their holiday stuff.

My mom got this hat for AP on a recent trip. At first she hated it, but then she kept picking it up and putting it on. She finally figured out how to put it on by herself! I had to post the second picture because you can see the tooth that (I think) has been giving her fits for the last few days!

These aren't actually Halloween pajamas; they have giraffes on them and they're from Old Navy. Yay for gender neutral pjs!

And of course, the Strawberry. No, I did not make it. Seriously, several people asked me that. I am still a novice at sewing, so no. I got it from a website called Chasing Fireflies. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but silly stuff like Halloween costumes and birthday outfits are important to me. Plus, when I looked, it really wasn't that much more than some of the ones on the Target website.

Here's one of the few pictures we got in the full ensemble. She wasn't that into the head piece and really, I don't blame her. It didn't look too comfy. I was just happy that a) the costume itself didn't bother her with all those "leaves" around her neck and b) she'll actually wear a bow now!

Last year, I decided she should have a prop and carry her own "baby" glow worm.

So, naturally, when I saw her playing with this strawberry teether earlier in the week, I decided I must photograph her with her "baby" again this year. I am so weird. Next year, Babykins #2 will be a built in prop!

I also insisted on taking her picture on her glow worm travel mat last year. I guess I just love coordinating things??? I am so quirky.

But, you know who else is?

Poor little Annie Banani doesn't have a prayer at being a normal child!

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Amy said...

I love the AP fashionista posts!!! The first picture of her is precious - I love her "ta-da" pose :)

I ordered Libbi's Halloween costume from Chasing Fireflies last year.....and let's just say that after Jeffrey found out how much I (we) paid for it.....I didn't get to order from there again this year - ha! :)