Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Babykins #2- Seventeen Weeks

17 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 17 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #2 weighs about five ounces now (about the same as a turnip) and is about five inches long. His or her skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've gained a little more. I was really happy to hear Dr. McMinn say that at my last appointment. I think it's because I can finally keep stuff down/not get sick thinking about most foods. And eating every two hours or so helps, too!
Maternity Clothes: None yet, just dresses and some of the bigger jeans I got last time before I caved and got a few maternity things.
Gender: dying to know!
Movement: I FINALLY felt something last week! Everyone has been asking me. I think this baby is a lot like his or her big sister and just takes a while to get moving, since Ann Peyton waited until she was seventeen months to walk!
Sleep: It's okay; I feel like I'm waking up a lot for this point in the pregnancy. Last time, I don't think I did that this early!
What I miss: Life without pregnancy brain- I feel like I'm so forgetful. I've forgotten to take my prenatals a few times in the last couple of weeks AND we forgot to lock Darth (or black kitty) up during the weeks leading up to Halloween like we typically do. Of course, that second one should have been thought of by Mr. Herrington, I think. Either way, both are kind of important things to forget!
Cravings: Well, I've gotten to where I feel like all I think about is food! I have started enjoying healthier things (I've been loving broccoli and pears are current hits), which is good. My main craving is Eggo waffles, though. I've eaten them every morning except for two the last several weeks!
Symptoms: The morning sickness is MUCH better. I still get waves of yuck feelings, but I haven't been throwing up. Right now the main thing is just being tired. I'm ready for that to subside, too, but I'm not sure it really will.
Best Moment This Week: hearing the heartbeat and getting a good report from Dr. McMinn!
What I Am Looking Forward To: WINTER! I know this sounds bizarre, but I'm extremely cold-natured and the Winter I was pregnant with Ann Peyton was by far the most pleasant I've ever experienced. I LOVED having my own little built in internal heater! That's one reason I was so excited about being pregnant at almost the exact same time of year- I get to enjoy another nice Winter (well, that and that most of AP's plethora of clothes with be the right size if Babykins #2 is a girl!)


Nathalie said...

Mmmm... Eggo waffles.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

HA! I loved being pregnant in the winter too since my built-in heater kept me toasty. You look fabulous!!!